Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November Analysis

High time for our look back at November 2012, which was was a good month in terms of ROI, and headline profit.

Bets: 17
Wins: 3 (17.65%)
2nds: 2 (11.76%)
3rds: 1 (5.88%)
Placed total: 6 (35.29%)
Average odds taken: 7.76/1
Average SP: 6.63/1
Average win odds: 8.33/1
Profit: +11pts
Return On Investment: 64.71%

In terms of number of selections, it was our lowest since January 2010, which was partly because of abandoned meetings, and partly due to a tightening up of our selection policy. We strongly believe that this tightening of our selection policy will result in greater profits going forward.

For only the third month of 2012, we had more winners than second placed finishes, and it was good to see that advised odds well outperformed SP, with more than 3/4 starting at shorter or the same price as advised - again generally a hallmark of a profitable line.

So we press on into December with high hopes for a strong end to the year. 

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