Thursday, 30 June 2011


Well if ever we're not really going to begrudge a winner it was today, when The Tatling at the incredible age of 14 got up to mug our selection at Yarmouth.

We had two today:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.10 Yarm Bobbys Doll 1pt 5-1 general BOG (some 6s W Hill)
5.00 Hayd Beat the Rush 1pt 6-1 general BOG (13-2 Lads & Coral)

Bobbys Doll was nicely supported into 4/1 at the off and she moved into the lead around 100yds out, Hayley Turner gave The Tatling a great ride and got him up near the line. Really quite something and well done to all. As for us, well we started the month off with quite a few second places so to have a couple in the last two days of June too was no great surprise!

Beat The Rush was very disappointing. Again we got the price with Julie Camacho's 4yo going off at 9/2, and he led for much of the contest, but faded away with a couple of furlongs to run to end up finishing last.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Bobbys Doll, 2nd/9, 5/1 --- 4/1
Beat The Rush, 9th/9, 6/1 --- 9/2

So June ends up, albeit by just 2.7pts, to give us our fifth profitable month in a row. As we've said before month to month totals really aren't important in the grand scheme of things, but we're pleased to have chalked another one up! We'll put up our review of the month tomorrow night.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ladies day!

We put up two mares today, and they both performed with credit, in particular Kiama who was a terrific 11/1 winner.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.40 Worcester Kiama 1pt 8/1 general BOG 9/1 Bet365
7.40 Chepstow Miss Bootylishes 1pt 11/2 general BOG 6/1 Lads

Kiama was very well backed this morning but a bit weak on track going off at 11/1. As can often be the case though, the morning money was telling and she ran out an absolutely superb winner. Always travelling nicely she saw off her rivals one by one and eased clear to win by 15 lengths. Lovely stuff.

So could we follow up? Sadly not although Miss Bootylishes got within 3/4 length of the victor at Chepstow, after going off a nicely supported 7/2. She stayed on nicely enough but didn't have that finishing kick which was quite needed.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Kiama, 1st/13, 9/1 --- 11/1
Miss Bootylishes, 11/2 --- 7/2

So a very nice way to bounce back with June back into profit. A good day.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Low key spell

In the course of every few hundred bets we place we'll have spells where
  1. everything seems to go right (for example a rival getting blocked / a rival unseating at the last fence / winning photos)
  2. most things go right (horses running to form, no hard luck stories)
  3. everything seems to go wrong (would-be winners getting blocked in running/ falling at the final fence when clear / losing photos)
  4. nothing much happens at all (just below par performances, all a bit mundane)
Obviously spell number 1 is fantastic, and tends to come along every now and then. Number 2 is also very pleasant of course, steady reliable profits and a smooth upward spell and is more common. Number 3 I think we've had for the first part of this month, where we had numerous horses run well but just not getting their heads in front for whatever reason, and that is extremely frustrating, but there is the consolation of good performances. And then we have Number 4, which thankfully tends to be relatively rare, but is probably the most annoying of the lot. It feels a bit like we're in one of those spells now. It's been fairly quiet in terms of selections and the horses are just not really performing. All a bit flat.

So to say we've had spells of 3 and 4 in June, and for us to just be a few points down for the month is actually a rather good sign going forward. It might all feel a bit frustrating that we're not bounding ahead with profits, as we have in some other months of this year, but the fact we're holding our own pretty well despite the tricky spells we've been going through augers very well for the future.

We'll have a "number 1 spell" again sooner or later, it'll happen, it's a mathematical certainty. When, we obviously can't tell for certain - but we'll just carry on doing what we do, sifting through dozens of potential candidates each and every morning trying to pinpoint the best selections. In the meantime with any luck we'll have a "number 2 spell" and keep things ticking over nicely.

Anyway enough waffle about spells and whatnot on with a quick look back at the last couple of days. And as is befitting "number 4 spells" there isn't a lot to write home about.

Yesterday we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
7.25 Musselburgh Blown It 1pt 11/2 general BOG 6/1 Betfred/Skbet/Bluesq
8.40 Windsor Broughtons Paradis 1pt 9/2 Hills/PP/Sky/Tote 5/1 Lads

Blown It was very well backed at Musselburgh, having his first run for Keith Dalgleish, supported on course right into 7/2 at SP. But he was never in it and was very beaten.

Broughtons Paradis at least ran a lot better, staying on quite well at Windsor, and just missing out on third, after going off at 6/1.

Then today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.15 Hamilton Miss Villefranche 1pt 8/1 Lads/Hills/Coral and others
5.30 Brighton Billy Red 1pt 5/1 Lads/Bet365/Hills/Coral/Bluesq
7.40 Stratford Gaelic Flight 1pt 11/1 Lads/Hills/Stan James 10/1 general bog

Miss Villefranche was unbelievably weak on course, drifting right out to 14/1. The writing appeared on the wall, but we have had course drifters win recently of course. Not this time though, with her leading, and running a bit too keenly and fading a couple of furlongs from home.

At least with the next two we got the prices in good fashion.

Billy Red started at 3/1 but was well beaten after losing the lead just over a furlong from home.

Gaelic Flight was supported into an SP of 7/1 but the old boy never really looked like he was enjoying it much and finished tailed off.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Monday 27th June 2011

Blown It, 7th/10, 11/2 --- 3/1
Broughtons Paradis, 4th/12, 5/1 --- 6/1

Tuesday 28th June 2011

Miss Villefranche, 8th/11, 8/1 --- 14/1
Billy Red, 4th/6, 5/1 --- 3/1
Gaelic Flight, 6th/7, 11/1 --- 7/1

So yes, all a bit flat. Let's see if things spice up tomorrow and we can get a nice winner or two.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend catch up

A quiet weekend, with just three selections, and for the first time since the middle of May not a profitable one with none of them making the frame.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.30 Windsor Captain Carey 1pt 10-1 Betfred, VC (BOG), S James, Sky (some 12s Lads BOG)
4.45 Newc Golden Hinde 1pt 10-1 Lads, WHill, (BOG) S James, B Square (some 11s Coral)

In the last few days we've had a pretty high number of horses meet pretty serious trouble in running, and Captain Carey was another. Trapped in on the rail he had absolutely nowhere to go and when he finally got out had no chance with the principles. It happens of course but pretty frustrating! He started at 15/2.

No such excuse with Golden Hinde who ran a shocker, after starting 10/1.

And then today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.55 Uttoxeter Digital Media 1pt 6/1 Hills/Stan James/Skybet 11/2 VC/PP/Boyle and others

Not a good display from Digital Media (SP 5/1) , who collided with the eventual winner going over the fourth fence which seemed to really put him off his stride and he was immediately struggling. He then unseated his rider three flights later.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Saturday 25th June 2011:

Captain Carey, 6th/16, 12/1 --- 15/2
Golden Hinde, 12th/12, 10/1 --- 10/1

Sunday 26th June 2011:

Digital Media, UR/8, 6/1 --- 5/1

It leaves us a shade down for the month with four days for June left (-0.3pts).

We ended May with a flourish and it'd be nice to do something similar now, but we certainly won't go pushing things with that in mind. We'll stay disciplined, focussed and trust things will fall into place. Will it happen before Friday, or after?Either way it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things!

Hope you have a great week.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Profitable Friday

A nice profitable Friday going into the weekend, that's always good.

Today's star was Legal Legacy who won very nicely at Doncaster to ensure a four point profit for the day.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.35 Doncaster Maverik 1pt 10/1 Hills/VC 11/1 Skybet/Bluesq 12/1 Boylesports/Stan James
5.40 Doncaster Legal Legacy 1pt 7/1 general BOG 8/1 Lads
7.15 Chester Spartan King 1pt 7/1 general BOG
7.55 Newcastle Horatio Carter 1pt 9/2 Hills/Lads 5/1VC/Totesport
9.10 Newmarket Taurus Twins 1pt 5/1 general BOG 11/2 Stan James

Maverik raced far too freely after starting at 8/1, and faded out of things.

Legal Legacy was nicely backed into 4/1 and came with a terrific late sustained effort to win a shade cosily. The 8/1 with Ladbrokes went as the email was being sent (annoying!) so we'll mark him up as a 7/1 success.

Spartan King was another to be far too keen, after missing the break. Really frustrating run, he might be one to look out for after going off at 11/2.

Horatio Carter was a non runner.

And then Taurus Twins was still well in contention when hampered to the point he lost his action completely for a moment or two and didn't have any chance thereafter, after starting at 7/2.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Maverik, 9th/9, 10/1 --- 8/1
Legal Legacy, 1st/9, 7/1 --- 4/1
Spartan King, 8th/14, 7/1 --- 11/2
Horatio Carter NR
Taurus Twins, 5th/8, 5/1 --- 7/2

A good day for value today, and June back into profit going into the weekend. Let's keep it going!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back a few steps

Well, fresh from hitting a new high for 2011, the racing gods, as they have a habit of doing, reminded us not to get too carried away, with seven points dropped in the last couple of days.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
1.50 Worcester Pipers Song 1pt 7/1 generally 15/2 VC 8/1 Hills/Totesport/Boylesports
2.00 Carlisle Byronic Hero 1pt 8/1 generally bog 9/1 VC/Stan James
3.50 Salisbury Nazreef 1pt 6/1 generally bog 13/2 PP/Skybet 7/1 Bet365
6.10 Bath One Hit Wonder 1pt 9/2 Hills/VC/Bluesq/Boylesports
Pipers song went off at 7/1 and ran well. He was a bit keen early on but moved smoothly into contention before a series of mistakes at the last two or three flights put pay to his challenge. A little bit of a case of what might have been there.

We were possibly a shade unlucky with Byronic Hero (7/1sp) - very green before hand he had to be walked to the post riderless, and then stood still as the gates opened - before putting in a very promising display to go down by just over a couple of lengths.

Nazreef was another to put in a decent performance, after starting at 6/1, beaten just over a couple of lengths in fourth..

One Hit Wonder was a bit off the pace and finished strongly but couldn't get near the winner, after going off at 9/4 in a depleted field.

On to today and we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.10 F Las Hoof it Harry 1pt 5-1 W Hill, Lads, Boyle, 9-2 others
3.20 Newc Prince of Dance 1pt 11-2 W Hill, Lads, VC, 6-1 B365
3.30 Warw Picabo 1pt 5-1 general BOG, 11-2 W Hill

Hoof It Harry went off at 9/2, and was going along fine until unseating his rider at the sixth.

Prince of Dance put in a gutsy performance, going into second some way from home, and did his best to reel back the leader but couldn't quite manage it, going down a neck after starting at 7/1.

Picabo went off at 7/2 and was thought to be undone by her draw in the end, being forced to race in the centre in the final stages and possibly getting caught in the less favourable ground. A frustrating way to end a frustrating 20 minutes!

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Tuesday 22nd June 2011

Pipers Song, 3rd/14, 8/1 --- 7/1
Byronic Hero, 4th/12, 7/1 --- 7/1
Nazreef, 4th/13, 7/1 --- 6/1
One Hit Wonder, 4th/7, 9/2 --- 9/4

Wednesday 23rd June 2011

Hoof It Harry, UR/6, 5/1 --- 9/2
Prince Of Dance, 2nd/13, 11/2 --- 7/1
Picabo, 8th/12, 5/1 --- 7/2

So a tough couple of days although most of our selections ran with some credit, and we're left with a slight feeling of frustration not to get any rewards. Maybe we'll get them tomorrow!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

2011 hits a new high

One winner from our three selections today, with Miss Diagnosis winning in good style at Newbury tonight for us. It means 2011 hits a new high, of +208.3pts.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.30 Brighton Triggerlo 1pt 11/2 Hills/Bet365/Skybet 6/1 Coral/Stan James
6.40 Newbury Baltic Flyer 1pt 11/2 Stan James 6/1 Hills/Bet365
8.20 Newbury Miss Diagnosis 1pt 17/2 VC/Paddy Power 8/1 Bet365/ Skybet / Betfred 9/1 Lads

Triggerlo started at 7/1 and was cantering along very nicely before he was barged into the rail by Hayley Turner's eventual winner Marygold. He literally bounced back from the rail and was never travelling afterwards. Turner picked up a three day ban for careless riding but kept the race. Obviously we'll never know if ours would have gone on to win but it certainly was a frustrating start to the day.

Baltic Flyer was another who met trouble in running, checked at a crucial stage when beginning to make progress, after starting at 8/1.

So then we waited to see if Miss Diagnosis would at least be granted a free passage, and so she was. Given a lovely ride by Jim Crowley, she was waited with for what seemed like an age before being asked to go on and win the race, and she quickened clear to win by more than a length. The 10/1 SP gave us an extra point of profit thanks to Ladbrokes' BOG.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Triggerlo, 4th/6, 11/2 --- 7/1
Baltic Flyer, 6th/14, 6/1 --- 8/1
Miss Diagnosis, 1st/10, 9/1 --- 10/1

Despite the good end result today in terms of profit, we didn't have a good day for value, with all three selections drifting from our morning prices which does put a bit of a dampner on things. But overall this month we've had good value in the majority of our selections without really getting our rewards so maybe it was just time for the pendulum to swing our way.

It's been a good last ten days or so, which leaves June nicely in profit. We'll be doing our level best to keep pushing things forward.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Long wait

Well we had to wait all day for our one selection selection to run, in the very last race of the night at Windsor, and after all that build up it was perhaps no surprise it proved to be something of an anticlimax - although in fairness we got a good performance, and also got the price.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
9.10 Windsor Devoted 1pt 9-2 general BOG, 5s Coral

Very well backed into 11/4 at the off, Ralph Beckett's 3yo was always in touch and when asked for an effort moved strongly into connection on the far rail. But unfortunately it was Achalas who stayed home the stronger, and our pick went down by just over two lengths, readily holding on for second.

Summary of result with prices (advised --- SP):

Devoted, 2nd/9, 9/2 --- 11/4

So we have our 11th second placed finish for the month (22.45% of all selections finishing in that place), which is pretty annoying but it's nicer to see them finishing there rather than tailed off last.

Our first selection tomorrow will be our 400th pick of 2011. At the moment we're standing at 200.3pts of profit (+45.01%roi) , so let's hope we can celebrate that minor milestone with a nice winner to keep us nicely above the 200pt mark!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Profitable weekend

It's not been the greatest weekend for our selections, with a few of them running a bit flat, but we still ended up in profit thanks to Another Kate's impressive win today at Hereford.

So yesterday we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.45 Redcar Ferney Boy 1pt 10/1 Bet365/Hills/Skybet 12/1Stan James
3.55 Redcar Johnny Hancocks 1pt 6/1 Bet365/Betfred/Stan James 13/2 Bluesq 7/1 Boylesports
4.05 Ayr Tight Lipped 1pt 6/1 generally inc. Lads 13/2 Hills/Boylesports

Ferney Boy ran a bit of a stormer at Redcar, leading pretty much the whole way, most of the time by at least four or five lengths, and trading as low as 1.67 in running, but he was just reeled in close to home as he tired, after starting at 8/1. Would have been a cracking start to the day but it wasn't to be.

Johnny Hancocks led to just over a furlong from home in his sprint but he never really looked like staying there, after going off at 7/1.

Tight Lipped (13/2sp) veered off course a little in his maiden at Ayr, which can't have helped, but he was fairly well beaten in third.

And then today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.50 Hereford Another Kate 1pt 9/1 Lads/PaddyPower/Tote 10/1 Bet365/Betfred
4.00 Hexham Humbie 1pt 8/1 Lads/VC 9/1 Stan James/Totesport
4.50 Hereford Award Winner 2pt 16/1+generally BOG 20/1 Coral/VC/Stan James
5.10 Pontefract Run Rabbit Run 1pt 5/1 generally BOG

Another Kate put in a terrific performance on her return to the track after a reasonable absence at Hereford. Always travelling strongly, she put the race to bed when asked to go on and win pretty conclusively. The 10/1 wasn't around for too long after the email was sent, so we'll chalk her up at the Ladbrokes price of 9/1 which was available until well past midday. Unfortunately they stuck a 10p R4 on her because of the withdrawal of Verde Goodwood, so we'll mark her as an 8.1/1 winner.

Humbie was disappointing. Going off at 8/1 he clattered the first and never got competitive.

Award Winner was nicely backed and Tony McCoy was his substitute rider. He was up there for a while but dropped tamely away, clearly more was expected and he may be one to look out for.

Then we had Run Rabbit Run at Pontefract, who was supported into 7/2 at the off. The suggestion on RUK was that he didn't stay the trip, although it could possibly be argued he was a bit outpaced when things heated up, and the fact he stayed on again reasonably towards the end might mean he actually needs a furlong or two longer. Anyway the important thing for us is today wasn't his day, although we got the price nicely enough.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Saturday 18th June 2011

Ferney Boy, 4th/9, 10/1 --- 8/1
Johnny Hancocks, 4th/6, 6/1 --- 7/1
Tight Lipped, 3rd/6, 6/1 --- 13/2

Sunday 19th June 2011

Another Kate, 1st/8, 8.1/1 --- 5/1
Humbie, 10th/11, 8/1 --- 8/1
Award Winner, 11th/11, 16/1 --- 13/2
Run Rabbit Run, 5th/10, 5/1 --- 7/2

So a marginal profit over the weekend, and we look forward to seeing what the week brings!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Back with a bang!

A very good day today with two winners from our four selections, and 12 points of profit - although we were half a length away from making that 44 points of profit, with our big priced selection just going down at Goodwood.

We had no selections at all yesterday, Thursday, 16th June, the first day without a pick for quite a while.

Then today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.20 Redcar Media Stars 1pt 9/2 generally 5/1 Bet365 6/1 Lads
6.20 Goodwood Alices Dancer 2pt 14/1 Bet365/Lads 12/1 elsewhere
7.15 Ayr Military Call 1pt 10/1 Lads/VC/Betfred/Coral
9.00 Goodwood Da Ponte 1pt 10/1 Lads/Bet365/Totesport/Betfred/Stan James

Ladbrokes stood the 6/1 up for a long time about Media Stars, who put in a fine performance to win by more than a length at Redcar, at an SP of 5/1.

Alices Dancer was our main pick of the day, and it wasn't a great sign to see her drift to around 25 or so on Betfair near the off. But she ran an absolute stormer, leading with just a couple of hundred yards left, she was just pipped by the favourite in the closing stages, despite staying on again at the end. A fine effort and on another day we would have been celebrating. She went off at 16/1 SP.

Military Call didn't do a lot at Ayr after starting at 10/1. Although he didn't exactly run badly he was never going to get close to the winner.

And then tonight, while we were already sure of a profitable day, we waited to see if Da Ponte could give us a really nice boost going into the weekend. And so he did, with Walter Swinburn's 3yo quickening clear when it mattered after going off at 13/2. For a moment he looked a bit green (despite it being his sixth start) and he edged right for a moment or two, but he straightened up and stayed on nicely to win by a comfortable half a length. We got a 10p R4 deduction unfortunately from our morning 10/1, but still a nice 9pts of profit from the race.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Media Stars, 1st/6, 6/1 --- 5/1
Alice's Dancer, 2nd/7, 14/1 --- 16/1
Military Call, 4th/5, 10/1 --- 10/1
Da Ponte, 1st/11, 10/1 --- 13/2

So a nice way to end the working week, and it's good to get back firing after a couple of quiet days. Let's hope we can kick on again this weekend!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Away from Royal Ascot...

Not the best couple of days for us, with seven points dropped from our six selections.

Let's start yesterday, where we had our biggest priced selection for more than two years:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.05 Thirsk Velvet Band 2pt 50/1 Lads 40/1 Bluesq 33/1 generally inc. Bet365
5.15 Thirsk Garstang 1pt 8/1 generally BOG
6.15 Newton Abbot Peveril Pandora 1pt 7/1 Lads/Coral 8/1 VC/Totesport some 9/1 Stan James
8.15 Newton Abbot You Can Of Course 1pt 5/1 generally BOG 6/1 Hills/Totesport
8.30 Brighton Rio Royale 1pt 8/1 PaddyPower/Stan James/Totesport/Skybet

Velvet Band (33/1sp) would have given us a sensational return, and while the action at Royal Ascot was brilliant we were certainly looking forward to her race. She travelled nicely for the first part of the action, just off the leaders, and seemed to respond when Franny Norton pushed her on for a stride or two. He gave up on her very quickly however and she was allowed to coast home in her own time.

Garstang met some trouble in running about two furlongs from home and lost all chance at that point, although he was never looking a likely winner, after going off at 7/1.

Peveril Pandora made a mistake early on and was just never really in it afterwards, after starting at 7/1.

You Can Of Course performed well, travelling powerfully for a good part of the race, although he constantly jumped right at his fences, and couldn't run the legs out of those in behind, ending up finishing third, after going off at 7/2.

On a disappointing day, Rio Royale was our most disappointing. Going off a very well backed 7/2 he was just never in it at all.

And then today an altogether quieter day with just the one selection:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.55 Hamilton Stamp Duty 1pt 5/1 generally BOG 11/2 VC/Stan James

Stamp Duty drifted on course to 7/1 and ran poorly.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Tuesday 14th June 2011

Velvet Band, 10th/11, 50/1 --- 33/1
Garstang, 11th/17, 8/1 --- 7/1
Peveril Pandora, 7th/11, 7/1 --- 7/1
You Can Of Course, 3rd/8, 5/1 --- 7/2
Rio Royale, 7th/8, 8/1 --- 7/2

Wednesday 15th June 2011

Stamp Duty, 8th/11, 5/1 --- 7/1

So not a good couple of days, although of course it happens and we'll just move on and look for better tomorrow!

June's been a funny month so far, a large proportion of placed efforts, but our win strike rate is just 10.81%, which is somewhat short of the 15% mark which is normal. We've only had 37 bets so far for the month however, and we expect our win strike rate to pick up before the month is out.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Fantastic Fazza

A good Monday, with a cracking 5/1 winner which was never in any doubt.

It could have been better though, with our other selection beaten half a length in 2nd at 6/1.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.45 Carl Fazza 1pt 5-1 W Hill, Lads, B365 BOG
3.45 Carl Mullglen 1pt 6-1 general BOG

Fazza went off a nicely supported 7/2, and broke well, raced prominently, and powered into the lead a couple of furlongs from home and never looked back, winning by more than a length. If only it was always that easy!

Mullglen ran a big race too, and just failed. He traded as short as 1.13 as he took it up a furlong or so from home. His rider dropped his whip just as he took the lead, which probably wouldn't have helped but in fairness the winner Doc Hay would have been very unlucky as he was caught up in all sorts of traffic problems before getting into the clear and quickened to lead in the last 100yds.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Fazza, 1st/13, 5/1 --- 7/2
Mullglen, 2nd/10, 6/1 --- 6/1

So four points added to the pot, nothing too explosive but very nice to start the working week off well.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quiet Sunday

Just the one selection today on a quiet Sunday, and unfortunately we missed the target.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.15 Doncaster Tillietudlem 1pt 6/1 Bet365/Betfred/Bluesq/Totesport 11/2 generally

Tillietudlem won this race last year and was nicely supported this morning to run a big race. Going off at 11/2 in the end, he was a little slowly away, and raced at the back for the first part of the race. He just began to pick up half way through, moving around horses but then his run flattened out and he ended up well beaten.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Tillietudlem, 10th/15, 6/1 --- 11/2

So a 4pt profit for the weekend altogether, which leaves June just over 10pts down at the moment. As we know that's nothing really with the prices we play at, so hopefully we'll spin things around into a positive figure for the month very soon.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Back to the winners enclosure

A really good winner at Hexham today, a brave effort from Lethem Crescent.

Otherwise we had a couple of so-so runs, and a non-runner:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.50 Bath Nude 1pt 6/1 generally BOG 13/2Skybet 7/1 Betfred
3.55 Chester Tartan Gunna 1pt 9/1 Bet365/Hills/Skybet 8/1 Lads and others
4.15 Hexham Wheetfromthechaff 1pt 13/2 Paddy Power/VC 7/1Betfred Sportingbet 6/1 generally
5.20 Hexham Lethem Present 1pt 9/1 Coral/Bluesq 10/1 Skybet 8/1 others

Nude opened on course at 13/2, not looking massively popular, but then the money came again for her and she started at 4/1, so we got the price, and she didn't run badly particularly. Always up there, she was short of room for a stride which didn't help, but then didn't really quicken well enough to trouble the leaders, and she finished fourth, not beaten far.

Tartan Gunna (SP 9/1) was held out the back and given a nigh on impossible task, finishing strongly but never going to get there. Ironically Mark Johnston's other runner won the race, Jutland.

Wheetfromthechaff was a non runner.

Lethem Present, our winner, was nicely backed this morning, and the 10/1 and 9/1 went just a few minutes after the email delivered, so we'll take 8/1 as our price. Then there was a couple of damn r4s to worry about, and it was one of those where it depends on which bookie you backed it with, but it appears a 10p deduction is most common. So that's near enough 7/1, so for the sake of argument we will just chalk him up as a 7/1 selection (which also was the SP after he drifted on track).

Anyway what a grand performance from the mare. She was always up there, jumping really fluently, although it looked as they turned for home that she might have to settle for minor honours. But she stuck to her task and was given a fantastic ride by Brian Harding, who helped her to stay on really stoutly past I'm Your Man, to win by more than three lengths. The tactic of going wide for the better ground seemed to help as well. Nice one Brian, good job, and Tim Butt, who owns the horse as well as trains her, well done. We were sorry to see of course the nasty accident on one of the bends for Hasper, who was very well backed on course, but sadly broke his leg when slipping up. Our condolences to connections.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Nude, 4th/10, 6/1 --- 4/1
Tartan Gunna, 6th/12, 9/1 --- 9/1
Wheetfromthechaff NR
Lethem Present, 1st/9, 7/1 --- 7/1

We were just beginning to get into a reasonably lengthy run without a winner, albeit many of them going very close, and it's always nice to put a stop to that. We'll do our best to push on again tomorrow!

Friday, 10 June 2011

It'll come

Well that was a pretty frustrating day! Three selections, decent prices, all finishing second, a length the furthest any of them beaten.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.20 San Orders From Rome 1pt 7-1 general BOG (some 8s at W Hill)
3.15 York Hawk Mountain 1pt 6-1 W Hill, Lads, VC BOG (7s Betfred)
4.25 York Magical Macey 2pt 16-1 Lads 14-1 P Power (BOG) 14s Tote, B Square

Orders From Rome should have won. Starting at 9/1 he was boxed in on the rail for Tom Queally, and, full of running, he was checked a couple of times as he tried to get into the clear. When he did he flew home to go down go down by 3/4 length to the well backed favourite.

Hawk Mountain was another who absolutely stormed home, staying on really well after being held up well off the pace. He went off at 6/1, and lost by a neck.

Then came Magical Macey, who put in a cracking performance over the minimum trip at York, and with just under a furlong to go it looked like he could go on and win but he just tied up for a moment before running again near the end. He went down by a length, finishing just ahead of third, after starting at 16/1. Close to a big return.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Orders From Rome, 2nd/10, 7/1 --- 9/1
Hawk Mountain, 2nd/16, 6/1 --- 6/1
Magical Macey, 2nd/16, 14/1 --- 16/1

We've had eight second placed finishes from our 25 picks this month, 32%, which is obviously well above what we'd expect. These sort of things usually even themselves out before too long so we look forward to things clicking into place again soon.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

SBC / Racingproofing

We delighted to say that today we've received a fantastic review by the Secret Betting Club, which, if you're not aware of it, is a very highly rated and completely independent site which, among a host of other features, does fantastically detailed analysis into a host of different tipping services.

It wouldn't be fair for us to reveal too much about what it says as it's for subscribers only (it costs £69 a year to join), but we can say we're really pleased that all our hard work has been recognised in such a way.

Also today has updated its latest tipster league tables and we are STILL on top for the last three and six months compared to all the other services they look at!

We are just a handful points off gaining top spot for the last twelve months, in second, and we're a fantastic third in the "all tips" table!

Waiting for rewards

Well, our selections are running pretty well in general this month, with a 45% placed strike rate, but things aren't quite falling for us just yet in terms of those winners.

Today we had a couple run for us, with one finishing a not-beaten-far third:

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.25 Nott Seattle Drive 1pt 15-2 W Hill(BOG), Tote,S James, (some 8s B365)
4.15 Newb Orthodox Lad 1pt 6-1 B365,Lads,Boyle,Betfred(BOG)
5.10 Nott Glyn Ceiriog 1pt 6-1 Lads(BOG) B Square,11-2B365, Tote

Seattle Drive was slowly away, after going off at 7/1, and ran a bit keen too. For a moment or two it looked like he was moving into contention but he didn't appear to stay, weakening out of things in the final furlong.

Orthodox Lad (7/1 SP) ran well. He blew the start which was possibly costly and meant he had to be bustled up into the pack early on, and actually got a reminder or two halfway through the race. He then got stuck looking for racing room when he was trying to quicken and got into the clear a tad too late, as the winner(s) had flown. In fairness ours wasn't the only one who met some trouble in running, but this was possibly one which got away.

Glyn Ceiriog unfortunately was a non runner.

Summary of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Seattle Drive, 5th/8, 15/2 --- 7/1
Orthodox Lad, 3rd/13, 6/1 --- 7/1
Glyn Ceiriog NR

The first day for ages where we haven't on average beaten SP with our selections which is a bit disappointing but things have gone well in that regard this month in the main and we should get our rewards again soon.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A promising day..

A day which promised a lot and could have been explosive, but despite some decent performances, and some good value had, it didn't happen for us.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.30 Beverley Sea Crest 2pt 14/1 Lads/Coral/Hills/Stan James 12/1 general
2.40 Yarmouth Spiritual Art 1pt 7/1 general BOG
4.20 Haydock Venutius 1pt 8/1 Bet365/Lads/Stan James/Boyles/Betfred
4.40 Yarmouth Master Of Song 1pt 6/1 Lads/Bet365 11/2 Hills 5/1 general
5.10 Yarmouth Fully Armed 2pt 12/1 generally BOG 14/1 Hills

Similarly to yesterday, our first selection of the day raced in pouring rain, and while Sea Crest put in a reasonable display, he just couldn't quicken as well as some of the others and finished sixth, after going off a well supported 15/2.

Spiritual Art was also there or thereabouts, and looked a big player at one stage, but found little, and finished fourth. We got the price again, with Luke Dace's 5yo going off 4/1.

Venutius ran well, touching 1.30 in running, staying on nicely and holding every chance close to home, but went down by less than a length in third after going off at 17/2.

Then came Master Of Song, who unusually for us was also a Hugh Taylor selection. We had spotted positive activity before the ATR man got involved and was a sound choice for us, although it meant the prices we put out were obviously under a lot more pressure, so we'll mark him up as a 5/1 shot. He went off at 4s and ran pretty well, running into third after taking a keen hold early on, not being able to go with the front two.

Fully Armed was disappointing, under pressure some way from home, he faded to finish last, after starting at 12/1.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Sea Crest, 6th/13, 14/1 --- 15/2
Spiritual Art, 4th/7, 7/1 --- 4/1
Venutius, 3rd/10, 8/1 --- 17/2
Master Of Song, 3rd/10, 5/1 --- 4/1
Fully Armed, 14th/14, 12/1 --- 12/1

So not a good day for results although we got the prices in the main, and as we always say that's what counts over time.

Roll on tomorrow!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fourth second of the month!

We had a couple of decent performances today, including another second place finish, the fourth of the month so far. It's always frustrating when we get close but run into one too good, but we'd rather that than them trailing in with the also rans!

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
5.15 Redc Goodmanyourself 1pt 11-2 Betfred,VC (BOG) 5s other BOG 6-1 S James
5.30 Salis Eshtyaaq 1pt 5-1 Boyle(BOG), Sky,Tote,SJames, 9-2other BOG

Goodmanyourself ran well in the driving rain, after starting as 4/1 favourite. He led around three out and traded odds on in running before being outstayed by the winner, Pinotage, who came right over and interfered with the selection in running, stopping ours for a moment in his tracks. While there's not much doubt it didn't really affect the result we were a bit surprised the RUK team didn't even think it worth a mention in their post race "analysis".

Fifteen minutes later we looked to make amends with Eshtyaaq, and we got another decent display, always there or thereabouts, he traded evens in running at one stage, after starting at 7/2. But he just couldn't quite quicken well enough, and finished a not-beaten-far fourth.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Goodmanyourself, 2nd/12, 5/1 --- 4/1
Eshtyaaq, 4th/11, 5/1 --- 7/2

Plenty of racing to look forward to tomorrow, and some interesting looking fields, so hopefully a few opportunities for us to get back to the winners' enclosure.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Low key couple of days

Not a great deal to report from the last couple of days, with four selections running, but sadly no winner.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.00 Perth Agricultural 1pt 9/1 Coral/Totesport/Bluesq/SportingBet 8/1 others
4.45 Worcester Award Winner 1pt 11/2 Hills/Boylesports/Betfred/Coral 6/1 Totesport

We got a touch of value with Agricultural, with the selection going off at 8/1, and actually I think he didn't run too badly, showing some promise for a good while but just unable to jump his hurdles fluently enough to get genuinely competitive when push came to shove. Still when all's said and done he was well beaten.

Award Winner was a general 7/2 when he was declared a non-runner, perhaps one for the notebook.

Today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.45 Newton Abbot Aconitum 1pt 8/1 Lads/Hills/Betfred 15/2 - 7/1 generally
7.00 Pontefract Hollins 1pt 5/1 generally 11/2 Boylesports 6/1 Lads
8.15 Windsor Snow Magic 1pt 7/1 Hills/Coral/ VC/Stan James/Betfred
8.30 Pontefract Elhamri 1pt 11/1 Totesport/Boylesports/Stan James 10/1 Lads/Bet365

Aconitum didn't do anything, finishing tailed off although he was supported on course after opening at 9/1 and going off at 17/2.

Hollins ran well, and the 6/1 with Ladbrokes held up for a good length of time so we got some decent value with the selection starting at 4/1. He stayed on well into second but couldn't catch the winner.

Snow Magic continued our recent run of non runners, so it was all eyes on Alhamri last up who started at 9/1 to see if the day would be profitable. Not to be though, the selection hung left a little for the first half of the race and then just faded disappointingly out of contention.

Summary of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Sunday 6th June 2011:

Agricultural, 6th/9, 9/1 --- 8/1
Award Winner NR

Monday 7th June 2011:

Aconitum, 5th/7, 8/1 --- 15/2
Hollins, 2nd/8, 6/1 --- 4/1
Snow Magic NR
Elhamri, 8th/10, 11/1 --- 9/1

So not a great day in terms of results but beating SP with every selection which ran is some consolation.

On to tomorrow!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Beautiful Belle

June bounced back into profit today with a terrific winner at Newcastle this evening. Our only other selection of the day which ran, came second.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
6.30 Newcastle Belllechance 1pt 7/1 Bet365/Stan James/Skybet
6.45 Lingfield Kipchak 1pt 5/1 Lads/Bet365/Betfred
8.00 Newcastle Power Force 1pt 9/1 Hills/VC 10/1 Betfred

Bellechance was very heavily punted this morning, all afternoon, and then on course too, and she did her job brilliantly on her first ever appearance on a racecourse. Starting at 11/4, she was slightly slow out of the stalls but quickened in behind the leaders. It looked for a moment like she wouldn't get the break she needed but when the gap came she burst through and then stayed on all the way to the line repelling a whole host of challenges. A really gutsy winner, we enjoyed her success very much. Well done to all connections. The 7/1 with Stan James lasted quite a while but we don't use their prices to settle our results so we'll mark her down as a 6/1 success.

Kipchak almost made it two out of two for us, on his return to turf. He went off at 4/1 and raced into a big lead on the rail. He stayed there until near the finish but was just touched off by a 22/1 shot. Frustrating, but a good day had nonetheless.

Power Force was a non runner.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Bellechance, 1st/8, 6/1 --- 11/4
Kipchak, 2nd/11, 5/1 --- 4/1
Power Force NR

Just to say as well, we are introducing a "members only" section on our website where selections will be posted. This means that selections can now be emailed, text AND manually seen on our website. If you're not a member you can join from just £13.33 a month, incredible value even if we say so ourselves!

Also, if you've missed our May Analysis it's well worth a look, a cracking month and it would be fantastic if we can do it again in June - we'll be doing our best! The analysis is here.

May Analysis

High time we looked back at our performance for May, which ended in terrific style to give us our best month of the year so far.

It was an excellent month all round really, as we had a high number of placed efforts (many at big prices), beat the SP on many occasions, and of course built a very strong profit level.

So let's take a look at the figures.

Bets: 85
Wins: 14 (16.47%)
2nds: 12 (14.12%)
3rds: 13 (15.29%)
Placed total: 39 (45.88%)
Average odds taken: 7.95/1
Average SP: 6.73/1
Average win odds: 8.07/1
Profit/Loss: +74pts
Return On Investment: +77.08%

Fantastic figures really, even if we say so ourselves! We had numerous big priced seconds, including at 16/1, 10/1 9/1 and 8/1 so things could have been even better.

As we always say, the key figure is whether we're beating SP, and to do so by more than 1.2pts on average per selection makes us very happy.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Can't win 'em all!

Four points dropped since the last update, although we almost had a nice winner last night just beaten into second at 10/1 SP, after trading pretty short in running.

Let's start yesterday, where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
7.05 Sandown Silverware 1pt 5/1 Hills/Paddy Power/Coral
7.25 Wetherby Rolecarr 1pt 8/1 various 9/1 Hills 10/1 Bet365
8.35 Wetherby Humbie 1pt 9/2 Lads/Hills/BetFred/Paddy Power/Bluesq 5/1Totesport
Silverware started at 4/1, was a bit awkward leaving the stalls, and took a keen hold early on but kept on quite nicely into third, a couple of lengths behind the comfortable winner.

Then came Rolecarr, who ran really well after going of at 10/1. He went into the lead three fences out and jumped the last still in front, but was just collared near the line with Richard Johnson driving the favourite to a narrow victory. Almost another nice winner.

Humbie was a non-runner.

On to today and we had a couple, and after two placed efforts yesterday, neither placed today.

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
5.00 Musselburgh Parc Des Princes 1pt 10/1 generally BOG 11/1 Hills
8.45 Doncaster Illustrious Forest 1pt 9/2 Paddy Power/SkyBet/Totesport 11/2 Coral

Parc Des Princes was well off the pace and while he was staying on in the closing stages was never going to get there, after starting a nicely backed 13/2.

Illustrious Forest was well backed in the morning but drifted during the day to open on course at 10/1. He was then backed into 8/1 at SP, and ran a decent race for a good while, leading and going ok, but then didn't appear to stay the trip and faded into 8th.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

2nd June 2011

Silverware, 3rd/10, 5/1 --- 4/1
Rolecarr, 2nd/6, 9/1 --- 10/1

3rd June 2011

Parc Des Princes, 7th/10, 10/1 --- 13/2
Illustrious Forest, 8th/10 11/2 --- 8/1

Not a great couple of days but we're sure to have plenty more opportunities to return to winning ways this weekend!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June starts in profit

It may not have been as spectacular as yesterday, but June started where May left off today, with a profitable day - Flying Applause doing the business in grand style at Nottingham.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.10 Nottingham Flying Applause 1pt 11/2 Totesport/SkyBet/Bluesq 5/1 generally BOG
3.25 Cartmel Balganore 1pt 9/1 Hills 10/1 SportingBet/Stan James
7.10 Ripon Light The City 1pt 6/1 generally BOG

Flying Applause loves it at Nottingham and after being scrubbed along a couple of furlongs from home absolutely powered home to win by four lengths. He hit 65 in running! We had a r4 unfortunately which is a shame, so we lost 15p in the pound on our stake, leaving us with a profit of 4.675 on the race. He went off a well backed 11/4 so despite the r4 we got the price.

Sadly we couldn't follow up. Balganore was a massive drifter (SP 16/1) at Cartmel but seemed to try his best, being given a very positive ride, but he couldn't keep the pace up and lost by about 8 lengths.

Then came Light The City who started at 5/1, travelled well, hitting around 6/4 in running at one stage, but finished well beaten.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Flying Applause, 1st/10, 11/2 --- 11/4
Balganore, 5th/9, 9/1 --- 16/1
Light The City, 6th/10, 6/1 --- 5/1

So June shows 2.675pts of profit after day one, a good start and we'll be doing our best to build on it tomorrow!