Sunday, 31 May 2009

Two today

A couple of runners today, one of which came close to being a "double staker" but not quite.

Good luck to:

Tricky Trev Bath 14:40 12/1 bet365
Backstage Perth 15:50 11/2 betfred

Tried to get on via stan james to get the best odds guaranteed on Backstage, but their notoriously unreliable website isn't working properly again.

Well Tricky Trev ran a bit of a stinker after continuing to be well backed, but Backstage did exactly what appeared to be expected at absolutely hacked up.

After what's been a fantastic month, it seems appropriate to end on a winner, and another profitable day.

Here's confirmation:

Tricky Trev, 14th, 6/1sp

Backstage, 1st, 3/1

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Five runners today - with two "double stakers"

A fairly busy Saturday, with five selections and two meeting the criteria of having double stakes placed on them.

A couple of others came close to being contenders, but as it is it's good luck to:

Mias Boy York 14:40 4/1 will hill double stake

Wild Rhubarb Haydock 16:45 4/1 will hill

Ishe Mac York 16:55 11/1 ladbrokes

Harlestone Snake Goodwood 17:05 9/2 bet365 double stake

Vainglory Goodwood 17:40 16/1 sporting bet

What brilliant weather today, hope Everton win the cup final - am spending the morning painting up the nursery for the pending new arrival!

A blank day today although a few ran with credit, Harlestone Snake and Mias Boy for me both a bit unlucky in running. Decent value on show in the main although Harlestone Snake drifted like mad - which would have been good given the best odds guaranteed were in play.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Mias Boy, 2nd, 11/4sp

Wild Rhubarb Haydock, 6th, 3/1

Ishe Mac York, 7th, 12/1

Harlestone Snake Goodwood, 3rd, 8/1

Vainglory Goodwood, 3rd, 11/1

Friday, 29 May 2009

Six runners today, some big gambles on

Busy day with six strong selections, and one double staker.

Good luck to:

Mr Fantozzi Yarmouth 15:45 4/1 double stake sporting bet

Sequillo Goodwood 16:10 7/1 will hill

Chesapeake Bay Hamilton 17:05 12/1 coral

Last Sovereign Goodwood 17:15 7/2 bet365

Screaming Brave Yarmouth 17:25 9/2 will hill

Captain Carey Haydock 19:10 15/2 coral

Not a great day, and grateful for another photo finish winner when Screaming Brave landed a big punt at Yarmouth. Captain Carey gave away six lengths at the start after completely missing the break and was only beaten about three lengths so possibly a shade unlukcy there. Just a shade down on the day.

Here's confirmation:

Mr Fantozzi, 2nd, 10/3sp

Sequillo Goodwood, 4th, 8/1

Chesapeake Bay , 6th, 12/1

Last Sovereign Goodwood, 6th, 11/4

Screaming Brave, 1st, 2/1

Captain Carey, 5th/ 9/1

A very exciting day tomorrow, as I welcome a few friends and my Dad to the party. I'll be placing bets on their behalf so hopefully things can continue the way they have been for the last few weeks!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Just two today

Very quiet today by recent standards, with only two runners.

Probably for the best though because I've been in meetings this morning, so missed a couple of possible points profit with Cima De Triomphe who's been very nicely backed.

Good luck to:

Applaude Ayr 16:20 12/1 bet365

Cima De Triomphe Sandown 19:45 17/2 will hill

Another profitable day! Cima De Triomphe runs an absolute blinder to mug Conduit on the line in the Brigidier Gerard, after continuing to be very heavily punted, brilliant stuff.

Applaude ran a bit of stinker but still well up on the day.

Here's confirmation:

Applaude, 7th, 12/1sp

Cima De Triopmhe, 1st, 4/1

Great excitment here tonight as well because a good mate of mine has won an online satellite to get to Las Vegas with Ladbrokes with a dream vegas package - and I came a close fourth!! So he's off at the end of June for a week and could end up playing in the main event. Really chuffed for him and a bit jealous too! Told him I'll live my dream through him this summer!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Three today

Much calmer day today after the drama of yesterday, with three selections.

One or two others came close to being found but as it is it's good luck to:

Punching Brighton 16:55 7/2 paddy power

Solway Bee Cartmel 17:35 5/1 sporting bet

Hels Angel Beverley 18:20 4/1 will hill

Quick update because keen to watch the football (Man United to win by two clear goals at 9/2 my interest punt), but not happening today with 0/3. Punching according to the RP website had little luck in running.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Punching, 5th, 7/2sp

Solway Bee, 5th, 4/1

Hels Angel, 6th, 4/1

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Weekly Update (belated)

Just to quickly catch up on last week's weekly update:

Monday 18th May - Sunday 24th May

32 bets
7 wins (21.9%)
8 placed (25%)
Level stakes profit: 29.23pts

eight today

Sorry for lack of recent updates, still in devon with no laptop and barely any phone signal. Lovely time though, and about a point down over the three days. Busy today with 8 runners. Good luck to-

Lei 2.00 lady of the desert 9/2 pp
Lei 300 norwegian dances 13/2 bet365
Lei 330 parc des princes 7/1 bet365
Chep 350 kidlat 14/1 bet365
Lei 430 mambo spirit 4/1 bet365
Red 440 where's reilly 7/1 lads
Chep 450 stamford blue 9/2 bet365
Hex 635 royal game 15/2 will hill

Back home after a lovely trip away, made even sweeter by a brilliant 14/1 winner. Not the only winner of the day too, and a couple of others also went close (Where's Reily beaten a short head). Norweigan Dancer's damn saddle slipped after being backed from 13/2 down to 3/1 - can you believe it!!

Here's confirmation:

Lady of the Desert, 1st, 3/1sp

Norwegian Dancer, 11th, 3/1

Parc des Princes, 4th, 11/2

Kidlat, 1st, 8/1

Mambo Spirit, 4th, 4/1

Where's Reilly, 2nd, 6/1

Stamford Blue, 10th, 5/1

Royal Game, 4th, 13/2

As for Sunday and Monday, I had one selection on Sunday, which was backed from 4/1 into 3/1sp but only finished 5th and Bank Holiday Monday I had five runners, including a 5/1 winner which drifted to 7s before winning (Zefooha in the 5.05 at Redcar). Was on with betfair so no BOG for me sadly. I also had a double stake selection go down. It all meant the three days Saturday - Monday showed 0.5pt loss altogether.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

6 today

6 today

2.15 bev mesbaah 9/1 wh
3.25 new proclaim 4/1 boyle
3.35 cat fathsta 4/1 pp
4.35 new suruor 11/2 skybet
5.10 new flame of hestia 18/1 sport bet
5.40 strat royal rationale 9/1 bluesq

One out of six here, with a small profit showing but decent value had on most of them.

Mesbaah, 9th, 8/1sp
Proclaim, 4th, 5/1
Fathsta, 2nd, 3/1
Suruor, 1st, 4/1
Flame Of Hestia, 3rd, 13/2
Royal Rationale, 8th, 13/2

Friday, 22 May 2009

Six today

Busy today, War Party in the 4.40 probably shouldn't be a selection but have included on account of price (even though I know I shouldn't, just couldn't resist.)

Anyway good luck to:

Magical Speedfit Brighton 14:30 8/1 bet365

Bravely Newcastle 16:30 5/1 sportingbet

War Party Newmarket 16:40 20/1 bet365

Driven Newmarket 17:15 9/2 stan james

Radiator Rooney Brighton 17:25 9/2 sporting bet

Beyond Redemption Stratford 18:10 9/1 stan james double stake

Well there we go, I knew I was tempting fate with my posting last night! A blank day to bring things down to earth a little. Am going away with the wife tomorrow until Tuesday (she's getting bigger than ever!) so may struggle to update here too well until then, though will try to when I get a minute. Even getting the bets on may be tricky, it may be a Betfair job.

Anyway here's confirmation of today's results with sps.

Magical Speedfit 7th, 7/1sp

Bravely, 2nd, 6/1

War Party, 6th, 20/1

Driven Newmarket 5th, 7/2

Radiator Rooney Brighton 3rd, 3/1

Beyond Redemption, 5th, 12/1

Thursday, 21 May 2009

What a week so far

I just wanted to take stock for a moment, and put on screen what a fantastic week it's been so far. I've had five profitable days in a row, and a profit since Monday of 36.73pts

In that time, there've been 13 bets, with 6 wins (strike rate 46%), with an average win odds of 6.13/1. Two double stake selections have also won. I've also missed the very best prices with at least two or three of those winners, so the profits could have been greater had work not got in the way. All that and 4 placed runners as well (two beaten less than a length).

That's a return on investment of 193.26%!

Hope you don't mind me being indulgent by pointing all this out - I only do it because I know it can't possibly continue in such a rich vein - but by God is it enjoyable while it lasts!

Four today again

For the fourth day running, four selections today being nicely backed, including one double staker.

It's good luck to:

Footstepsofspring Goodwood 14:15 6/1 paddy power double stake

Moneycantbuymelove Goodwood 16:00 8/1 will hill

Hippolytus Haydock 17:20 9/1 will hill

Marajaa Goodwood 17:40 9/2 will hill

Well another profitable day today! Although it could have been even better with Footstepsofspring beaten in the last 100yds and then Marajaa came with a winning run but was held by a neck. Still, really pleased with the 8/1 shot which came in, and the other was a non runner.

Here's confirmation:

Footstepsofspring, 2nd, 11/2sp

Moneycantbuymelove, 1st, 13/2

Hippolytus - non runner

Marajaa, 2nd, 7/2

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another four today

Hopefully the decent recent spell will continue today with one or more of these. It'd be brilliant if the double staker at the end of the day can do the business too.

Good luck to:

Alwaary Goodwood 15:25 4/1 will hill

Emotive Kelso 15:35 5/1 will hill

Star Shot Kelso 16:10 4/1 bet365

Diktatorship Sedgefield 21:00 9/1 bet365 - double stake

Another profitable day, although it dimmed a little after a bright start with Alwaary winning at Goodwood (beating another of my antepost derby hopes free agent in the meantime) and then no winners thereafter. Still, a new high for the bank and things progress forward nicely. Diktatorship ran a decent race for a long while, and traded at just over evens on betfair before being run out of it a bit.

Here's confirmation:

Alwaary, 1st, 5/1 (best odds guaranteed in place for me)

Emotive, 3rd, 7/2

Star Shot, 5th, 9/2

Diktatorship, 3d, 6/1

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Four today

Ok am looking to continue the winning run with four today, including one double staker

It's good luck to:

Reignier Musselburgh 14:20 7/1 bet365 - double stake

Timbaa Yarmouth 15:10 14/1 bet365

Stellite Musselburgh 15:50 7/1 ladbrokes

Dimashq Musselburgh 17:20 7/1 stan james

Another excellent day, and another double stake winner which is brilliant.

Timbaa was withdrawn after getting unruly in the stalls after continuing to being heavily punted on course, so that may have been one which got away, I suppose we'll never know. Interesting to see how he gets on next race anyway.

Here's confirmation:

Reignier, 1st, 5/1sp

Timbaa - Non runner

Stellite, 1st, 13/2

Dimashq Musselburgh, 5th, 11/2

If you've been following the blog for a while you'll know that I switched staking plans to make sure my bank didn't go bust towards the end of March. I initially thought I'd take a small hit and carry on with the stakes I'd been playing with to see what happened, but then changed my mind and brought in a new reduced stake plan (i.e stakes halved if the bank is reduced by half).

If I hadn't changed my staking plan I'd be sitting with £439.05 tonight, but as it is I actually have £222.03. That's pretty sickening but still it shows we're on the right road. In terms of level stakes, the profit is now +56.92pts.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, and I hope I don't live to regret this, but it still amazes me the amount of people who go on the betfair forums and the like ridiculing people who follow the money - "those lemmings will never win!" they shout - well I hope I'm beginning to prove that if you get on the move early enough it can be a winning formula.

Watch out for 25 losers in a row now I've said that.. :-)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Four today

Have four today, including two double stakes. Again I missed a point or two with some of these because I was busy with work, in particular Knapp Bridge Day.

Anyway good luck to:

Bath 3.00 Beautiful Lady, 8/1 Ladbrokes

Bath 4.00 Full Victory, 5.2 on Betfair, double stake

Newton Abbott 4.20 Knapp Bridge Boy, 9/1, will hill, double stake

Bath, 4.30, Rumble Of Thunder, 7.2 Betfair

An excellent start to the week, with a couple of good winners including a "double staker" which is a nice bonus.

Here's confirmation:

Beautiful Lady, 7th, 15/2 sp

Full Victory, 1st, 3/1

Knapp Bridge Boy, 3rd, 7/1

Rumble Of Thunder, 1st, 4/1

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Weekly Update

Time for a quick weekly update

Since Monday it looks like this:

24 bets
4 wins 16.66%
6 placed 25%
14 unplaced 58.33%
4.5pt loss on the week

It's been a little while since the last decent priced winner (10/1+) and that's one of the main reasons the bank's been suffering a little recently, as results have actually stayed reasonably consistent. Hopefully one or two will be around the corner.

Overall we're looking like this:

379 bets
58 wins
15.3% strike rate
Average win odds: 6.2/1
Level stake profit: + 26.19pts
Return on investment: 8.78%

two today

two today,

3.40 ripon ponty rossa 5.5 betfair
4.10 ripon arctic cape 7.4 betfair

Had to update the selections extremely quickly today as was on the way from a Christening to its reception would you believe! Have now corrected it with the correct time of race.

It means that I missed the best prices with both of them, again, which is very frustrating but just can't be helped sometimes, until I employ that "putter on-ner" I talked about a few weeks ago!

Anyway a profitable day with Ponty Rossa doing the business, and value was still had again, here's confirmation:

Ponty Rossa, 1st, 3/1
Arctic Cape, 6th, 9/2

A "renewed high" of a bank incidentally of £2.57 (needless to say since switching to lower stakes to protect the bank, level stakes is showing 4pts profit).

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just two today

Neither of these are strong selections, but make the cut nonetheless.

Good luck to:

Twice Over Newbury 2.40 17/2 will hill

Brunelleschi Newmarket 17:15 6/1 bet365

Not happening today, but Twice Over ran a cracker in the Lockinge, and Brunelleschi sounds pretty unlucky in running getting squashed onto the rail at one point (not seen the race myself). Anyhow 0/2 on the day and here's confirmation

Twice Over, 3rd, 15/2

Brunelleschi, 10th, 4/1

Friday, 15 May 2009

Five today

Some decent prices about today, so hopefully the bank will get a nice boost with one or two of these:

Good luck to:

Autumn Blades Newmarket 15:35 11/1 will hill

Grissom York 15:45 10/1 coral

Bigalos Star York 16:55 22/1 stan james

Wabbraan Newbury 17:10 10/1 sporting bet

Canadian Danehill Newmarket 17:20 8/1 coral

Stakes are now £2.51 per selection, frustrating that it dropped but we'll be back up there soon. It's very annoying that my staking plan relies on a certain order of results for the bank to get going in a serious way. The level stakes profit still stands at 24.5 pts aproximately, but in my own bank with my own staking plan it's a negative currently. Something not right with that obviously but in the long term I'm sure it'll work out for the best.

Decent end to the day, although returns reduced by damn non-runners.

Here's confirmation

Autumn Blades 4th, 9/1sp

Grissom 12th, 7/1

Bigalos Star, 12th, 25/1

Wabbraan 13th, 13/2

Canadian Danehill, 1st, 9/2

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Five today

Ok back to normal today am pleased to say, although the bank has taken such a hammering in the last few days we'll be on reduced stakes if Nehaam doesn't win. Ironically the very first bet in the new "reduced stake" era is a double stake bet! Also pleased that Nehaam is being backed as he is one of my Derby antepost punts.

Anyway it's good luck to:

Nehaam York 14:40 10/1 will hill

City Dancer York 15:45 5/1 ladbrokes double stake

Seneschal Salisbury 16:35 9/2 coral

Victoria Sponge Newmarket 18:15 7/1 will hill

Prof de LIsle Ludlow 19:40 5/1 sporting bet

Not happening today, with just one return. It's going to be a long old road to my fortune, but it'll happen I'm sure. Value was again had, in good style in some cases.

Here's confirmation:

Nehaam - 10th - 8/1 (stone last - not looking good for Epsom)

City Dancer - 4th - 7/2

Seneschal - 1st - 4/1

Victoria Sponge - 2nd - 5/1

Prof de Lisle - 11th - 11/4

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Four today (belated)

Oh for the day when I'm living off my punting riches and not stuck in a meeting for hours on end.

Managed to get my bets on via betfair today, but three have gone down already.

Fontwell 3.35 Mr Ironman at 8.85

Perth 7.30 Indy Mood at 5.63 (double stake)

Perth 8.00 Solway Bee at 5.4

Now waiting to see how Dualagi gets on in the next at Bath (8.40), on at 7.8 and currently trading at 4.6 so at least the value's been had!

Nope there you go, another second, the jockey gave the selection far too much to do and couldn't get there. These recent seconds are adding up, which is always the hallmark of a horrible run.

Here's full confirmation of today's results, some good value about apart from the first race.

Mr Ironman - PU - 14/1

Indy Mood - 5th - 100/30

Solway Bee - 4th - 11/4

Dualagi - 2nd - 100/30

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Back with three today

Was teeing off at 1030 yesterday so wasn't able to update unfortunately.

In the end there were three runners, and one winner at around 7/2 through betfair in the evening - so a small profit on the day, will try to update properly later.

Anyway as far as today is concerned there are quite a few close to being selections but these are the chosen three.

It's good luck to:

Corton Charlemagne Warwick 14:50 6/1 bet365

Mambo Spirit Beverley 15:00 8/1 coral

Tae Kwon Do Beverley 16:30 6/1 bet365

A close but no cigar sort of day, with Corton Charlemagne beaten 3/4 length by an 80/1 shot, and then Tae Kwon Do drifting alarmingly before the off before going down narrowly in a photo. The best odds guaranteed would have meant for a very nice return.

Anyway here's confirmation of results

Corton Charlemagne, 2nd, 100/30sp

Mambo Spirit, 5th, 10/1

Tae Kwon Do, 2nd, 11/1

I will be locked in a damn meeting tomorrow morning so no chance of updating here unfortunately, and will actually be doing well just to get my bets on.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Four today

Haven't time to update things properly from yesterday but no winners there sadly.

Am playing in a golf tournament with a load of friends this weekend so may not be able to update here again until Monday night/Tuesday, but will try.

Anyway today it's good luck to:

Four Miracles Nottingham 14:25 8/1 will hill

Damaniyat Girl Lingfield 15:45 4/1 will hill

Kingswinford Haydock 17:25 12/1 will hill

Baby Rock Warwick 17:55 6/1 stan james

Now - off to make a fool of myself on the first tee! Good luck all.

Quick update before dinner,

No winners today, in fact the runners all seemed to run very poorly today. Will do my best to get my bets on tomorrow, but very little chance of updating here because am teeing off quite early.

As for the golf - played terribly but great day was had. Our pairing were two up with three to play and still managed to lose!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Three today

Slightly quieter today, with three runners selected, including two double stakes.

Good luck to:

Canmoss, Nottingham 15:00, 11/2 bet365 double stake

Wise Choice, Aintree 19:05, 10/1 betfred

Dev, Aintree 19:35, 6/1 boylesports double stake

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Eight today

A near record equalling day (if indeed it's not a record), with eight selections, including three double stakers.

It's funny, over the course of a few days I wouldn't mind seeing eight losers rack up, but if it happens all on one day it's always a bit tougher to take.

Anyway good luck to:

Jaunty Newton Abbot 15:05 9/2 boylesports DOUBLE STAKE

Fareer Chester 15:15 9/2 sporting bet

Kokkokila Goodwood 15:35 4/1 bet365

Silver Games Goodwood 16:10 DOUBLE STAKE 11/1 Sporting Bet (half amount on), 8/1 Bet365 other half

Mister Benedictine Newton Abbot 16:20 6/1 will hill

Fly With The Stars Newton Abbot 16:55 9/2 bet365

Tarsus Wincanton 18:40 13/2 bet365 DOUBLE STAKE

Kings Revenge Windsor 20:10 4/1 will hill

A decent winner early on looked to set the tone for a decent day but things fell away a fair bit, although still quite a lot of them ran with some credit and some good value about.

Here's confirmation:

Jaunty, 5th, 4/1sp

Fareer, 1st, 7/2

Kokkokila, 5th, 9/4

Silver Games, 4th, 6/1

Mister Benedictine, 3rd, 7/1

Fly With The Stars, 9th, 6/1

Tarsus Wincanton, 3rd, 11/4

Kings Revenge Windsor, 6th, 3/1

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Six today - and three doubles

Big day ahead today with many horses being very nicely backed, and three double stake selections.

Good luck to:

Cane Cat Bath 14:00 5/1 bet365

Minouchka Kelso 14:55 7/2 paddy power - double stake

Braveheart Move Chester 16:00 9/2 will hill - double stake

Cute N You Know It Kelso 16:45 8/1 sporting bet

Gower Bath 16:50 8/1 will hill

King Diamond Huntingdon 19:40 8/1 bet365 - double stake

A good day today, with a couple of double stake winners. A shame about Cute N You Know It because he was going ok up front when falling four or five out, but still the day ends in profit and that's all you can hope for!

Here's confirmation:

Cane Cat 6th, 6/1sp

Minouchka 1st, 11/4 (15p in pound r4 deduction for me here - annoying)

Braveheart Move 1st, 9/2

Cute N You Know It, F, 4/1

Gower Bath 10th, 17/2

King Diamond, Unplaced, 6/1

It all means the bank is on a renewed high! Stakes are now £4.78 win singles.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Four today

Let's hope yesterday's good run can continue today with these.

Good luck to:

Blueberry Ice Fakenham 14:50 6/1 will hill

Dalradian Chepstow 16:10 4/1 will hill

Arctic Shadow Exeter 19:20 8/1 will hill double stake

Angle of Attack Catterick 20:05 7/1 will hill

Not happening today sadly, Arctic Shadow was well enough backed to warrant the double stake though ran very poorly, while Dalradian was only beaten just over a length or so.

Here's confirmation:

Blueberry Ice, 4th, 8/1sp

Dalradian, 2nd, 7/2

Arctic Shadow, 12th, 4/1

Angle of Attack, 7th, 7/1

Monday, 4 May 2009

An important day - six today

If these lot lose then I'll be back on the reduced stakes because the bank will have halved in the last 25 bets.

It'd be frustrating if that happens but am around for the long haul and the fortune is not going to be made overnight so we'll keep on pushing forward. Having said that really hoping a winner or two emerges later!

If you're thinking *what an idiot* why not just do level stakes and save yourself all this staking plan hassle, well believe me I've done so much research into staking plans it's unbelievable, and the fact is that while level stakes is a steady, reliable, way forward it won't make me rich - and that's what it's all about (for me anyway), so I'm prepared to take the peaks and troughs that come along with more aggressive plans.

I used to do a 10% of bank percentage system and believe me that was a lot more volatile! (But my God did it boost the bank quickly (albeit dropped hellish quickly too!).

Anyway good luck to:

Resentful Angel Warwick 15:10 6/1 betfred

Tartan Gigha Beverley 15:20 5/1 will hill

Rabbit Fighter Newcastle 15:45 10/1 ladbrokes

Captain Macarry Beverley 15:50 7/1 bet365

Dante Deo Beverley 16:50 8/1 will hill

Saborido Warwick 17:10 9/2 sporting bet

Well a superb day today thank goodness, virtually clearing all the losses over the last few days. If the seconds had got their noses in front then it would have been even better but mustn't grumble. Interestingly, if Saborido hadn't been running today then Admiral Duque in the 5.10 (the winner) would have been a double stake selection (and vice versa). Needless to say am kicking myself for not doing the forecast but that's the gamblers lament isn't it - you can never be truly happy!

Some very nicely backed runners today and nice to see them pay off.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Resentful Angel, 2nd, 9/2 sp (by the way my William Hill commentary friend returned for this one - a change of victor in the final furlong and barely the slightest raise in the volume of voice - if you're that bored by doing racing commentary then why the hell are you doing it mate?!)

Tartan Gigha, 1st, 7/2

Rabbit Fighter, 12th, 15/2

Captain Macarry Beverley, 1st, 4/1

Dante Deo Beverley, 1st, 8/1

Saborido Warwick 2nd, 5/2

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Two today

Could do with this nasty run ending soon or else I'll be back reducing stakes again.

It's good luck to:

Oddsmaker Hamilton 16:10 20/1 William Hill

The Miniver Rose Newmarket 17:00 4/1 Paddy Power

God this game has a way of really bring you back down to earth!

I make it 19 without a win now after these two results although value was had once again which is the main thing over the long term of course.

Oddsmaker, 7th, 10/1

The Miniver Rose, 4th, 11/4f

My two for the 1000 guineas

Just for the sake of it, here are the two I've come with for the second classic of the season, again as my selection process for the 2,000 guineas I've purely gone on trends.


Serious Attitude

The favourite is ruled out because she's already won over a mile!

Horrible day...

.. in punting terms at least.

Actually had a lovely day out on the beach with my wife (while she's still fairly mobile!), but no returns from six selections today.

Managed to get them all on through betfair on the phone but it was a waste of time in the end.

Also - last night I sat down and worked out the 2000 guineas - and found a shortlist of three. Delegator, Sea The Stars and Evasive. Did I back them? Nah of course not, so it was with dubious pleasure I heard the Five live commentary with two of the three flashing home first. My punting outside of my bets here is virtually non existent these days, purely because I am trying to look after the cash ahead of the new arrival. Sadly that policy on more occasions than not actually costs me money like today! On a brighter note one of my antepost Derby selections - Rip Van Winkle - ran a very promising race with Epsom in mind. Just for the record I've backed a couple more in the Derby - Free Agent and Neeham, at 65 and 60 respectively on betfair. I'm on RVW at 12/1.

Anyway to the real business, these are the horses that went down this afternoon, some ran better than their finishing position would indicate.

King Charles - backed at 11 - Newmarket 2.00 - 6th, 7/1sp (unlucky in running incidentally which seems to be the theme of the week)

Willing Weasel - backed at 10 - Uttoxeter 2.10 - 9th, 10/1

Just Bond - backed at 14.5 - Thirsk 4.15 - 11th, 11/1

Mambo Spirit - backed at 8 - Thirsk 4.50 - 5th, 8/1

Molanna View - backed at 6.46 - Uttoxeter 5.00 - 3rd, 4/1

Legal Legacy - backed at 8 - Thirsk 5.20 - 4th, 8/1 (Double Stake)

Friday, 1 May 2009

One today

It's been quite a quiet week and today's no different - just the one today

Good luck to:

Mandalay King Musselburgh 17:50 9/2 Bet365

Nothing doint today

Mandalay King, 8th, 7/2