Thursday, 21 May 2009

What a week so far

I just wanted to take stock for a moment, and put on screen what a fantastic week it's been so far. I've had five profitable days in a row, and a profit since Monday of 36.73pts

In that time, there've been 13 bets, with 6 wins (strike rate 46%), with an average win odds of 6.13/1. Two double stake selections have also won. I've also missed the very best prices with at least two or three of those winners, so the profits could have been greater had work not got in the way. All that and 4 placed runners as well (two beaten less than a length).

That's a return on investment of 193.26%!

Hope you don't mind me being indulgent by pointing all this out - I only do it because I know it can't possibly continue in such a rich vein - but by God is it enjoyable while it lasts!

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