Monday, 31 May 2010

Six today one double staker

A cracking couple of winners yesterday to pull the month back in very good shape. Hopefully will end on a high too with one or two of these.

Good luck to:

Cartmel 3.20 Shulmin 11/2 Will Hill

Leicester 3.50 Ogre 7/1 lads and others

Redcar 4.10 Albaqaa 8/1 lads and others

Chepstow 4.15 Mount Athos 6/1 lads DOUBLE STAKER

Carlisle 5.15 Rio Sounds 9/1 totesport 17/2paddy power

Redcar 5.20 Simple Jim 5/1 bet365 9/2 generally

A very pleasing day with a couple of winners and a couple of other placed efforts (although we are still backing win only). Shulmin won really easily while Simple Jim came with a very well timed run to get up close to the line - hats off Silvestre De Sousa, cracking ride. Mount Athos the double stake selection was staying on nicely and was only beaten just over a length in the end. The sp at 9/1 would have been very nice with BOG in play. Albaqaa gave up a bit of ground at the start which was possibly costly, running on well at the end. Still, a good day with 5.5pts of profit, a nice day to end what's been an excellent month.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Shulmin, 1st, 4/1

Ogre, 4th, 11/2

Albaqaa, 3rd, 7/1

Mount Athos, 3rd, 9/1

Rio Sounds, 4th, 11/2

Simple Jim, 1st, 4/1

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Five today two double stakes

Apologies, not been able to update the results from last night yet but a welcome winner yesterday, and a busy day ahead to hopefully continue in the same vein.

It's good luck to:

3.00 Fontwell Soliya 7/1 generally DOUBLE STAKER

4.10 Fonwell Command Marshall 5/1 Bet365 and WIll Hill

4.25 Uttoxeter Firedog 16/1Betfred 14/1 Bet365 and others

4.50 Fontwell Ilewin Tom 6/1 Bet365 and others DOUBLE STAKER

5.25 Fontwell Consulate 11/2 VChandler/Betfred 5/1 generally elsewhere

Well if Saturday was a good day, this was a belter with a couple of winners, including a brilliant performance by Soliya who won by 16 lengths. Command Marshall kept being backed and did what was expected. Firedog didn't do much while Ilewin Tom didn't run. In Consulate's race, another horse was also nicely backed, Stumped (a selection the other day), and that was the one which won. On the wrong train in that race but still a great day, particularly when I later found out that the chap who backed Soliya for me actually got 9/1 with bet365 (screenshot available on request!). It all meant a 21pt profit on the day (17pts for those who took 7/1 Soliya).

Confirmation of results with sps:

Soliya, 1st, 7/1

Command Marshall, 1st, 9/4

Firedog, PU, 9/1

Ilewin Tom NR

Consulate, 3rd, 7/1

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Four today

A poor run just lately, but things will turn again soon I'm sure,

It's good luck to:

Catt 2.55 Bold Marc 6/1 bet365

Bev 3.10 Glenmuir 7/1 lads 6/1 generally elsewhere

7.20 Stratford Bills Echo 9/1 Lads

9.00 Stratford Cubism 9/1 Lads

The week made a turn for the better just after 9pm here with Cubism's very easy win. A six point profit on the day, and most welcome after a stuttering run.

Results with sps:

Bold Marc, 5th, 5/1

Glenmuir, 7th, 7/2

Bills Echo, 5th, 7/1

Cubism, 1st, 15/2

Friday, 28 May 2010

friday three

It has been a tough few days but we end the working week with three selections, so it's good luck to:

Bri 2.00 Simple Rhythm 9-1 Lads & W Hill

Newc 4.30 Chushka 9-2 Lads, 4s general

Newc 5.05 Bring Sweets 13-2 W Hill & Boyle, 6 general DOUBLE STAKER

Well we're still in good profit for the month of May but this is turning into a really nasty run. Six days of racing without a winner, and a lot of the selections running really badly too. We've had worse runs than this of course, and it's par for the course really when the average odds are between 6 and 7/1 but it's still frustrating, particularly when ground conditions are so reliable at the moment. Things will change soon I'm sure.

Today's didn't do a lot. Simple Rhythm ran ok for a while before being swallowed up, while Chushka had very little luck in running which didn't help, although I'm not wure the horse would have won. Bring Sweets ran a shocker in a shocking race. At least the value was had with 2/3 today and on to tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Simple Rhythm, 6th, 10/1

Chushka, 5th, 5/2

Bring Sweets 13th, 9/2

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes (again)

Quite an unusal recent run of three selections with two of them being being a "double staker", and it's the same again today.

Good luck to:

3.50 Ayr Aldaado 4/1 Totesport/Skybet 7/2 generally elsewhere DOUBLE STAKER

6.15 Wetherby Nile Moon 5/1 Skybet/Betfred 9/2 generally elsewhere

9.05 Wetherby Terenzium 8/1 Will Hill/Coral and others DOUBLE STAKER

Shocking week so far, no getting away from it. Had high hopes for a return today but not to be. The money kept coming for Aldaado and he was pretty well beaten back in third. Nile Moon likewise continued to be pretty well supported, although there was a non runner in the race, but found one too good. Terenzium ran ok but faded, after clattering one too many hurdles to have any realistic chance.

Anyway will look forward to a return or two soon, hopefully before too long!

Results with sps:

Aldaado, 3rd, 5/2

Nile Moon, 2nd, 3/1

Terenzium, 8th, 8/1

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes

Hi really poor day yesterday but we hope to bounce back today with the following, some nice moves about.

Good luck to:

4.35 Sedgefield Wee Forbes 10/1 Ladbrokes 8/1 general DOUBLE STAKER

5.00 Sedgefield Janal 7/1 Ladbrokes and others DOUBLE STAKER

8.20 Southwell Stumped 8/1 Bet365 + generally

Ok, just beginning to develop into a poor run, with another less than impressive showing today. Five points dropped, with Janal performing the best, rallying well to only be beaten a couple of lengths in the end, although the horse never really looked like getting up.

The two others never really showed. With a win strike rate of around 16% I am hardened to backing a few losers, and things are still well up for the month of course, but could do with a return or two in the next couple of days.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Wee Forbes, 4th, 9/1

Janal 5th, 13/2

Stumped, 8th, 13/2

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday two

We have two bets today, both to single stakes so it's good luck to:

Chep 4.50 Antoella 9-1 W Hill, 8s general

Hunt 8.50 Free to Air 13-2 Tote, 6s general

A really really poor day. Both selections drifted, both selections ran abysmally. There'll of course be days like this, but they're damn annoying when they come along. A far cry from last Tuesday that's for sure! Hope for better tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Antoella, 9th, 11/1

Free to Air, PU, 8/1

Monday, 24 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes

A fairly explosive start to the week with two double stake selections and a normal selection too.

It's good luck to:

3.00 Leicester Bold Ring 9/2 Paddy Power/Skybet 4/1 generally elsewhere DOUBLE STAKER

4.15 Carlisle High Resolution 11/2 Will Hill/Bluesq 5/1 generally elswhere

5.00 Leicester Emmeline Pankhurst 7/2 General DOUBLE STAKER

Again, this was emailed a couple of hours ago to those on the list. Please do send a note to if you would like to join in. Thanks

Really poor start to the week with explosions turning to a bit of a whimper, with only Bold Ring getting placed. Emmeline Pankhurst drifted before the course market opened up and was allowed to drift a little more before being backed in again, and then ran poorly, although not helped by being very green early on. Anyway onwards to tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Bold Ring, 3rd, 13/2

High Resolution, 8th, 5/1

Emmeline Pankhurst, 7th, 13/2

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday single

A small profit yesterday but still smarting over the shocking ride given to our double staker Frognal on Friday. Today we have just one selection, a David Pipe horse taken up to Perth. So it's good luck to:

Perth 4.55 Bathwick Man 7-2 S James and others

So just the one selection today, and Bathwick Man ran a decent race for a long time before tiring into third. One point lost so the weekend finished level. All in all it's been a cracking week since last Monday, so hopefully more to come in the next seven days.

Result with sp:

Bathwick Man, 3rd, 3-1

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Four today one double staker

Quite a disappointing day in the end yesterday.

Today there are four selections, one of them a double staker

Good luck to:

2.55 Chester Not My Choice 7/1 Lads
5.00 Goodwood Trovare 5/1 betfred and others
6.05 Newbury Mytivil 14/1 vcbet and others
8.15 Newbury Outland 8/1 betfred 7/1 lads DOUBLE STAKER

Another mixed day, with Trovare putting in a grand effort to win the 5.00. Not My Choice came with a cracking run inside the last furlong but was collared by another finishing even more strongly. Otherwise the Newbury runners didn't do much at all, although Outland ran well for a long time. It all meant a one point profit for the day.

Not My Choice. 2nd, 4/1
Trovare, 1st, 3/1
Mytivil, 11th, 16/1
Outland, 8th, 14/1

Friday, 21 May 2010

Six today, one double staker

After no selections yesterday, quite a few today.

It's good luck to:

2.20 Catterick Snow Bear 5/1 VCBet and others
3.50 Catterick Frognal 4/1 Coral 7/2 generally DOUBLE STAkER
4.00 Yarmouth Rough Rock 8/1 Totesport 7/1 general
5.00 Yarmouth Mystic Touch 7/1 Will hill
5.10 Chepstow Ogre 9/2 Coral, Lads, Boylesorts +others
8.30 Haydock Another Magic Man 10/1 Lads only 9/1 generally

Well this day started brilliantly with Snow Bear winning nicely by 3/4 length. Frognal was travelling strongly before getting blocked by a sea of horses and from that moment the day began to peter out. It all ended with a loss of one point.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Snow Bear, 1st, 3/1

Frognal, 6th, 9/2
Rough Rock,, 7th, 8/1
Mystic Touch, 9th, 12/1
Ogre, 5th, 9/2
Another Magic Man, 4th, 14/1

Thursday, 20 May 2010

No selections today

There are no runners today with the right profile.

Good luck if you're getting involved elsewhere.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday single

After a superb 12-1 double stakes winner and two more going in to ensure a magnificent 30 points profit on the day it is much quieter today, with just one runner going for us. So it's good luck to:

Good 4.55 Missoula 16-1 B365, Boyle & S James, less elsewhere.

(This was emailed at 11.09 to subscribers. Let us know if you want to join them.)

Well today certainly didn't have the drama of yesterday, but a gentle way of being brought back to earth with a well beaten big priced selection (which drifted a tad too!). Missoula was struggling early on and never looked in it.

Anyway will look forward to tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sp:

Missoula, 6th, 20/1

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Seven today - two double stakes

** this was emailed out at 11.05 this morning **

Good morning,

Quite a few today.

It's good luck to:

2.00 Nottingham Lutine Bell 4/1 bet365 + generally

2.20 Brighton Lucky Leigh 8/1 bet365 + generally

3.00 Nottingham Midget 7/1 bet365 + generally (15/2 sportingbet) - DOUBLE STAKER

3.40 Musselburgh Nufoudh 4/1 ladbrokes + others

4.20 Brighton The Wonga Coup 6/1 will hill only + 5/1 others

4.40 Mussleburgh Chosen One 15/2 bluesq 7/1 generally

7.10 Towcester Beauchamp Viking 12/1 bet365 only - DOUBLE STAKER

Wow a hell of a day, three wins from seven selections with another couple placed too. Absolutely brilliant. Beauchamp Viking had virtually zero form in the book but the money was down and a great result to finish off what already been a good day. The double stake plan has been having a bit of a rough ride, not helped by quite a few second places, but his win's more than turned that around. Elsewhere I enjoyed Chosen One's win, really game to get up close to the line, while Nufoudh's love affair with Musselburgh over 7furlongs continues helping the day to more profits. A thirty point profit on the day as my account with bluesq was playing up so had to take the 7s. Midget ran a decent race to get 4th/16 while Lutine Bell fluffed the start for Seb Sanders and was given a far too patient ride before being a fast finishing third.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Lutine Bell, 3rd, 8/1

Lucky Leigh, 4th, 5/1

Midget, 4th, 6/1

Nufoudh, 1st, 11/4

The Wonga Coup, 10th, 5/1

Chosen One, 1st, 9/2

Beauchamp Viking, 1st, 13/2

Monday, 17 May 2010

Another test email


Am about to send out another test email, from a different email account. My yahoo account is causing problems because I have too many people on the distribution list.

If you didn't get today's email then please check your spam filter. I am not able to respond to anyone's emails from today because it won't let me send any out! This should change tomorrow.

In the meantime naturally I'm forced into a change of mail facility, so from today I will be sending out emails from Please can you add this email address to your safe senders list? If after checking your spam/junk filters you can't see the test email, please do let me know.

Thanks, and here's to another profitable day tomorrow.


*Edited to add, the email was sent at 00:54

Five today - three double stakes

A busy start to the working week, with three double and two single stakers.
Good luck to:

N Abb 2.50 Barton Alf DOUBLE STAKER 5-1 Paddy Power and Betfred + generally available

N Abb 3.20 Humbel Ben DOUBLE STAKER 5-1 Lads + generally available

Bath 4.30 Whiepa Snappa 4-1 Lads & Tote

Bath 5.00 Spiritonthemount B365 16/1

Winds 7.40 Leylef DOUBLE STAKER 6/1 Tote + others

Sadly no time for a proper update this evening, suffice to say very pleased indeed with Spiritonthemount's success! Elsewhere Humbel Ben and Leylef were placed. A nine point profit on the day, and will update sps etc tomorrow. I am looking into email issues at the moment!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Barton Alf, PU, 12/1

Humbel Ben, 2nd, 6/1

Whiepa Snappa, 5h, 10/3

Spiritonthemount, 1st, 10/1

Leylef, 3rd, 11/2

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Three today including one double stake

Good luck to:

Market Rasen 2.30 Piccolo Pride 7/1 bet365 +others

Stratford 3.50 Lyster 11/2 Will Hill +others DOUBLE STAKER

Market Rasen 4.00 Lord Collingwood 6/1 Totesport + others

Prices correct at 1100, to be emailed them please drop a note to

Much more like it today, with a cracking winner, and finally it being a double staker. Had grown used to these finishing second in recent days so when Lyster cruised into the lead I wasn't getting carried away, but the horse won very cosily.

Staking spot on, and a nine point profit on the day, so five up for the weekend. Piccolo Pride didn't do much while Lord Collingwood ran well but could stay on no closer than third.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Piccolo Pride, 9th, 6/1

Lyster, 1st, 4/1

Lord Collingwood, 3rd, 7/2

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Four today

These selections were emailed free of charge to all those who've been in touch at more than two hours ago.

Prices correct at 11.00

Good luck to:

Thirsk 2.05 West Stand 16/1 Bet365+others

Newmarket 3.25 Mykingdomforahorse 6/1 Bet365+generally

Newmarket 5.10 Standpoint 5/1 Bet365+generally (11/2 sportingbet)

Thirsk 5.30 Rasaman 9/2 Bet365+generally (5/1 sportingbet)

If you'd like to get the selections earlier please drop me a quick line!


Hopeless today, one of the worst for a while. Poor runs and drifting prices too. Typical on the first day of sending out selections via email - guess that's called sod's law! Anyway will hope for better tomorrow.

Results with sps:

West Stand, 9th, 22/1

Mykingdomforahorse, 6th, 13/2

Standpoint, 4th, 5/1

Rasaman, 8th, 11/2

Friday, 14 May 2010

Another test email sent out - launch day tomorrow!

Just to say I've just sent out another test email.

It appears the vast majority received last night's note fine, but others joined today, and a couple reported that they didn't get it, hence the reason for this one.

Looking forward to tomorrow's email launch of selections, hopefully we can kick things off with a winner or two!

If you want to join in, there's still time to send a quick message to

Naturally people can send a message at any time right up until the end of August to join in as well.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Friday four

We have four horses today, the last day when this blog will be updated at this time. From tomorrow it will be updated later in the day, before the first of our runners. Thankyou to all those who have joined our emailing list and anyone else who wants to join in, please just drop us a line.

Here are today's four:

York 1.40 Breedj 5-1 B365 DOUBLE STAKER

Nkt 2.30 Kensei 5-1 Tote DOUBLE STAKER

Newb 4.00 Shostakovich 7-1 Tote

Aint 6.00 Victor Daly 8-1 B365

Look out for your emails tomorrow; you should have received a test email last night and if you did not, please let us know by email.

A decent three points won on the day after Victor Daly's terrific win at Aintree. Went to the front with the race at his mercy but then was collared in the closing stages, before dramatically getting up in the last few yards to win by half a length. Great stuff. Earlier there was third double staked selection finishing second in the last two or three days, damn annoying.
Elsewhere not much happening.

As well as continuing to work on a new website, I have spent a lot of time tonight looking at each way returns, partly sparked by a few comments in the last few weeks here, and I am beginning to come around to the idea of backing selections each way, strike rate is excellent and it certainly protects the bank when a few selections go close.

I have always held a strong belief that I am better backing my selections win only, but I always remain open minded, and will give this more thought. As ever, thoughts very welcome.

Anyway todays results with sps:

Breedj, 2nd, 4/1

Kensei, 6th, 4/1

Shostakovich, 11th, 10/1

Victor Daly, 1st, 5/1

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Test email sent out

This is just to say in the last few minutes I've sent a test email to everyone who's been in touch, ahead of the launch of the email service on Saturday.

It's of course not too late to get involved, so please do drop me a line at if you would like to get selections sent to your inbox roughly two hours before they're put up on the blog.

In my experience, two hours can make a big difference in obtaining the best odds available on market moves so if you're interested in following selections here financially I really would urge you to be on the email distribution list.

The reason why I am going to continue to post selections on the blog before racing is so I can continue to prove that my strategy is a profitable one, in the most open way I can.

If you're on the list, and haven't received the email, please do check your spam filters. If you still can't see it, please let me know and I'll look into it!

All the best,


Three today

We put yesterday's frustrations behind us as we go on with three more. This is the penultimate day for selections being posted here this early - if you want to add your email address to get selections delivered then just drop us a line! Today it's good luck to:

Sal 2.30 Button Moon 10-1 B365

Sal 4.45 Rolling Hills 13-2 Betfred

Nkt 6.15 Consider Yourself 7-1 Lads

0/3 here although Button Moon ran a decent race and looked quite threatening about a furlong out.

Results with sps:

Button Moon, 3rd, 16/1

Rolling Hills, 7th, 9/2

Consider Yourself, 12th, 9/1

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Four more inc doubles

After yesterday's success we have another four, two of them doubles, to have a go with today:

York 3.10 Starspangledanner 9-2 B365

Bath 6.30 Uncle Dermot 8-1 Sky DOUBLE STAKER

Bath 8.00 Tanita 7-1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Bath 8.30 Green Velvet 6-1 B365

Good luck to them all...

Feeling really frustrated tonight. For the second time in two days a double staked selection is given far too much to do by Richard Hughes. Tanita marooned out the back and then charged home to be beaten by half a length.

Green Velvet was backed down to almost a third of the price got this morning and then met with trouble in running switching left and right before finishing third. Not sure he'd have won though.

The other two didn't do a lot. Starspangledbanner had a strange pre race market, allowed to drift out to 6s and then hammered into again to go off at 4s. Didn't run as expected though, and no excuses. I didn't see the Uncle Dermot race but he sounded well off the pace.

Six points lost on the day and getting annoyed with double staked selections being turned over. Things will turn soon with them I'm sure. Since I started doing them with certain picks it's been a profitable thing to do but it's damn frustrating when a few of them lose in a row!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Starspangledanner, 5th, 4/1

Uncle Dermot, 7th, 6/1

Tanita, 2nd, 4/1

Green Velvet, 3rd, 9/4

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Two doubles two singles

After yesterday's 12-1 (adv) success we go on with four selections today:

Warw 3.10 Step it up 9-1 B365

Warw 3.40 Invincible Soul 4-1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Warw 5.10 Singingintherain 8-1 B365 DOUBLE STAKER

N Abb 8.00 Legal Glory 10-1 Lads

Another reminder to let us have your email address if you want to be added to the database for the free daily email of selections for a no-obligation summer long trial. Send your email address to to be included.

Well a cracking eleven point profit on the day, after Step It Up drifted to an extraordinary price before running a cracker to win narrowly. Of course my principle is to back horses at bigger than sp, which will guarantee long term profits, but obviously some selections drift, and some of them, albeit quite rarely, win - and when it means seven more points won on the day well that's not to be grumbled at!

Again the double stakers miss the target though, which is really annoying. It's been a little while since one of these came in, and I'm looking forward to one or two hitting the target soon.

Having said that, Invincible Soul was given a really tough task to come from the back and stayed on really well before being eased near the finish. A good run, but a slight feeling of possibly one which got away, although the winner won well.

The others didn't do a thing.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Step it up, 1st, 16/1

Invincible Soul, 2nd, 4/1

Singingintherain, 9th, 8/1

Legal Glory, 7th, 17/2

Monday, 10 May 2010

Two singles one double

Three selections and some handy prices for today:

Red 3.50 Dream Win 12-1 Lads

Red 5.20 Bring Sweets 9-1 Tote

Wind 8.10 Tom Wade 13-2 B365 DOUBLE STAKER

Good luck to them all...

On a day where many big punts got landed (including 25/1 into 6/4 (!!) at Towcester) Dream Win did the business here.

I thought he was going to be swallowed up as he tried to make virtually all but fair play, he stuck to his task brilliantly to win by a neck or so.

Bring Sweets and Tom Wade both continued to be nicely backed but while Bring Sweets ran well for a long time, Tom Wade was very disappointing.

A nine point profit on the day pushes May back into profit.

Here's confirmation of results with sps:

Dream Win, 1st, 17/2

Bring Sweets, 8th, 5/1

Tom Wade, 9th, 7/2

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday three inc a double

Three for Sunday:

Worc 2.50 Erdeli 7-1 B365 DOUBLE STAKER

Utt 4.00 Besi 6-1 Betfred

Utt 4.30 Our Jim 11-2 B365

Good luck to them all...

A week which proved pretty frustrating all in all, ends in more disappointment with Erdeli unseating and then Besi drifting and then running a shocker. Our Jim was a non runner.

The annoying thing is that it feels like this week could have been very profitable if one or two things went differently, but it's all about the long term this and we'll carry on the fight tomorrow.

Today's results with sps:

Erdeli, UR, 5/1

Besi, 10th, 8/1

Our Jim NR

Don't forget to email to get blog selections completely free and a couple of hours before they turn up on the blog, things start next Saturday! Cheers.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Email launch: One week to go!

This time next week will see the first ever winningafortune email being sent out to all those interested!

This email will be sent out with details of selections long before the blog is updated so if you are interested in joining in please do email

Thanks to all those who've emailed so far. I'll email the list in the week to check it's all working ok and with a bit more information on things.

Please feel free to get on board!


CD (Sam).

Today's selections

Good luck to:

Old Master Expert and Rahaala odds crashing quickly.

Old Master Expert Ascot 16:00 8/1 Bet365 DOUBLE STAKE

Secret Asset Ascot 17:10 7/1 Skybet

Rahaala Warwick 19:20 6/1 Paddy Power/Ladbrokes DOUBLE STAKE

A aimilar day to yesterday in many ways with all of the selections running well but again no returns. Old Master Expert would have been a brilliant result but he found one too good after running a cracker, was cruising two out and stayed on well, before being beaten less than a length. Secret Asset had every chance but didnt quite have enough while Rahaala ran very well for a long time before fading near the end. Good value about again and that's the main thing in a way, but will hope for a winner or two tomorrow.

Old Master Expert, 2nd, 4/1

Secret Asset, 4th, 9/2

Rehaala, 5th, 5/1

Friday, 7 May 2010

Three today

A successful day in the end yesterday so as the politicians go about trying to sort out who's going to run the country we get on with the business of hunting out winners and we have three chances today:

Ches 4.30 Lucky Numbers 11-2 Coral

Ches 5.05 Hindu Kush 15-2 Tote

Ham 8.50 Apache Ridge 6-1 Tote

Good luck to them all...

No returns here although none was beaten too far, and sp was beaten with every selection.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Lucky Numbers, 3rd, 9/2

Hindu Kush, 5th, 6/1

Apache Ridge, 4th, 7/2

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Seven today, four of them double stakes

Very very busy day. Good luck to:

Swing State Newton Abbot 14:05 11/2 skybet DOUBLE STAKE

Sninfia Newton Abbot 15:05 20/1 will hill

Horseradish Chester 16:30 4/1 bet365

Dubai Gem Goodwood 16:45 11/1 bluesq DOUBLE STAKE

Too Tall Wetherby 17:45 5/1 bet365 DOUBLE STAKE

Hoof It Harry Wincanton 18:05 8/1 Lads DOUBLE STAKE

Flying Doctor Wetherby 18:50 12/1 bet365

A seven point profit on the day but tinged with annoyance that both winners came from just three selections which didn't have the double staked two points chucked at them. Still mustn't grumble too much, with Flying Doctor winning his contest really well, backed down from 33s this morning. Hell of a long term coup planned there if you look at the horses form, great stuff. Horseradish ran well and won comfortably while Hoof It Harry was placed. The others didn't do much although Sninfia was looking quite a threat at 20/1 three out but bottomed out quickly. A good day for value too, beating the SP with them all apart from Swing State which was a draw.

Now all eyes on the Election! Tempted to have a punt but got my fingers burned in the first Leaders debate when none of them uttered the words "hard working families" which cost me a good few quid. Thought it was nailed on. They've all been saying it every other sentence ever since!

Anyway confirmation of results with sps:

Swing State, 8th, 11/2

Sninfia, 8th, 16/1

Horseradish, 1st, 11/4

Dubai Gem, 8th, 6/1

Too Tall, 8th, 7/2

Hoof It Harry, 3rd, 7/1

Flying Doctor, 1st, 6/1

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Four today

After yesterday's near misses we kick on with four selections:

Kel 2.05 Reasonably Sure 12-1 B365

Ches 3.15 Fol Hollow 6-1 Tote

Kel 4.20 Prince of Slane 16-1 Tote

Kel 5.25 Annibale Caro 4-1 Coral

Good luck to each of them...

Ok, oould do with a winner tomorrow, after another frustrating day.

Another couple of placed efforts, with Fol Hollow running ok without really looking like the winner after being slightly hampered, and then Annibale Caro traded at around 1.10 in running at betfair when cruising upsides the actual winner before flattening out to get beaten by three lengths. The others didn't do a lot. Will hope for better tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Reasonably Sure, 7th, 11/1

Fol Hollow, 3rd, 11/2

Prince of Slane, PU, 11/1

Annibale Caro, 2nd, 11/2

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Three singles, two doubles

An excellent double stakes winner for us yesterday at 8-1 and today we have two double stakers and three single stakers for you to get stuck into:

Bath 4.00 Kanace 5-1 Betfred DOUBLE STAKER

Bath 4.30 My Best Bet 4-1 Bet365

Newc 4.40 Sharp Eclipse 9-2 B365 & Lads DOUBLE STAKER

Catt 7.00 Glenmuir 7-1 W Hill

Catt 8.30 Hitaches Dubai 10-1 B365

Good luck to them all...

Well today was frustrating. Both double stakers ran well but can't get in front, My Best Bet's second place (beaten a short head in a photo) chucked in helped add things up to three placed efforts in the space of 40 minutes. The evening events at Catterick were nothing to write home about, although Glenmuir wasn't beaten far, Hitaches Dubai was hammered.

On ather day things could be different but as it is, seven points dropped on the day.

Kanace, 3rd, 9/2

My Best Bet, 2nd, 11/2

Sharp Eclipse, 2nd, 7/2

Glenmuir, 5th, 8/1

Hitaches Dubai, 8th, 16/1

Monday, 3 May 2010

Two and a double

A close up second from our only runner yesterday but we have three for Bank Holiday Monday so it's good luck to these:

Bev 2.50 Besty 9-2 Tote

Win 2.55 Nizhoni Dancer 6-1 Lads

Win 4.25 Hollow Green 7-1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

An excellent start to the week with Hollow Green's battling win securing a cracking 14pt profit for the day, with Coral paying best odds guaranteed. Nizhoni Dancer must have somthing up with her as she was well supported all day and then put in an absolute shocker.

Ironically she was the only selection to drift from morning prices and do the business. This is unusual, but does happen obviously and that's why it so good that nearly all bookies pay out on b.o.g.

Anyway here's confirmation of results with sps:

Besty, 8th, 7/2

Nizhoni Dancer, 11th, 5/1

Hollow Green, 1st, 8/1

Sunday, 2 May 2010

One selection today

Just the one selection today.

Goood luck to:

Ashbrittle Salisbury 4.05 6/1 bet365

Well Ashbrittle ran a cracking race to only be denied by a head by the jolly. Got almost double the sp which is pleasing.

Plenty of racing ahead on Bank Holiday monday so no doubt a few opportunities to come, could do without rain though.

Confirmation of result with sp:

Ashbrittle, 2nd, 7/2

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Saturday three

Good luck to anyone having a go on the Guineas but we look elsewhere for our three selections:

Thir 3.30 Glenridding 8-1 Lads

Nkt 4.15 Horseradish 4-1 B365

Nkt 5.25 Black Spirit 7-1 Lads

A rough Saturday although got massive value about Glenridding who then ran ok up to a point before fading. Horseradish had every chance and wasn't beaten far, while Black Spirit was the only one to drift and never looked like winning.

All in all a frustrating start to the month and we hope for better tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Glenridding, 12th, 7/2

Horseradish, 3rd, 3/1

Black Spirit, 10th, 8/1

Can I just say as well how much I'm going to miss JP's blog at He's been having a really rough time recently and I do hope things pick up for him soon.