Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Two doubles two singles

After yesterday's 12-1 (adv) success we go on with four selections today:

Warw 3.10 Step it up 9-1 B365

Warw 3.40 Invincible Soul 4-1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Warw 5.10 Singingintherain 8-1 B365 DOUBLE STAKER

N Abb 8.00 Legal Glory 10-1 Lads

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Well a cracking eleven point profit on the day, after Step It Up drifted to an extraordinary price before running a cracker to win narrowly. Of course my principle is to back horses at bigger than sp, which will guarantee long term profits, but obviously some selections drift, and some of them, albeit quite rarely, win - and when it means seven more points won on the day well that's not to be grumbled at!

Again the double stakers miss the target though, which is really annoying. It's been a little while since one of these came in, and I'm looking forward to one or two hitting the target soon.

Having said that, Invincible Soul was given a really tough task to come from the back and stayed on really well before being eased near the finish. A good run, but a slight feeling of possibly one which got away, although the winner won well.

The others didn't do a thing.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Step it up, 1st, 16/1

Invincible Soul, 2nd, 4/1

Singingintherain, 9th, 8/1

Legal Glory, 7th, 17/2


  1. winner

  2. Thank god for bog well done cd

  3. Thanks both - and yes too true best mate - what an absolutely fantastic price!

  4. What an great call and price for step it up.
    Thanks CD

  5. Thanks Mr B! In the old days I'd have been chuffed with 9/1 but still with that "if only i'd taken the sp" sort of feeling.. thankfully those days are long gone (well almost entirely anyway).

  6. I wondered if it's possible for you to add my blog on your site? I'm very new to blogging and am looking for some traffic, having followed your tips for a while thought you might be able to help.




  7. Cheers Bob all done. Good luck.


  8. Sorry to be a pain, any chance of deleting my blog and retrying, for some reason it's using my old blog http://betfairplacebets.blogspot.com/ instead of http://betfairwinplacebets.blogspot.com/, not sure why!!!

    No probs if your busy.


  9. Hi Bob have tried, but not sure it's working for some reason as it can't detect a URL feed? All a bit odd.

    Let me know if you can figure it out and I'll try again.


  10. It's not happening so i've gone back to the original


    even though i'm putting a win/place bet on my selections, if you can put this back up i'd appreciate it, sorry for the hassle mate.