Monday, 17 May 2010

Five today - three double stakes

A busy start to the working week, with three double and two single stakers.
Good luck to:

N Abb 2.50 Barton Alf DOUBLE STAKER 5-1 Paddy Power and Betfred + generally available

N Abb 3.20 Humbel Ben DOUBLE STAKER 5-1 Lads + generally available

Bath 4.30 Whiepa Snappa 4-1 Lads & Tote

Bath 5.00 Spiritonthemount B365 16/1

Winds 7.40 Leylef DOUBLE STAKER 6/1 Tote + others

Sadly no time for a proper update this evening, suffice to say very pleased indeed with Spiritonthemount's success! Elsewhere Humbel Ben and Leylef were placed. A nine point profit on the day, and will update sps etc tomorrow. I am looking into email issues at the moment!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Barton Alf, PU, 12/1

Humbel Ben, 2nd, 6/1

Whiepa Snappa, 5h, 10/3

Spiritonthemount, 1st, 10/1

Leylef, 3rd, 11/2


  1. Hi CD

    I've only just been able to start following your selections after a short break (Work/Home taking up to much time) and what do you do? give me a 14/1 winner;-)

    Nice 7 points profit to start back with, thanks mate.


  2. Cheers Mark no problem at all :) Good to have you back again, hope all's well