Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes

Hi really poor day yesterday but we hope to bounce back today with the following, some nice moves about.

Good luck to:

4.35 Sedgefield Wee Forbes 10/1 Ladbrokes 8/1 general DOUBLE STAKER

5.00 Sedgefield Janal 7/1 Ladbrokes and others DOUBLE STAKER

8.20 Southwell Stumped 8/1 Bet365 + generally

Ok, just beginning to develop into a poor run, with another less than impressive showing today. Five points dropped, with Janal performing the best, rallying well to only be beaten a couple of lengths in the end, although the horse never really looked like getting up.

The two others never really showed. With a win strike rate of around 16% I am hardened to backing a few losers, and things are still well up for the month of course, but could do with a return or two in the next couple of days.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Wee Forbes, 4th, 9/1

Janal 5th, 13/2

Stumped, 8th, 13/2

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