Friday, 28 May 2010

friday three

It has been a tough few days but we end the working week with three selections, so it's good luck to:

Bri 2.00 Simple Rhythm 9-1 Lads & W Hill

Newc 4.30 Chushka 9-2 Lads, 4s general

Newc 5.05 Bring Sweets 13-2 W Hill & Boyle, 6 general DOUBLE STAKER

Well we're still in good profit for the month of May but this is turning into a really nasty run. Six days of racing without a winner, and a lot of the selections running really badly too. We've had worse runs than this of course, and it's par for the course really when the average odds are between 6 and 7/1 but it's still frustrating, particularly when ground conditions are so reliable at the moment. Things will change soon I'm sure.

Today's didn't do a lot. Simple Rhythm ran ok for a while before being swallowed up, while Chushka had very little luck in running which didn't help, although I'm not wure the horse would have won. Bring Sweets ran a shocker in a shocking race. At least the value was had with 2/3 today and on to tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Simple Rhythm, 6th, 10/1

Chushka, 5th, 5/2

Bring Sweets 13th, 9/2

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