Saturday, 29 May 2010

Four today

A poor run just lately, but things will turn again soon I'm sure,

It's good luck to:

Catt 2.55 Bold Marc 6/1 bet365

Bev 3.10 Glenmuir 7/1 lads 6/1 generally elsewhere

7.20 Stratford Bills Echo 9/1 Lads

9.00 Stratford Cubism 9/1 Lads

The week made a turn for the better just after 9pm here with Cubism's very easy win. A six point profit on the day, and most welcome after a stuttering run.

Results with sps:

Bold Marc, 5th, 5/1

Glenmuir, 7th, 7/2

Bills Echo, 5th, 7/1

Cubism, 1st, 15/2


  1. (Cubism )Last but not least. Well done with breaking your losing run.


  2. Thanks Mark, I didn't see the race but was very pleased to see him do the business. And very easily too, a welcome return!