Thursday, 27 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes (again)

Quite an unusal recent run of three selections with two of them being being a "double staker", and it's the same again today.

Good luck to:

3.50 Ayr Aldaado 4/1 Totesport/Skybet 7/2 generally elsewhere DOUBLE STAKER

6.15 Wetherby Nile Moon 5/1 Skybet/Betfred 9/2 generally elsewhere

9.05 Wetherby Terenzium 8/1 Will Hill/Coral and others DOUBLE STAKER

Shocking week so far, no getting away from it. Had high hopes for a return today but not to be. The money kept coming for Aldaado and he was pretty well beaten back in third. Nile Moon likewise continued to be pretty well supported, although there was a non runner in the race, but found one too good. Terenzium ran ok but faded, after clattering one too many hurdles to have any realistic chance.

Anyway will look forward to a return or two soon, hopefully before too long!

Results with sps:

Aldaado, 3rd, 5/2

Nile Moon, 2nd, 3/1

Terenzium, 8th, 8/1


  1. Hi,
    Just wondered how often you update the stake you play as in the last week you have played around 30 points, and at £25.88 per point and with only two 3/1 winners you still show your bank as over £2,000 when in fact you must have lost over a quarter of the bank??
    Thanks Joe

  2. Thanks for your message Joe. Whenever I update the running total I put the date, so the last time was on Wednesday night (26th May 2010). So the total now after yesterday's action will be £1992.79. The current peak was hit on the first race last Friday (£2,588) - it's always easy to tell the most recent peak because I work a new 1% total of bank whenever I hit it, so my current stake will always be x 100 for the new peak.

    Since that first race on Friday, there's only been one winner, Trovare, at 5/1 (the SP was 3/1), so the bank has dropped 23pts in all, or £595.24.

    Could do with another winner or two soon, that's for sure! I'm sure they won't be far away.

    Thanks for stopping by.