Saturday, 31 July 2010

Five today, two double stakers

A busy end to the month, with a couple of double stakers included.
Let's hope they don't suffer the same "headed at post" fate as

Good luck to:

Doncaster 2.05 Bronze Beau 11/2 Coral 5/1 generally

Newmarket 3.20 Lord Theo 5/1 VC Boylesports

Thirsk 3.25 Chief Red Cloud 10/1 Lads DOUBLE STAKER

Goodwood 4.50 Goodwood Treasure 8/1 Bet365 and generally

Newmarket 5.05 Ghufa 7/1 Bet365 VC DOUBLE STAKER

A desperately disappointing end to July finishes with seven points lost on the day. At least the month is in profit, by 5.5pts, but considering we were over 20pts up just three days ago, it feels like a kick in the teeth. As usual there were some decent performances with some what-might-have-beens scattered around. Bronze Beau traded at 1.2 in running before finishing second at Doncaster. Lord Theo led around a furlong from home before fading a tad into third. Chief Red Cloud halved in odds from the morning before running a big race at Thirsk, looking dangerous but just not finding enough near the close to finish fourth. Goodwood Treasure didn't do anything while Ghufa drifted alarmingly in track and finished fourth.

We're still beating SP with the great majority of selections, and it's surely only a matter of time before things kick on nicely again. Hopefully August will bring some decent profits before the two month break.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Bronze Beau, 2nd/9, 7/2

Lord Theo, 3rd/10, 13/2

Chief Red Cloud, 4th/11, 5/1

Goodwood Treasure, 12th/14, 15/2

Ghufa, 4th/8, 8/1

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Five today

A busy day in the markets today and we have five selections, one of
them a double. All the best to:

Thirsk 4.10 Chicane 7-1 Lads, Betfred

Thi 4.45 Tabaret DOUBLE STAKER 11-2 B365

Thi 5.20 Sea Rover 15-2 Boyle, Sky

Nkt 7.30 Desert Icon 10-1 Lads & others

Hay 8.55 Only A Splash 8-1 Betfred to small stakes, 7s elsewhere

0/5 today with Tabaret the one that really got away, chinned on the line after trading at 1.07 in running, damn annoying but that's racing for you of course! Otherwise nothing really came close, although Desert Icon ran a lot better than his finishing position would indicate, running well for a long time under William Buick before being run out of things in the final furlong.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Chicane, 4th/9, 9/1

Tabaret, 2nd/12, 9/2

Sea Rover, 10th/12, 11/2

Desert Icon, 6th/10, 14/1

Only a Splash, 4th/11, 8/1

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Four today

Again we look away from Goodwood in the pursuit of winners.

Good luck to:

Nottingham 2.35 Colorus 12/1 Ladbrokes (14/1 Sporting Bet)

Nottingham 4.55 Lastkingofscotland 11/2 Ladbrokes Stan James Vic Chandler

Musselburgh 8.30 Burns Night 11/2 Will Hill

Epsom 8.40 Flouncing 9/2 Ladbrokes

A close but no cigar sort of day, with a couple of seconds and a third out of the four selections.

Colorus was well backed and ran a decent race but was never really going to beat the winner. Lastkingofscotland was given a difficult task after having to come from a long way off the pace and stayed on well into third.

Burns Night was very disappointing, while Flouncing looked a likely winner tonight, almost looming upsides the eventual winner, the outsider of the race, but couldn't get past. Maybe not having the rail was the difference, but it capped a frustrating day.

So in the end a decent day for each way backers but win tickets thrown out and four points lost.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Colorus, 2nd/8, 13/2

Lastkingofscotland, 3rd/11, 5/1

Burns Night, 12th/14, 7/1

Flouncing, 2nd/6, 4/1

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Two today one double staker

Quite a few interesting moves about but just a couple make the cut here.

Good luck to:

Redcar 4.55 Sinatramania 10/1 Bet365

Leicester 8.20 Rainy Night 9/2 Boylesports 4/1 Bet365 DOUBLE STAKER

Much more like it today, with Rainy Night landing a huge gamble at Leicester tonight. And, finally, a double staker wins, so thank heavens for that. It means July is further into profit, now 21.5pts up. It's been a good few days and while the horrors of June is still fresh in the mind at least we're getting back into a winning rhythm.

Sinatramania was a poor start to the day, and another well backed sort, Mr Chocolate Drop, who we were close to putting up as a back up selection, won at 14/1sp, which was a bit of a sickner. Still, mustn't grumble with Rainy Night doing the business this evening and ensuring a decent profit on the day.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Sinatramania, 7th/14, 16/1

Rainy Night, 1st/14, 11/4

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Two today one double staker

Looking to make it the third profitable day in a row, with one or both of these.

Good luck to:

Beverley 3.40 Danehillsundance 8/1 Bet365 Lads and others

Perth 9.10 Morning Time 9/1 Will Hill Stan James Skybet (10/1 Betfred) DOUBLE STAKER

Well, back to earth with a bump today then, two big fairly big priced selections and both never in it. At least the double staker went off a bit shorter than backed at, but that's the only positive from an otherwise poor day.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Danehillsundance, 7th/9, 8/1

Morning Time, 9th/9, 7/1

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Four today - one double staker

Quite a busy day, with four selections including a double staker tonight.

Good luck to:

Yarmouth 2.15 Waterloo Duck 12/1 Bet365 Coral Will Hill and others

Yarmouth 2.45 One Cool Bex 12/1 Skybet, Bluesq, Betfred

Uttoxeter 8.25 Changing Lanes 7/1 Lads Will Hill

Uttoxeter 8.55 Chord 5/1 Skybet DOUBLE STAKER

How nice to have a couple of profitable days in a row. Changing Lanes won really well at Uttoxeter tonight, to ensure three points won on the day. Maddening at the same time, however, that yet another two point selection was beaten, Chord jumping the first badly and never getting into any sort of rhythm to be hopelessly beaten. Up until around six weeks ago, double stakes (two points) on certain horses was a very worthwhile thing to do. Lately they can't do anything right and it is so so annoying. We're keeping with them for now, but staking is under review.

Earlier in the day, One Cool Bex was looking like a massive threat at Yarmouth, trading at 1.74 in running he was cruising and looking like having a great shot at landing a pretty decent punt, but he just didn't find as much as seemed likely and could only finish third. Waterloo Duck was totally outpaced and finished well down the field.

So a strange day all told, a couple of good performance and one decent return, and frustrations with a double staker again, but still if a 3pt profit could be guaranteed every day that would be just fine.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Waterloo Duck, 7th/9, 14/1

One Cool Bex, 3rd/12, 13/2

Changing Lanes, 1st/13, 6/1

Chord, 11th/12, 5/1

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Two today

Will be putting on a weekend update later, but it's not been the best couple of days.

Today a busy morning of market activity and a couple of selections.

Good luck to:

Carlisle 3.00 Fadhb Ar Bith 5/1 Stan James

Pontefract 4.25 Stevie Gee 14/1 Betfred

The week spins around into profit in no uncertain terms! This morning the week was 12 points down, but a couple of decent winners push things nicely into profit and the year back into the 100+pts bracket. That's the thing about these big prices, things can turn around so quickly with a couple of winners.

Not getting carried away though of course, this month has been far too stop/start, but it's a good feeling to end the weekend on a high.

Fabhb Ar Bith was very nicely backed and was cruising in behind and won the race pretty smartly in the end, giving a good start to the day.

I am going to mark up Stevie Gee as a 12/1 selection winner, as when I was sending the email Betfred had him marked up as 14/1 but when I checked again after the email was sent the 14s were gone, meaning it would have been impossible for anybody to get the 14s. 12s was available for a few minutes in places though so I think that's fair.

Anyway obviously Stevie Gee was the highlight of the day, travelling smoothly before quickening and then tackled by the fast finishing second Misplaced Fortune, and then really bravely beating the runner up off. It all means a 17pt profit on the day, much better.

Fabhb Ar Bith, 1st/13, 3/1

Stevie Gee, 1st/11, 17/2

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Four today - one double staker

Quite a busy day ahead, with a double staker tonight.

Good luck to:

York 2.30 Antigua Sunrise 5/1 generally

Ascot 3.15 Haatheq 6/1 Bet365 Betfred Lads

Newcastle 4.40 Internationaldebut 7/1 Lads Coral PP Betfred

Salisbury 8.40 Kurtanella 5/1 Coral VC Betfred DOUBLE STAKER

A pretty forgettable day really. Antigua Sunrise stayed on towards the end without troubling the leaders. Haatheq finished well down the field. Internationaldebut was a non-runner, while Kurtanella was well beaten, continuing the dreadful run for double stakers.

Antigua Sunrise, 5th/13, 4/1

Haatheq, 7th/11, 6/1

Kurtanella, 5th/7, 9/2

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Just one today

Just one selection from us today:

Nkt 7.40 Spanish Bounty 8-1 B365

Spanish Bounty was very well backed and was leading until about a furlong out but weakened out of it.

Result with sp:

Spanish Bounty, 5th/8, 3/1

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Three today

Here are today's selections. Good luck to:

Sandown 3.55 Dukes Art 7/1 Bet365 and others

Sandown 4.30 Perfect Point 6/1 Skybet Bluesq

Bath 5.10 Titus Gent 6/1 Ladbrokes

A frustrating week so far and things continued today.

Dukes Art was bumped more than once when trying to stay on, but no excuses as he faded out of things in the end. Perfect Point was soundly beaten although stayed on into fourth. Titus Gent traded at odds on in running before going down by about 1 1/2 lengths in the end in the gloom at Bath. Certainly his was the best performance of the day.
Will be looking for better tomorrow, as July's end draws nearer. The months still showing profit but it's been very much stop start without really getting going - hopefully the month will end with a fluourish.

Dukes Art, 7th/13, 15/2

Perfect Point, 4th/11, 14/1

Titus Gent, 2nd/11, 6/1

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two today

We have two selections today so best of luck to:

Catt 3.10 Unknown Rebel 6-1 Lads, B365, PP

Wor 3.50 Rince Donn 15-2 W Hill, Skybet

Yet another second with Unknown Rebel going down by half a length, while Rince Donn was the best backed of the two but was very soundly beaten.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Unkown Rebel, 2nd/8, 7/1

Rince Donn, 6th/9, 9/2

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Three today

We've three seletions today, so it's good luck to:

Yarmouth 3.45 Russian Rave 7/1 Coral, Bet365 (15/2 SportingBet)

Ffos Las 4.30 Memphis Man 6/1 Bluesq 11/2 Totesport

Bangor 8.40 Happy Fleet 7/1 generally

A positive day for each way backers but no wins sadly. Russian Rave put in a decent performance to only go down a length in second after a sustained punt (we got twice the odds of SP), while Memphis Man had a funny race, checked a couple of times and Richard Evans dropped his whip two furlongs out which obviously wouldn't have helped. Happy Fleet was a non-runner.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Russian Rave, 2nd/10, 7/2
Memphis Man, 4th/7, 4/1

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Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday's selections

A busy start to the working week with 5 runners, one of them a double. So it's all the best to:

Ayr 3.00 Glenluji 5-1 Tote

Ayr 3.30 Red Dagger DOUBLE STAKER 7-1 Tote

Yarm 4.15 Mayfair's Future 10-1 B365, Boyle & VCBet

Ayr 5.30 The Human League 6-1 Tote, Coral & Lads

Bev 7.00 Autumn Harvest 9-1 B365


Well a day which started really brightly with a nice 5/1 winner, and then saw a collection of decent performances without another winner to show for it.

Glenluji won really easily, by five lengths, rewarding decent support, although he did drift a tad on course. Red Dagger was extremely well backed this morning but drifted to a point bigger than backed at - and then ran pretty well to get placed, although very well beaten by the front two.

Mayfair's Future was another decent effort, we comfortably beat SP and then the horse ran a decent race to finish second and again reward each way support.

The Human League started badly which is never ideal over six furlongs of course, and stayed on quite nicely without really threatening. With a better start who knows, we got the value again though.

And then tonight at Beverley Autumn Harvest again went off shorter than we backed at but then put in the poorest display of the five today to be soundly beaten.

So in the end a day which ended level for win only backers.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Glenluji, 1st/10, 4/1

Red Dagger, 3rd/9, 8/1

Mayfair's Future, 2nd/8, 13/2

The Human League, 5th/11, 7/2

Autumn Harvest, 7th/8, 5/1


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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Two today

Looking to build on a decent day yesterday with one or both of these.

Good luck to:

Stratford 4.55 Elegant Olive 16/1 Will Hill and others (20/1 Sportingbet)

Redcar 5.20 Petsas Pleasure 6/1 Bet365 and others


A fairly quiet day with Petsas Pleasure ending up a non-runner. Elegant Olive put in a decent performance at big odds, holding every chance going to the last (excluded) fence, but then flattening out and finishing dead-heat for 3rd.

Confirmation of result with sp:

Elegant Olive, 3rd(dh), 22/1

Petsas Pleasure, NR

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Three today

Three today, and no double stake selections..

Good luck to:

Newmarket 3.30 Dever Dream 6/1 Skybet 5/1 in places

Ripon 4.35 City Of The Kings 7/1 Bet365 Lads

Haydock 9.10 Straversjoy 16/1 Skybet 14/1 generally

A really smart performance by Dever Dream, and a cracking ride by Eddie Ahern to get her up to win near the line, ensures a five point profit on the day. City Of The Kings was well backed to the off, but didn't do a lot while Straversjoy was a non-runner.
Confirmation of results with sps:
Dever Dream, 1st/10, 11/2
City Of The Kings, 9th/13, 9/2
Straversjoy, NR

Free early email selection service at until the end of August.

Friday, 16 July 2010

2010 stats so far

Just thought I would put up some stats for 2010 so far.

Selections: 459
Wins: 70
Strike rate: 15.25%
Average odds 6.82/1
Average win oddss: 6.96/1
Longest win sequence: 3
Longest lose sequence: 23

Selections with 2pts placed on them (double stakers) are on an extremely poor run, with the last 24 losing. This has come out of the blue, as until the last few weeks it has proved to be a profitable staking scenario.

If we look back at this calendar year:

The overall level stakes profit with double stake selections included is: 98.59pts (ROI: 17.45%)(Bank high: 149.59pts)

The overall level stakes profit without double stake selections included is: 97.89pts (ROI: 21.33%) (Bank high: 125.89pts)

As you can see, even with 24pts lost "double stakes included" bank is still marginally ahead, although of course if they keep losing it obviously won't stay that way.

Here are a couple of graphs, the first with double stake selections included:

And this is without double stake selections.

A note about results since the free email service began on Saturday 15th May. In that time the selections with double stakes included have returned a profit of a 3.5pts (of course hugely affected by the terrible run in June).

If selections had been followed without doing double stake selections, profits increase to 14pts.

The end of May was excellent, June was very poor and July has had its ups and downs. Basically it's typical that the email service coincided with what's been by far the poorest spell of the year so far. I think they call it sod's law. Hopefully the next few weeks will help prove that the first five months were the rule, not the exception.

Thanks for reading,

Three today - two double stakes

We'll hopefully celebrate the launch of the new website with a winner or two today!

it's if you're not already aware.

In the meantime, it's good luck to:

Haydock 3.30 Walvis Bay 7/1 Totesport 6/1 generally

Newbury 3.45 Centime 11/2 Lads, Paddy Power DOUBLE STAKER

Newbury 4.20 Rebecca Romero 13/2 VC, Paddy Power DOUBLE STAKER

Not a good day with five points dropped, although again not a bad day for value overall. Walvis Bay was very well supported and ran well for a long time before fading in the last furlong.

Centime also went off shorter than backed but after threatening for a while was pretty soundly beaten in the end, while Rebecca Romero was plum last after drifting a tad.

Walvis Bay, 5th/10, 7/2

Centime, 4th/8, 9/2

Rebecca Romero, 9th/9, 15/2

New website launch

Well we're finally ready to launch the new website which will work alongside this blog in the coming months!

It's quite basic, although it's taken quite some time to put together, having never done anything like it before!

The web address is

The pricing strategy's on there for those wishing to subscribe (very reasonable in our opinion!), together with a fairly exhaustive FAQs section and some other bits and pieces.

It would be great to have feedback both positive and negative.

It seems extraordinary really to have reached this point, from where the blog started back in February 2009. Since then we've had quite a few highs, some great days and months, and some lows as well of course.

During that time, also, my wife and I's beautiful baby girl was born, a year ago this month.(If you're a long time reader you may remember she came along a little early).

Thanks to everyone who's commented on posts, and followed the ups and downs in the pursuit of "winning a fortune".

This blog will continue to operate as normal, until the two month break in September, and after that it will turn into a place to record the daily results.

Thanks again and please do check out the new website !

All the best,

CD (Sam)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Four today - one double staker

We look for better today, with four selecons including a double staker at Bath later.

Good luck to:

Cartmel 3.05 Crofton Arch 8/1 Bet365 and others

Hamilton 3.25 Royal Holiday 10/1 Bet365, Boylesports, Stan James

Bath 5.50 Darwin Star 7/1 Bet365 DOUBLE STAKER

Bath 8.30 Bessie Lou 7/1 Betfred

Well, a poor day in terms of results, with Bessie Lou coming closest to winning, finishing second at Bath. A good day though in terms of getting the best price in terms of beating SP and that's half the battle. If that can be achieved often enough it just comes down to basic mathematical variance and the odd horse running to expectations.
Today we had 8/1 into 5/1, 10/1 into 9/2, 7/1 into 9/2 and 7/1 into 7/2, which is very pleasing. Not so pleasing by quite some way is 5pts lost on the day, and another double staker going down.

It's only a matter of time before we have another 20pt plus day, they come along every now and then, and we'll enjoy it when it happens. The month still in decent profit, although the perils of June is still fresh in the mind.

Anyway hopefully we'll get the value again tomorrow - but WITH a winner or two.

In the meantime, the website is finally ready (apart from perhaps the odd tweak here or there as we go along)!

I will put up a seperate post with the details.

In the meantime, here are today's results with sps:

Crofton Arch, 6th/11, 5/1

Royal Holiday, 9th/10, 9/2

Darwin Star, 4th/5, 9/2

Bessie Lou, 2nd/6, 7/2

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Two today one double staker

A couple today to hopefully build on yesterday including a double stake selection tonight.

Good luck to:

Uttoxeter 3.40 Elusive Muse 8/1 general

Worcester 9.10 Armenian Boy 7/1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Well, what a blow out of a day. Both selections performed poorly, and not much value about too. Certainly hope for better tomorrow.

On a brighter note, the new website is very nearly complete, and we're really looking forward to launching it very soon, very likely before this weekend.

In the meantime, here's confirmation of today's results with sps:

Elusive Muse, 10th/10, 8/1

Armenian Boy, 9th/12, 13/2

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday's Two

We have two selections today so it's all the best to:

Bev 2.00 Bonne Millie 9-2 general

Yar 8.30 Yorgunnabelucky 11-2 general

A good day, thanks to Yorgunnabelucky's virtual pillar to post success at Yarmouth. Really well backed all day and we comfortably beat the SP which is very much the idea. Bonne Millie's performance in the market and on track wasn't great.

It all ended with 4.5 pts of profit, pushing the month back approaching the +20pt mark again.

Confirmation of results with SPs.

Bonne Millie, 6th/9, 7/1

Yorgunnabelucky, 1st/6, 5/2

Monday, 12 July 2010

Three today - two double stakes

An explosive day to start the week with three in total, and a couple of selections put up as double stakes.

It's good luck to:

Ffos Las 3.20 Fame Is The Spur 7/1 Lads Boylesport Totesport DOUBLE STAKER

Ayr 3.30 Secret Hero 10/1 Totesport and others DOUBLE STAKER

Ayr 5.00 Miereveld 6/1 Bet365 and others

Well today was the worst day for a while. The record for double stake selections in the last couple of months hasn't been good and again they went sideways today. When they're firing the profits can really ramp up but the opposite's true if they fall down. Secret Hero was possibly the most disappointing today. Really well backed this morning, the horse continue to harden to until about 1.30 when suddenly he began to drift on betfair, almost doubling in price in the space of about 15 minutes. The reason for this? Who really knows. Was the gamble put off for another day? Was the horse put up by a laying service? Whatever, something happened. Of course these horses do sometimes go on to win, and it was interesting to note that mentioned a £400 bet at 20/1 to win £8000 quite near the off, but still, the vibes weren't good.

As it was, the horse didn't run that badly, staying on into 6th in a fairly competitive race and looking on a reasonable handicap mark compared to past wins - one to look out for perhaps.

Elsewhere Fame Is The Spur looked a possible winner a couple of furlongs home but didn't find anything, and Miereveld led just over three furlongs home but then ran out of steam completely and was beaten miles.

So not a good day with five points dropped but we look forward to tomorrow for better.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Fame Is The Spur, 5th/8, 15/2

Secret Hero, 6th/14, 14/1

Miereveld, 5th/5, 5/1

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Four today

Four selections today, all over the jumps, it's good luck to:

Stratford 2.30 Pheidias 11/2 Coral Betfred

Stratford 3.30 Lord Jay Jay 10/1 Bet365 Lads PP VC

Perth 3.40 Hermoso 6/1 Will Hill

Stratford 5.00 Tartan Tie 10/1 Bet365 Boylesports

A brief update because about to settle down to watch the World Cup final! A good day today. with three points profit thanks Hermoso's decent win.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Pheidias, 5th/7, 6/1

Lord Jay Jay, 7th/9, 12/1

Hermoso, 1st/10, 4/1

Tartan Tie, 8th/12, 8/1

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Two today

A couple today, it's good luck to:

Chester 2.45 Insprina 5/1 Betfred and others

Hamilton 7.00 Tadalavil 6/1 Bet365

Another placed effort, quite a few of those this month along with some nice winners of course. The other selection was withdrawn.

Confirmation of results with SP:
Inspirina, NR

Tadalavil, 3rd/8, 6/1

Friday, 9 July 2010

One today

A good winner yesterday and hopefully our one selection today can follow up:

Nkt 3.45 Our Gal 8-1 B365, 7s general

Well a decent performance by Our Gal, who led to just over a furlong out. She finished third to reward each way backers, with the price helped by the best odds guaranteed in play.

It's been quite a run of decent priced placed efforts just lately and just a shame another one or two mroe haven't got their noses in front. Still, the month in good profit and we look forward to tomorrow. By the way, what drama on the news channels tonight with Raoul Moat in a stand-off - and now Gazza's turned up.. whatever next!

Confirmation of SP and result:

Our Gal, 3rd/11, 12/1

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Three today

We're looking to build on yesterday with one or more of these.

Good luck to:

Folkestone 3.20 Edith's Boy 9/1 Coral 8/1 others

Folkestone 3.55 Purely By Chance 9/2 generally

Newmarket 4.55 Astrophysical Jet 15/2 Vic Chandler 7/1 generally elsewhere

A cracking day which could have been even better. When the first couple finished second there was a definitely a feeling of here we go again, but then Astrophysical Jet did exactly what was expected after a long, sustained and ultimately successful punt. It must have taken some cash to hammer into the market like her move did in a "competitive" handicap at Newmarket like that, but the horse totally warranted it winning incredibly easily. I know some people like to get involved in each way doubles/trebles etc and for those it was a nice return today, but for the win-only punters among us a 5.5 profit is fine and keeps things ticking along nicely for July. A good day for value today as well, Purely By Chance especially backed as if defeat was out of the question - I didn't see the race but apparently the pace of the contest was all wrong for him, a shame.

Still quite some way from righting the wrongs of June, but we're getting there. There've been two or three big priced seconds now this month as well, so results definitely turning around favourably again.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Edith's Boy, 2nd/8, 13/2

Purely By Chance, 2nd/6, 15/8

Astrophysical Jet, 1st/11, 9/2

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Three today

Two big priced placed efforts yesterday including a 20/1(advised) 2nd beaten 3/4 length..

Hope to go one or two better with one or more of these.

Good luck to:

Ling 3.30 Lutine Bell 9-2 Betfred

Nkt 3.45 Bloodsweatandtears 6-1 general

Ling 4.05 Golden Prospect 7-1 PP Lads Coral

A profitable day, with Lutine Bell scorching clear and doing enough at Lingfield to land a very nice punt. Bloodsweatandtears didn't do much in a competitive race, but Golden Prospect ran very well for a very long time. An absolutely extraordinary drift on him before the off with the exchange layers going into overdrive. But then he looked a very possible winner a furlong out, still going nicely. Sadly he found nil and finished just out of the frame but an interesting performance given the drift.

A 2.5pt profit on the day anyway.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Lutine Bell, 1st/9, 7/2

Bloodsweatandtears, 7th/14, 8/1

Golden Prospect, 4th/8, 20/1

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Three today - one double stake

An interesting looking day, with some big prices about and a double staker.

Good luck to:

Ponterfract 3.00 Autumn Harvest 13/2 Skybet 6/1 Will Hill Totesport and others

Ponterfract 4.30 Gertmegalush 14/1 Lads Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Uttoxeter 9.20 Aldiruos 20/1 Bet365

Well this was a day which could have been exceptional. Decent returns for those following each way but sadly none managed to get their nose in front to reward win-only backers. Autumn Harvest ran ok but could only stay on into 4th, while Gertmegalush ran a decent race to finish strongly into third.

Then almost the star of the month so far was Aldiruos. Barely any form in the book over three miles, nicely backed early in the day only to drift on track (which has been a feature of late), he then put in a belter of a run to only go down 3/4 length. Was in the lead after the last as well, but didn't have the fence to help and ended up being battled out of it.

Results with sps:

Autumn Harvest, 4th/8 15/2

Gertmegalush, 3rd/9, 16/1

Aldiruos, 2nd/13, 16/1

Monday, 5 July 2010

One today

Again just the one selection, a slow period at the moment but things are sure to pick up again soon.

It's good luck to:

Newton Abbot 4.45 Illewin Tom Skybet Boylesports 9/1

* A reminder to new readers, this was am email sent out to interested parties at just after 1100 this mornng, thanks *

A strange one this, with Illewin Tom again being very well backed in the morning before not doing much later. The market activity surrounding this horse suggests he will win one of these days..

Result with sp:

Illewin Tom, 8th/14, 8/1

Sunday, 4 July 2010

No selections today

While it would have been great to have hopefully built on yesterday, we've no selections today. Quite a few horses are being backed but none quite meets the criteria.

Good luck if you're getting involved.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

One today

After yesterday's non runner, again it's just the one selection today.

Good luck to:

Leicester 1.55 Thalia Grace 8/1 Bet365 and others

A great result! When Thalia Grace opened at 14s after the layers got stuck in on Betfair we were fearing the worse, but despite her drifting further to around 24 on Betfair, she ran an absolute stormer to win by 1 1/2 lengths. With best odds guaranteed in play, it means a very welcome 16 points profit and a really sound platform to build on for the rest of the month.

Today was the perfect example of two markets clashing - the early money was very much behind our selection but things changed later on. Plenty of times a drift is a bad sign and of course not what our selection process is all about, but sometimes it just means extra profits.

Of course we're not getting carried away after the tough last month, but a good day today and hopefully we can keep it going in the coming days.

Result with sp:

Thalia Grace, 1st/12, 16/1

Friday, 2 July 2010

One today

A pretty quiet start to the month, with just the one selection today as well.

Good luck to:

Warwick 3.45 Pin Cushion 11/2 Will Hill Lads Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Pin Cushion a non runner!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Some analysis

Good evening,

I've spent the last hour or two totting up all the prices backed at, and what they returned at SP, over the last three months. This is mainly to see whether anything may come to light as for the poor results in June.

Here are the findings:


83 selections

Backed at 567.5/1
SP at 501.8/1

So on average:

Backed at 6.837/1
SP at 6.046/1


Early price 13.083% higher than SP on average with each bet


104 selections

Backed at 782.5/1
SP at 720.35

So on average:

Backed at 7.524/1
SP at 6.926/1


Early price 8.627%% higher than SP on average with each bet


83 selections

Backed at 568./1
SP at 499.7/1

So on average:
Backed at 6.844/1
SP at 6.02/1


Early price 13.688% higher than SP on average with each bet

So basically, June seemed to do find in terms of finding "value" in relation to the two months prior.

Now bearing in mind June returned more than a 50pt loss, but May and April combined to return around 90pts profit (60 + 30 respectively).. the above figures suggest that the value was still being carved out on a consistent basis, and simply the horses didn't keep their side of the bargain (!). There were a very large number of seconds, with quite a few trading very short in running. There were also quite a few very poor performances too of course.

Anyway all things considered, June was a very poor month results wise, but in terms of the overall strategy of beating the starting price by getting the early value, it held up perfectly well.

Now just for a few of those winners!

One today - a double staker

A confusing picture today to kick off the new month, because of plenty of non runners about, but we have one selection, and it's a double staker.

It's good luck to:

Perth 4.20 Another Ambition 7/1 Bet365 Lads DOUBLE STAKER

Had high hopes for Another Ambition this morning, obviously after having two points on, but after continuing to be backed, a drift came in on track and then he ran a stinker. Not a great start to the month, with a couple of points lost.

Another Amition, PU, 10/1