Saturday, 24 July 2010

Four today - one double staker

Quite a busy day ahead, with a double staker tonight.

Good luck to:

York 2.30 Antigua Sunrise 5/1 generally

Ascot 3.15 Haatheq 6/1 Bet365 Betfred Lads

Newcastle 4.40 Internationaldebut 7/1 Lads Coral PP Betfred

Salisbury 8.40 Kurtanella 5/1 Coral VC Betfred DOUBLE STAKER

A pretty forgettable day really. Antigua Sunrise stayed on towards the end without troubling the leaders. Haatheq finished well down the field. Internationaldebut was a non-runner, while Kurtanella was well beaten, continuing the dreadful run for double stakers.

Antigua Sunrise, 5th/13, 4/1

Haatheq, 7th/11, 6/1

Kurtanella, 5th/7, 9/2

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  1. Another really poor day CD.Only started following in late April, up 67 points at end of May, now showing 3pt profit! Need a quick return to form if you want to run a paid subscription service.

  2. Cheers Anon, yep this run has come at the worst possible time in terms of appealing to those new to the blog/website.

    We can only hope that people take a long term view. Most services will have of course have down swings, particularly those advising win only about average selections priced at 7/1, but, in the long term, patience and trust will I'm sure be rewarded!


  3. Yes big losses over the last couple of months but more worrying for me is that you dont have a results page so I can discover what price the winners are. For example todays bet (Sunday) was 14/1 with Betfred. Now I managed to get 11/1 with bet 365. Quoting bookies like Bet fred is not good as they dont take anybodies money ! If this nag wins you will show a 3pt bigger profit on your results page?

  4. Hi anon,

    I really hope you are not implying that the results I list on the left hand column of this blog are anything other than absolutely genuine. Every single day since February 2009 I have been marking up before racing selections with the odds I have taken, they are there for everybody to see. The odds I email and blog about are the ones I have backed at or will back at! I would be cheating myself if that wasn't the case as my staking plan is absolutely key to me in maintaining and growing my betting bank. If at any stage you want a screen grab of any of my bets please do ask and I will put them up.

    Having said that, on, I do believe there is the need for a more detailed results page and I will work on this over the coming weeks. I have all my bets and results on "the staking machine" programme, and they do not transfer easily but I will endeavour to do this.

    Also you mention Betfred as a bookie not worth listing. I think you're probably right with that one. You may have noticed, but I never suggest backing with, even when they have the best odds available. So from today, we will only mention Betfred as one of the options available if a two or three bookies have the same price, but if Betred is alone in offering a price, we will suggest the next best price. In my experience PaddyPower, Boylesports and Stan James are also firms that are on thin ice, but yes Betfred are a bit of a joke in terms of limiting stakes and from this point onwards won't be put up if they are the only firm offering certain odds.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed your 16pts win today. It's not been a good few weeks all told but believe me, my faith in the long term success is undiminished and I hope you will continue to ride along come November.