Friday, 2 July 2010

One today

A pretty quiet start to the month, with just the one selection today as well.

Good luck to:

Warwick 3.45 Pin Cushion 11/2 Will Hill Lads Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Pin Cushion a non runner!


  1. Hi Sam (CD)

    I have been playing around with systems for far too many years and there are a couple of things I have found along the way which are both connected.

    a) All systems hit a bad patch which is worse than ever before experienced.

    I think you are in one of these scenarios.

    b) When you recognise ooopps! this is a bad one you must try and find the way through it without losing all your profit.

    Perhaps there are several ways to do this: -

    b1) cut your stakes by half for a selected time which if you still find yourself in the pooopie cut them again by another half and so on until things get better.

    b2) cut stakes by 100% until there are better times.

    Although new to you I opted for b2 and stopped until there are better times and they will come again.

    Reasons why systems stop working - I guess only the Big Fella' upstairs knows the answer to this question but I will offer just one answer which I read the other day and it makes some kind of sense.

    June/July/ August are thought of as the golden months for punters so WHY are so many moaning this year saying how hard it is to find winners.
    The firm/good racing ground is considered good for ratings and therefore punters but the theory I came across only the other day where another system is having a hard time and it is . ....


    This maybe just one answer, who knows.

    Keep plugging away, regards . . B

  2. Thanks B, well that may explain things! We have been scratching our heads at why such consistent weather has been returning such rogue results, and maybe you've cracked it!

    As for getting through a losing run, I completely agree, it's all about safeguarding the bank. As you probably know, I've reduced stakes in the last week or two after the bank dropped 50pts, and would be prepared to again should another 50pt bank drop happen. The fact is, unless you have access to a big secondary pile of cash, it's of course vital a betting bank isn't wiped out. Bankroll management in poker is all important and it's just the same in horserace betting, perhaps even more so. As long as you have confidence in the long term plan (which we do in abundence), things can soon turn around again.

    Stopping altogether for a time has its merits, but the trouble is that of course it's impossible to know when that winning run is going to come, and therefore it's quite possible that a few points of profit can be lost while waiting to see if things have turned the corner.

    Thanks for your support