Friday, 16 July 2010

New website launch

Well we're finally ready to launch the new website which will work alongside this blog in the coming months!

It's quite basic, although it's taken quite some time to put together, having never done anything like it before!

The web address is

The pricing strategy's on there for those wishing to subscribe (very reasonable in our opinion!), together with a fairly exhaustive FAQs section and some other bits and pieces.

It would be great to have feedback both positive and negative.

It seems extraordinary really to have reached this point, from where the blog started back in February 2009. Since then we've had quite a few highs, some great days and months, and some lows as well of course.

During that time, also, my wife and I's beautiful baby girl was born, a year ago this month.(If you're a long time reader you may remember she came along a little early).

Thanks to everyone who's commented on posts, and followed the ups and downs in the pursuit of "winning a fortune".

This blog will continue to operate as normal, until the two month break in September, and after that it will turn into a place to record the daily results.

Thanks again and please do check out the new website !

All the best,

CD (Sam)


  1. Good luck with the new website.


  2. Thanks Jason, all the best to you too.