Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Joyful June

June was the best month so far, and I'll be doing well to beat it in the near future. Most of the explosive gains came in the first couple of weeks, ironically just as I began to put bets on for my group of eleven friends/family. I always pointed out that the terrific gains that were seen were unrealistic to keep up, although the latter part of the month hasn't been too bad either, in as much as things have been ticking over ok with regular enough winners, but without a little flood of wins which will come along every now and then.

My own bank has leapt from £273.60 to £1,174.51, a percentage growth of 329.28%. This could have been better had it not ended with a run of eleven stakes without a win (ten defeats). Quite extraordinary to think that if something similar happens in July my bank would be on £5,041.94, and then if it happens again it would be on £21,644.05! Anway there's me getting stupid, it won't happen, but it's nice to dream ;)

Here are the stats for June

Total stakes - 142
Total wins - 27
Strike rate - 19.01%
Average odds - 7.75/1
Average winning odds - 7.42/1
Return on investment - 60.01%
Profit/Loss - +85.22pts

As for the future, in terms of realistic targets, my average monthly profit in terms of level stakes is currently + 19.29pts.

So anything around that figure would be just fine. At current stakes this means I hope my bank will be at around £1,755.52.

Let's see where this rollercoaster will take us next!

Just as a footnote, regular readers of this blog may remember the staking plan I am doing for my group of "investors" I am putting on for - i.e a 1.5% level stake figure is found at the start of every month.

I started putting on for them on the last day of May, starting at £1100, with stakes of £16.50. Their bank is now on £2440.05. meaning their new stakes will now be: £36.60 win singles.

Seven today

Busy day ahead, a couple of these close to being a double staker, but just single stakes, some being very nicely backed.

Jonny Ebeneezer Brighton 14:30 11/2 stan james/ skybet

Whispering Spirit Hamilton 15:15 7/1 boylesports

Sampower Quin Brighton 16:00 7/1 bet365

Peintre dArgent Hamilton 16:15 6/1 ladbrokes

Parks Prodigy Thirsk 18:30 7/2 will hill

Eljays Boy Stratford 19:45 9/1 will hill

Artsu Thirsk 21:00 8/1 will hill

A disappointing end to June, with a blank for the day, and two frustrating non-runners. When Artsu moved nicely into position in the last after being backed from 8/1 to 100/30 I thought the day would end nicely, but he found little and got run out of it.

Will be back later for a monthly review.

Here's confirmation of today's results:

Jonny Ebeneezer NON RUNNER

Whispering Spirit NON RUNNER

Sampower Quin, 8th, 5/1sp

Peintre dArgent, 5th, 7/2

Parks Prodigy, 7th, 5/1

Eljays Boy, 5th, 14/1

Artsu, 4th, 100/30

Backing at Betfair SP

Just spent around an hour going through all the wins since this plan started back in November replacing the prices I won at with Betfair SP, to see if it would be profitable to back these selections at Betfair SP.

Obviously the aim of my plan is to back horses which are the subject of market moves, at an artificially high price, to hopefully beat the industry SP and therefore lock in an edge. With this in mind, it would perhaps not be surprising if just backing at SP heralded no profit whatsoever, or even left us with a loss.

Interestingly, backing at betfair SP HAS made a profit - of 38.12pts (assuming a betfair charge of 5% on successful wins). If you had a betfair charge of 2.5%, the bank would be sitting on 52.20 pts in profit.

Comparing this to my actual level stakes profit of 158.64pts, it's obviously not that impressive. But it's still interestig to show that backing horses at Betfair SP which have been the subject of (in some cases) significant market moves, then you can still make money (at least from my current sample of nearly 600 bets).

However, the important conclusion is that the horses I am selecting are, in a vast majority of cases, being backed at better prices than they go off at at post time, and that is what it's all about.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Weekly update

Update for week Monday June 22nd - Sunday June 28th.

An excellent week, helped by a couple of decent double stake wins at 8/1 and 6/1.

Quite incredible how the staking plan's kicked in, 14.5pt profit a couple of months ago would have meant about £50 profit or so.

20 bets
3 wins (15%)
3 placed (15%)
Level stakes profit: +14.5pts
My own bank profit: + £364.87

The gang I put bets on for will see a new stake going on from July 1st, they'll go from £16.50 to about £35 or so (tbc after tomorrow's results) , so fireworks in store there too.

Four today

Some nice prices about today but no double stakers.

Good luck to:

Premier Krug Pontefract 14:45 9/1 will hill

Sweet Gale Pontefract 15:45 8/1 coral

Sadaska Pontefract 16:15 8/1 bet365

Dubai To Barnsley Musselburgh 19:25 15/2 will hill

Well the week starts poorly with 0/3 and one non runner. We had another big drifter, in Sadaska, which is the third time that's happened in the last few days, after a few months when that rarely happened at all. The others continued to shorten though.

The last day of the month tomorrow. June's been fanastic and if July can return even a quarter, or a fifth of what's been able to be achieved this month that'd be fine.

Here's confirmation of today's results:.

Premier Krug, 6th, 7/1 sp

Sweet Gale, 4th, 13/2

Sadaska, 10th, 16/1

Dubai To Barnsley, NON RUNNER

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just one today - but it's a double staker

Had a good run with lightly/unraced maidens recently and another being very heavily backed this morning.

Good luck to :

Pointillist Salisbury 16:45 7/1 bet365 double stake

Well an odd performance by Pointillist, with her moving nicely into contention about 2 out but then Seb Sanders suddenly just stopped riding her and she dropped like a stone through the pack to finish second last. Have no idea whether she lost her action or something but to me it looked a weird ride. Anyway whatever a couple of points dropped on the day.

Here's confirmation:

Pointillist, 10th, 7/1

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Two today - one double stake

Interesting couple of runners, particularly the first, which like last Saturday sees an unraced two year old being hammered into. I took the 6/1 with bet365 but annoyingly totesport's just flashed up with 7/1 although I doubt that'll last long.

Good luck to:

Dorback Windsor 14:30 6/1 bet365 double

Mystery Star Newmarket 16:00 4/1 will hill

An excellent day with 11 pts of profit thanks to Dorback who fully justified a huge morning gamble. Like last week's 2yo debutant winner, the selection drifted a bit on track before winning well, but still we managed to beat the SP.

Mystery Star was quite soundly beaten even though he was reasonably backed.

Here's confirmation

Dorback, 1st, 11/2sp

Mystery Star, 5th, 3/1

Dorback's win means my bank's at a new high, which means stakes increase slightly to £30.12.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Five today - one double stake

Quite a busy day ahead and a massive price in the first.

Don't like this rain that's falling/coming, hope that doesn't affect things badly.

Good luck to:

Oskari Doncaster 15:25 22/1 totesport

Earlsmedic Folkestone 16:15 7/1 bet365

Tutor Market Rasen 16:25 9/2 vcbet

Sand Repeal Folkestone 16:45 7/2 bet365

Minority Report Newcastle 20:25 5/1 ladbrokes double stake

Well back home after crashing out from a poker tournament after making a really poor all-in call with AQ suited (came up vs AK, no help and out). Could have folded and still been well in there but just put the guy on a wrong hand, and was also in a mood to gamble for some reason. Very annoying but still an enjoyable evening out.

As for today's results, not the best, although Sand Repeal won well. Minority Report after reasonably backed in the morning drifted massively early evening and then on course, and then came a tailed off last, I assume somebody knew something with that one and a few quid was made hitting the lay button, it'll certainly be interesting to see whether he's produced to win sometime soon.

Here's confirmation:

Oskari, 11th, 16/1sp

Earlsmedic, 9th, 6/1

Tutor, 12th, 7/2

Sand Repeal, 1st, 5/2

Minority Report, 8th, 11/1

By the way, RIP Michael Jackson, a sad day.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Just the two today

Finally out of meetings this morning, and fortunately it's quite a quiet day, with just two selections

Good luck to:

Kay Gee Be Newcastle 15:30 6/1 will hill

Just Five Newcastle 17:30 9/2 vc bet

A poor day, with both selections drifting and without a winner. Kay Gee Be ran quite well though, leading going into the final furlong before being collared, but a couple of points dropped today

Confirmation of results/sps

Kay Gee Be, 3rd, 7/1sp

Just Five, 8th, 9/1.

Am quite amazed by Just Five's drift by the way, the biggest for quite a while, not sure if he bolted off pre race or something? Anyway I hope for better tomorrow.

Donations button/meetings

Just to say I've added a donate button through paypal over on the left hand side there, hopefully it's not too obtrusive! I don't expect any donations and not assuming I'll get any by any means, but just figured I may as well put an option there if people felt so inclined. Whether you'd like to use it or not there'll be no hard feelings this end whatsoever!

Also I have meetings at work today this morning which will hamper my ability to crack into the best odds but as ever will post on here as early as I can. Have a good day.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Five today - one double staker

A big day coming up, with a huge double staker in the first race to look forward to. I had to split stakes on that race because Bet365 win limit's £1000, baring in mind my stake combined with my friends/famiy that I put on for is now £45.74 (so doubled is £91.48).

Good luck to:

Carnivore Carlisle 15:05 16/1 bet365/ladbrokes double stake

Alfreds Tower Worcester 15:25 9/2 will hill

Paraguay Carlisle 15:35 7/1 will hill

Marina Walk Salisbury 16:20 9/1 totesport

Black Dahlia Carlisle 16:40 11/2 totesport

A total blank here unfortunately, with the double staker setting the tone of the day by coming stone last! Not happy with the drifting of some of the selections too, just one of those days I think.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Carnivore Carlisle, 16th, 20/1

Alfreds Tower, 4th, 9/2

Paraguay, 6th, 10/1

Marina Walk, 7th, 8/1

Black Dahlia, 6th, 3/1

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Three today - one double stake

Work's got in the way today so missed a point or two with a couple of these. More worryingly, Sporting Bet let me have a grand total of £2.35 on at 17/2 for Party in the Park, had to get the rest at 8s with Coral - rubbish.

Anyway good luck to:

Party In The Park Beverley 15:15 £2.35 sporting bet, 17/2 £41.16 coral 8/1

Venir Rouge Newbury 18:20 8/1 bet365 double stake

My Pal Val Newton Abbot 20:05 14/1 bet365

An excellent day today with Venir Rouge winning the 18:20 really well, I particularly like it when double stakers come in, and a good price was had as well given the SP. Otherwise both the other selections ran pretty well and My Pal Val I think was second when he fell at the last fence tonight, although well held by the winner. Didn't see either race myself as was having a cheeky nine holes after work.

It all means the bank's on a renewed high :) It hit £1461.92 after Venir Rouge's success, so my stakes are now £29.24.

Here's confirmation:

Party In The Park, 2nd, 10/1sp

Venir Rouge, 1st, 7/2

My Pal Val, F, 10/1

Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekly Update

Time for a quick update from last week.

Monday 15th June 2009 - Sunday 21st June 2009

29 bets
5 wins (17.24%)
7 placed (24.13%)
Level stakes profit: +4.13pts
My own bank profit: £111.42

Decent enough week then without hitting the heights of the early part of the month. 2nd places a bit of a feature, with 12/1, 9/1 and 7/1 shot among those second past the post.

From today, if you're interested, I've decided to put my own bank total in the box to the left with the running totals. Just in case you're relatively new to this blog, my staking plan is 2% of bank (ratcheted at its highest peak), but with stakes reducing by 50% if the bank is reduced by 50%. My most recent peak was £1350.50 (starting from £150 back in the middle of November 2008), so my current stakes are £27.01. My bank at the moment, before tonight's races, is on £1110.79, so £240 behind a new increased stake, but £435.54 away from having to reduce stakes (just over 16 stakes).

Every now and then I get swamped with a feeling that if in the next six months I enjoy the same sort of results as the last six months, my bank would worth more than £10k. But I'm not getting too carried away as I know that a rotten run may be just around the corner!

Two today

Just the two today, and it's going to be a long day before they actually run. Hopefully they'll shorten up nicely because haven't been able to get best odds guaranteed with either of them.

Good luck to:

Highland Storm Windsor 21:10 7/1 skybet

Foreign Investment Chepstow 21:20 10/1 ladbrokes

Not happening today, although Foreign Investment just ran pretty well to finish a close up third. Mixed feelings about the defeat because at least I didn't miss out on 4pts with the horse drifting and Ladbrokes not offering best odds guaranteed (how long, by the way, until every bookie offers this service - the perfect way to steal the march back on betfair?). Still would obviously see the horse win by six lengths though :).

Anyway here's confirmation:

Higland Storm, 6th, 7/1sp

Foreign Investment, 3rd, 14/1

Sunday, 21 June 2009

One today - but it's a double staker!

Haven't had chance to update from yesterday yet - was in no fit state last night that's for sure after the day at Ascot! One winner though, and two points made on the day.

As for today just one selection, but it's worthy of a double stake.

Good luck to:

Aberdeen Park Hereford 15:00 15/2 vcbet (which now offers best odds guaranteed I'm pleased to say)

Well Aberdeen Park drifted massively on course for some reason, but then ran a very reasonable race to come third. With best odds guaranteed in play if he'd managed to get up to win it would have been a brilliant return with the double stake, but still a decent performance.

Aberdeen Park, 3rd, 14/1

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Five today

Five today, not great prices about, Silver Grecian is the subject of a massive plunge.

Good luck to:

Glen Molly Newmarket 14:10 7/2 bet365
Art Value Redcar 14:50 9/1 betfred
Mastership Redcar 15:30 4/1 stan james
Zuzu Newmarket 15:50 8/1 bet365
Silver Grecian Newmarket 16:20 4/1 bet365

A profitable day with Silver Grecian drifting a bit after being massively backed and then winning as connections expected, bet there were some sore heads about come Sunday morning after that one scooted home on debut. Just a shame I didn't get on a tad sooner but mustn't grumble!

Here's confirmation:

Glen Molly, 4th, 3/1sp

Art Value, 5th, 13/2

Mastership, 4th, 5/1


Silver Grecianm, 1st, 5/1

Friday, 19 June 2009

Big day - seven runners with three double stakes

An exciting day ahead, lots of horses being very well backed, and three double stake shots.

Good luck to:

Summer Dancer Musselburgh 13:50 sporting bet 11/2

Pallantes Cross Musselburgh 14:20 9/2 boylesports double stake

Benllech Redcar 15:55 5/1 sporting bet double stake

Stone of Scone Ascot 16:20 4/1 bet365

Grand Diamond Musselburgh 16:45 7/1 ladbrokes double stake

Yankee Doodle Ascot 16:55 9/1 ladbrokes

Daaweitza Redcar 17:05 12/1 will hill

Can't update properly until Sunday

But the form today 1st 1st, 2nd, nowhere, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd.

FOUR SECONDS - what the hell??

Good day though and profitable, but could have been even better.

Off to Royal Ascot tomorrow! Will try to post tomorrows bets before racing in the morning.

Ok Sunday night now and just catching up with this - what a day Friday could have been!

Here's confirmation of results and sps.

Summer Dancer, 1st, 9/2

Pallantes Cross, 1st, 5/1

Benllech, 2nd, 6/1

Stone of Scone, 15th, 7/2

Grand Diamond, 2nd, 4/1

Yankee Doodle, 2nd, 11/2

Daaweitza Redcar, 2nd, 7/1

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Seven today - one double

Interesting looking day ahead, and quite an important one for me personally because if the first six runners lose, I'll be reducing my stakes by half. Hopefully one of them can pop up and secure a nice return. As it is I've placed half stake on the seventh runner assuming the worst, but will top up if necessary.

If things do drop down to £675 then I'm still pretty relaxed about it as this is what happens with a fairly aggressive staking plan, and it's just the buffer kicking in which is it's very purpose!

Anyway good luck to:

Dreamonandon Hamilton 14:55 6/1 stan james/sporting bet (£10.53 with sporting bet)

Talk of Saafend Hamilton 15:30 12/1 coral/stan james (£16.50 on with SJ)

The Salwick Flyer Hamilton 16:45 10/1 will hill

Jealous Again Ascot 16:55 10/1 bet365

Mister Pink Worcester 17:10 12/1 sporting bet

Liberally Ripon 20:20 6/1 bet365 double stake

Grey Command Ripon 20:50 13/2 will hill

The yanks do it again at Royal Ascot then, in grand style, and just in the nick of time for my bank, although could have done with a winner from the four stakes that followed.

Plenty of decent value about though today with early prices beating SP in every race.

Here's confirmation:

Dreamonandon, 8th, 100/30sp

Talk of Saafend, 6th, 9/1

The Salwick Flyer, 9th, 8/1

Jealous Again, 1st, 13/2

Mister Pink, 11th, 6/1

Liberally, 4th, 4/1

Grey Command, 4th, 11/2

The bank is now on £918.34, nine stakes of £27 away from seeing my bets halved, still a bit too close for comfort.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A couple of graphs

If you've been following the blog for a while, you may remember I put a few graphs on plotting my bank a while ago.

It's been a while since I've done any similar so thought I may as well put a couple of now.

The first is my progressive staking bank graph (bets currently £27.01 from a high of £1350.50).

Here it is:

And this is how the level stakes progress has been, with a 1 pt stake starting on a zero bank.

Four today, two double stakes

Quite an interesting looking day and thankfully problem free with the connection today.

And always nice to have a runner at Royal Ascot - in the first race no less! By the way am amazed at how pathetic Stan James are for laying bets. Only allowed £33 on Classic Legend and the rest had to be topped up with Coral.

Good luck to:

Alexandros Ascot 14:30 8/1 bet365

Classic Legend Thirsk 16:00 6/1 stan james/coral DOUBLE

John Keats Thirsk 17:10 8/1 bet365

Kenwyn Newton Abbot 19:45 9/2 will hill DOUBLE

Been stuttering for a little while now, and today no exception. This may be the little correction I feared after an excellent spell of winners. John Keats met a little trouble in running before finishing 3rd, and Kenwyn unseated after a mistake but there we go, hope for better tomorrow.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Alexandros, 8th, 13/2

Classic Legend, 5th, 100/30

John Keats, 3rd, 8/1

Kenwyn, UR, 9/2

Monday, 15 June 2009

Six today - one double stake

Busy day today and really frustrating pursuit of the best prices, a mixture of them going quickly and also my internet connection failing numerous times. Fortunately am on best odds guaranteed with all these which is a bonus.

Anyway we're there now, albeit with the loss of quite a few points here and there, particularly in regard of the first, which is being backed at the moment as if defeat is out of the question!

Good luck to:

Ingleby Princess Carlisle 14:45 4/1 bet365

Mister Tinktastic Carlisle 17:45 7/1 stan james

War And Peace Windsor 19:30 6/1 bet365

Top Man Dan Warwick 20:40 8/1 will hill

Silver Waters Windsor 21:00 8/1 will hill double stake

Dens Gift Warwick 21:10 5/1 bet365

Well a slight profit on the day, but it promised much more after Mister Tintastic's win at Carlisle. Otherwise a blank, although Dens Gift was only beaten in a photo.

Fair bit of value about despite missing some of the best prices, although the double staker drifted which is very annoying!

Anyway a 1pt profit on the day, here's confirmation:

Ingleby Princess, 9th, 6/1sp

Mister Tinktastic , 1st, 9/2

War And Peace, 8th, 4/1

Top Man Dan, 13th, 5/1

Silver Waters, 11th, 11/1

Dens Gift, 2nd, 11/4

Weekly Update

Just time for a quick weekly update before I dash off to work:

Monday 8th June - Sunday 14th June.

26 bets
4 wins (15.38%)
7 placed (26.8%)
Level stakes result: -0.66pts

Things slowing down after a sensational run, but still an excellent month so far.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

just one today

just one , just in time to post,

3.50 stratford, otantique, 8-1 will hill

Bit of a nothing sort of day, with Otantique running reasonably but only finishing third. Thanks to my old man for getting the bet on, making sure the value was had again.

Here's confirmation:

Otantique, 3rd, 5/1sp


Just to say I'm afraid I'm going to have virtually no chance of putting the selections up here before racing tomorrow.

Even getting the bets on at all will be a struggle as I'm out for the day.

As ever, will do my best though!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Three today two double stakes

Relatively quiet Saturday, with three selections. Short Cut is being backed like mad at the moment, and it was a race to get the 10/1.

Good luck to:

Victorian Art Bath 14:15 5/1 stan james double stake

Lambourn Genie Bath 15:55 11/2 sporting bet

Short Cut Leicester 21:10 10/1 boylesports double

Well the day started badly with Victorian Art beaten a head, Lambour Genie then drifted before running abysmally and then the most disappointing display of them all from Short Cut. I know the horse ran very freely but why Seb Sanders contstantly had to battle with it and then give him a couple of sharp pulls is beyond me. It was a 6 furlong race for God's sake, just let the horse run. Am no expert but feel he wasn't given a hope of winning.

Anyway nice to see the double stakers start at much lower price than backed at, and here's confirmation of results with sps.

Victorian Art, 2nd, 3/1

Lambourn Genie, 8th, 7/1

Short Cut Leicester, 9th, 5/1

Friday, 12 June 2009

Four today two double stakes

We move on today with an interesting looking day. A couple of others were close to being selections but it's good luck to:

Rockfella Sandown 16:55 12/1 will hill

Grandad Bill York 17:05 15/2 will hill

Plumage Chepstow 20:45 15/2 will hill DOUBLE

Dubai Legend Goodwood 21:05 12/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Will try to update properly later, but this a blank day unforunately with Grandad Bill coming closest in 2nd.

Confirmation of results:

Rockfella, 5th, 6/1

Grandad Bill, 2nd, 13/2

Plumage, 8th, 9/2

Dubai Legend, 7th, 15/2

Interesting thoughts on market moves

I hope Dave Nevison doesn't mind me taking a little extract from his very decent book No Easy Money - A Gambler's Diary ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Easy-Money-Gamblers-Diary/dp/1905156480/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1244794758&sr=8-1)

In it there are a couple of interesting paragraphs on his thoughts on market movers. It's funny that there seems to be a pretty long held belief among some racing enthusiasts that people who follow the money (i.e sheep/lemmings etc) will be up against it to win over time.

Anyway in his book Dave appears to have at one time held this view, but is now changing his mind.


"My approach to fixed-odds betting still works but, increasingly, I think I need to adjust it, and in a way that is difficult for me. Although I've got only a limited amonut of research to back this up, I believe that market movements are now more significant than they used to be and that I have made less money thank I could have done recently because I have continued to put my tissue before the market. As I have suggested earlier, I should probably give more weight to late changes in market sentiment and keep backing horses when they pass through my tissue rice in a positive direction, while resisting the temptation to back those moving through my tissue price in a negative direction. I don't find that easy, because it involves reshaping my concept of value, and I am in a transistion phase with it."

I find it all quite interesting anyway, although I've found that this importance in the of the market to have been in place for a few years now.

Right better get off to work. Here's to another decent day ahead.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wow - TEN today - two with double stakes

Back with a bang today after yesterday's day off.

Several being very nicely backed, others being nibbled out in a decent way as well.

It's good luck to:

Peking Prince Newbury 14:10 8/1 boylesports

Midnight Cruiser Nottingham 15:00 12/1 bet365

Getcarter Newbury 16:25 4/1 will hill

Style Icon Yarmouth 16:35 5/1 bet365

Fisadara Nottingham 16:45 12/1 sporting bet

Iceman George Newbury 17:25 8/1 ladbrokes

Spiritofthewest Haydock 19:50 10/1 bet365

Festive Chimes Uttoxeter 20:40 8/1 will hill

Bold Cross Haydock 20:50 5/1 will hill double stake

Peacefull Waters Fontwell 21:00 7/1 betfred double stake

Well it had the possibility of carnage, but a very pleasing day today with around 15pts added to the tally! Three winners - and just a bit of a shame that there were so many withdrawals in the Bold Cross race because he absolutely hacked up. Anyway another good day, and this excellent run doesn't seem to be ending just yet!

Ok here's confirmation:

Peking Prince, 1st, 10/1 sp (best odds guaranteed in play)

Midnight Cruiser, 3rd, 12/1

Getcarter, 6th, 11/4

Style Icon, 5th, 11/2

Fisadara, 8th, 9/1

Iceman George, 1st, 6/1

Spiritofthewest, 7th, 9/2

Festive Chimes, PU, 13/2

Bold Cross, 1st, 13/8 (I get paid 9/4 by Will Hill)

Peacefull Waters, PU, 8/1

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

No selections today

Very unusual by recent standards, but no horses today tick enough boxes and so we have no runners today.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Four today - with three double stakes

Could be quite an explosive day today, with just four selections, but three of them strong selections.

Good luck to:

Honimiere Redcar 15:00 6/1 coral double stake

Darfour Redcar 17:45 6/1 bet365 double stake

Prey Bird Southwell 18:30 10/1 betfred double stake

To Arms Southwell 20:00 9/2 Will Hill

Well a blank today, Prey Bird was very nicely backed but then jumped poorly before unseating his rider. Otherwise nothing much to comment on apart from roll on tomorrow!

Here's confirmation

Honimiere, 4th, 8/1sp

Darfour NR

Prey Bird, UR, 11/2

To Arms, 3rd, 11/4
Prey Bird,

Monday, 8 June 2009

Weekly Update

Monday June 1st 2009 - Sunday June 7th 2009

This was a sensational week, unquestionably the best since the plan began.

Plenty of big priced winners including at 10/1, 11/1, 16/1 and 25/1(r4 15pded).

My personal bank went from £273.60 to £1064.10, with the progressive staking really kicking in in good style, and the "double stake" system worked well too with a couple of winners. It meant my bets went from £5.95 at the start of last Monday, to £21.72 at the start of this week.

But to level stakes, things were still very impressive as well.

Bets: 33
Wins: 9 (27.27%)
Placed: 6 (18.18%)
Level stakes profit: 78.25pts
Roi: 237.12%

Clearly things can't possible continue in this spectacular way but regardless of what happens it means my bank is finally on a decent level to really go to war with.

Six today - one double stake

Really frustrating morning because of work. Charging around like a blue ar*e fly while trying to get my bets on, and had to rely on Betfair. Greedily looked for a half a point extra on some of these and got my fingers burnt two hours later when a couple hadn't been matched and the price continued to crumble.

Still, lesson learnt, if I'm out and about and have to get on via Betfair, just take whatever back price is available. Liquidity was a problem today as well though, even at the relatively small stakes I'm trying to get on.

Anyway the horses don't know the behind the scenes struggles of course so good luck to:

(Betfair odds except where indicated)

Tank Buster - Newton Abbot 4.00, 7.2

Generous Lad - Folkestone 4.15 4/1 Will Hill

Keelong - Pontefract 7.20 11.5

Pippabrook Gold - Windsor 8.30 6/1 Ladbrokes (double stake)

He's A Humbug - Pontefract 8.50 13.5

Commander Wish - Pontefract 9.20 18

Tank Buster started the day in good style winning the first at 5.84/1 after betfair charges. Following that a bit of close but no cigar sort of day, with Commander Wish running a fine race in the last at 17/1 but could only finish third. Delighted he could only stay on into third actually otherwise I'd be pretty annoyed with the winner "bursting the stalls" in the manner he did. He's a Humbug was a non runner meaning a slight profit on the day.

Here's confirmation:

Tank Buster, 1st, 4/1sp

Generous Lad, 3rd, 100/30

Keelong, 10th, 14/1

Pippabrook Gold, 12th, 11/2

He's A Humbug - NR

Commander Wish, 3rd, 20/1

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Three today

Managed to update after all - just leaving now!

Two horses in one race today, which I normally don't like doing but at 25/1 Golden Prospect's worth a dabble.

Good luck to:

Carmenero Brighton 15:00 9/2 will hill

Golden Prospect Brighton 15:00, 25/1 bet365

Imperium Brighton 16:30 10/1 will hill

Bet365 are getting a real hammering at the moment, and another great day today to seal a top week, with Golden Prospect doing the business in grand style! Unfortunately there was a 15p R4 deduction to the winnings, but no grumbling here!

Here's confirmation:

Carmenero, 4th, 4/1

Golden Prospect, 1st, 8/1

Imperium, 6th, 6/1

Will try to post a weekly update later, but may have to wait until tomorrow.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Four today

Four runners today, none of them double stakers, although some fancy prices about so if any of these win it'll be a decent day.

Good luck to:

North Central Musselburgh 14:20 8/1 totesport

Badiat Alzaman Epsom 14:25 25/1 skybet

Blazing Heights Musselburgh 16:05 10/1 bluesquare

Van Bossed Epsom 17:05 10/1 ladbrokes

Really poor day today, with none of the runners looking like winning at any stage and also two of the biggest drifters I've seen of any selection, certainly in the last 12 months or so. I suppose it was to be expected after what's been a very good week so far, but always annoying!

Here's confirmation:

North Central, 6th, 16/1

Badiat Alzaman, 5th, 16/1

Blazing Heights, 12th, 14/1

Van Bossed Epsom, 15th, 7/1

Will be in the car tomorrow morning/afternoon and then at a family Christening so will find it tough to update here before racing I'm afraid, will try though.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Four today

A relatively quiet day today after a busy period, and no "double stakers" in sight.

All the same nice market moves we're jumping on board with.

Good luck to:

Novellen Lad Catterick 15:35 9/2 sporting bet

Pegasus Lad Epsom 17:25 16/1 will hill

Kildare Sun Doncaster 19:40 7/1 totesport

Can Can Star Doncaster 20:15 7/1 bet365

Will update properly tomorrow, but just the one winner today, the first at 9/2 which meant a 1.5pt profit on the day. A few weeks ago for me that would have meant 3 or 4 quid, now it's about £23, shows what happens when the bank grows a bit! Hopefully a decent weekend to look forward to as well.

Just to catch up confirmation of these results with sps:

Novellen Lad, 1st, 9/4sp

Pegasus Lad, 11th, 14/1

Kildare Sun, 3rd, 4/1

Can Can Star, 8th, 11/2

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Six today - two double stakes

Bit later posting than normal beacause of work, but six today to look forward to being nicely backed.

Good luck to:

Mickey Pearce, Newton Abbot 2.30 12/1 Totesport

Bourse, Hamilton, 3.40 8/1 Bet365

Brave Echo, Sandown 7.15 4/1 Coral

Ellemujie, Sandown 7.50, 13/2 Sporting Bet

What's Up Doc, Uttoxeter 8.00, 10/1 Bet365 double stake

Maria Antonia, Uttoxeter 8.35 ,9/2 Paddy Power double stake

A couple of double stake defeats ensured a slight losing day, despite a nice 13/2 winner, but both started shorter than backed and ended up placed. Mickey Pearce was well beaten in the first but still ran on to finish second.

Here's confirmation:

Mickey Pearce, 2nd, 8/1

Bourse, 8th, 6/1

Brave Echo, 3rd, 9/2

Ellemujie, 1st, 7/2

What's Up Doc, 3rd, 15/2

Maria Antonia, 2nd, 10/3

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Big day - seven runners with three double stakers

Potential for big profits today, while a wipe out would be pretty nasty too.

If Absolute Shambles wins the first then that would be fantastic and another afterwards a complete bonus!

Anyway good luck to:

Absolute Shambles Fontwell 14:30 16/1 bet365 double stake

Freddys Star Fontwell 15:00 10/1 totesport

Beehawk Fontwell 15:30 6/1 bet365 double stake

Blazing Heights Ayr 15:50 10/1 bet365

At A Great Rate Nottingham 16:40 11/2 sporting bet double stake

Meydan Groove Ayr 16:50 10/1 will hill

Benandonner Ripon 20:10 13/2 coral

What a week this is so far, with Absolute Shambles performing heroics to win the first and land a very nice gamble. Incredibly I won more in that single race (£294.74) than I had in my betting bank around 20 bets ago! Just so pleased I brought in the "double staker" system. Benandonner's win in the last capped off a brilliant day, and the others were well backed too - in particular Maydan Groove who ran no race at all and even saw a £6k bet on track at 9/2 according to the sporting life website.

My bets are now £15.28 per selection.

Here's confirmation of today:

Absolute Shambles, 1st, 8/1sp

Freddys Star, 6th, 7/1

Beehawk, 4th, 8/1

Blazing Heights NR

At A Great Rate, 4th, 7/2

Meydan Groove Ayr, 8th, 9/2

Benandonner Ripon, 1st, 6/1

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Four today

On we press with four today, and one double staker.

Diamond Lass Ripon 15:00 11/2 bet365

Fastnet Storm Ripon 16:00 9/2 coral

Esme Rides A Gaine Sedgefield 20:35 9/1 will hill double stake

Mefraas Folkestone 20:50 7/2 ladbrokes

Another profitable day, but only by half a point after Esme Rides A Gaine got going a mile too late to finish a well beaten 5th and Mefraas was beaten a head when it looked like he was going to win a few yards from the line. Annoyingly, it was the second day running where the majority of selections drifted a little by the off.

Anyway another 1/2 a point to add to the tally.

Here's confirmation:

Diamond Lass, 5th, 13/2

Fastnet Storm, 1st, 4/1

Esme Rides A Gaine, 5th, 11/1

Mefraas, 2nd, 4/1

Monday, 1 June 2009

Marvellous May

May was a good month. It had a slowish start but picked up after a few days and kept driving forwards.

My own bank, with it's slightly odd staking plan saw a boost of just over 60%, which is actually less than I had in April (63.8%) because of reduced stakes kicked in half way through the month, but because of the increased starting stake saw returns almost double of that in April (if that makes any sense!).

122 bets
23 wins (18.85%)
25 placed (20.49%)
Level stakes profit: 37.08pts
ROI: 30.39%

Weekly Update

Just to update the last week's results:

Runners 29
Winners 6 (20.7%)
Placed 5 (17.2%)
Level stakes profit: +14pts

Seven runners today, two double stakers

A very busy day today with a flurry of runners throughout the afternoon and then this evening. Two double stakers to look forward tonight as well. Let's hope June can start in decent shape!

Good luck to:

Haulage Lady Carlisle 15:15 12/1 bet365

Ingleby Princess Carlisle 15:45 13/2 paddy power

Stonehaugh Carlisle 16:45 10/1 bet365

Carleton Windsor 19:25 Sporting bet 4/1

Ruud Revenge Thirsk 20:10 9/2 will hill double stake

Toy Top Thirsk 20:40 10/1 will hill

Gloucester Windsor 20:55 9/2 Ladbrokes double stake

A superb day, with a 10/1 winner, a 11/1 winner (best odds guaranteed in play - thank you mr hill), and a double staked 9/2 shot to finish things off. June's started in almost the best possible way, let's hope it can continue! Ironically it wasn't actually a very good day for value for a change (apart from, pleasingly, the double stakers), which is the backbone of what this system's all about, but I won't complain!

Here's confirmation:

Haulage Lady, 6th, 16/1sp

Ingleby Princess, 4th, 8/1

Stonehaugh, 1st, 10/1

Carleton, 6th, 4/1

Ruud Revenge, 4th, 5/2

Toy Top Thirsk, 1st, 11/1

Gloucester, 1st, 11/4

It all means I'm on another "renewed high" of £8.61, which is quite extraordinary given I was on bets of about £2.57 as recently as May 18th, and shows how great the recent run has been. Please let things keep going this way!