Friday, 12 June 2009

Four today two double stakes

We move on today with an interesting looking day. A couple of others were close to being selections but it's good luck to:

Rockfella Sandown 16:55 12/1 will hill

Grandad Bill York 17:05 15/2 will hill

Plumage Chepstow 20:45 15/2 will hill DOUBLE

Dubai Legend Goodwood 21:05 12/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Will try to update properly later, but this a blank day unforunately with Grandad Bill coming closest in 2nd.

Confirmation of results:

Rockfella, 5th, 6/1

Grandad Bill, 2nd, 13/2

Plumage, 8th, 9/2

Dubai Legend, 7th, 15/2


  1. Hi.

    Just wondering what size bank you use \recommend for your selections. Also, do you back EW?



  2. Hi Jaser

    The issue of staking plans/bank size has been a huge one for me, and over the last few months it's reared its head where I've had slight changes of heart.

    Basically though what I'm doing now is betting 2% of my bank, ratcheted at that level, until the bank drops to half its size, in which case I then find a new 2% figure.

    So say I have £100 in my bank, my bets are £2. It climbs to £110, so my bets go up to £2.20.

    But then there is a bad run, and the bank drops to £55 - from that point the bank will find a new 2%figure - in this case £1.10 (to increase again each time a new "high" is found).

    In this way I find that the bank makes good gains when the times are good, but will always cushion itself against terrible runs.

    Having said that, if I wanted a much more straight foward plan, as I'm doing for a group of friends/family, I would suggest a 1.5% of bank bet, level stakes, but then a NEW 1.5% level stakes figure is found for the new calendar month, to take advantage of the bank (hopefully) climbing.

    Anyway that's what I do, and I also just back win only, I've found that it's more profitable than e/w though obviously the strike rate is affected.

    The double stake is exactly how it sounds, basically the stake doubled on that selection (a strong pick).

    Hope that's helpful.



  3. Thanks for that CD.

    I am certainly following this + hope the great run continues.

    All the best.


  4. Thanks Jaser, let's hope things can carry on, although I fear it's due a slight correction in the next few weeks as just recently has been a bit too good to be true! Still as long as that curve points steadily upwards that's the main thing.