Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekly Update

Time for a quick update from last week.

Monday 15th June 2009 - Sunday 21st June 2009

29 bets
5 wins (17.24%)
7 placed (24.13%)
Level stakes profit: +4.13pts
My own bank profit: £111.42

Decent enough week then without hitting the heights of the early part of the month. 2nd places a bit of a feature, with 12/1, 9/1 and 7/1 shot among those second past the post.

From today, if you're interested, I've decided to put my own bank total in the box to the left with the running totals. Just in case you're relatively new to this blog, my staking plan is 2% of bank (ratcheted at its highest peak), but with stakes reducing by 50% if the bank is reduced by 50%. My most recent peak was £1350.50 (starting from £150 back in the middle of November 2008), so my current stakes are £27.01. My bank at the moment, before tonight's races, is on £1110.79, so £240 behind a new increased stake, but £435.54 away from having to reduce stakes (just over 16 stakes).

Every now and then I get swamped with a feeling that if in the next six months I enjoy the same sort of results as the last six months, my bank would worth more than £10k. But I'm not getting too carried away as I know that a rotten run may be just around the corner!

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