Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just one today - but it's a double staker

Had a good run with lightly/unraced maidens recently and another being very heavily backed this morning.

Good luck to :

Pointillist Salisbury 16:45 7/1 bet365 double stake

Well an odd performance by Pointillist, with her moving nicely into contention about 2 out but then Seb Sanders suddenly just stopped riding her and she dropped like a stone through the pack to finish second last. Have no idea whether she lost her action or something but to me it looked a weird ride. Anyway whatever a couple of points dropped on the day.

Here's confirmation:

Pointillist, 10th, 7/1


  1. couldnt you take this further. if you can foloww money coming in for a horse. why not back it big and then lay off assuming the price continues to drop and guarantee a profit evn befor the race starts ?

  2. I am on, slighter lower price as Bet365 account usually last an hour for me. Good luck. Great blog.

  3. Thanks Brian. Not happening today but at least good old b365 would have got you the guaranteed odds if she'd come in.

    Fantismo - quite a while ago I considered this move, but the odds don't always crash as you might like which may leave you short on occassions. Would be an interesting concept to look into more closely though.