Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Four today - one double staker

Four selections today including a double staker:

Catterick 3.30 The Hermitage 5/1 Ladbrokes Paddy Power

Perth 3.50 Bills Echo 15/2 Vic Chandler Skybet

Catterick 4.00 Drop The Hammer 11/2 Bet365 and others DOUBLE STAKER

Catterick 4.30 Frognal 5/1 Will Hill Ladbrokes and others

So it's true, at last, June is finally over (almost). Roll on July and a change of fortune. The month ended with a profitable day today with Bills Echo winning his Perth contest really well. Elsewhere Drop The Hammer, the double staker, traded at 1.09 in running before being hauled in in the last 50 yards. The Hermitage was placed also and not beaten far, while Frognal stayed on as well and was just touched off for third.

So a 3.5pt profit to end a hideous month.

Of course it's all about the long term this game and the year's still in very good shape as a whole, but it's so typical that the free email service has coincided with literally the worst month since November 2008. Of course many who've been following the bets just recently haven't past profits to fall back on and we of course are sorry for this.

So roll on July and a brighter month. We'll be putting some analysis up of recent results on the blog tomorrow night.

The Hermitage, 3rd/8, 7/2

Bills Echo, 1st/7, 7/1

Drop The Hammer, 2nd/9, 9/2

Frognal, 4th/8, 5/1

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Three today

Quite a busy day to build on yesterday, with three selections.

Good luck to:

Hamilton 3.15 Damietta 11/2 Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Brighton 4.00 Gypsy Boy 5/1 Lads Totesport

Hamilton 4.45 Cayman Fox 17/2 VC 8/1 elsewhere

Nope, not happening today. Damietta ran quite a strange race, seemingly outpaced early on before staying on well and then fading, quite well beaten in the end. Gypsy Boy was hampered a little in the closing stages but never going to win while Cayman Fox led for a while before fading away. All in all a poor set of performances and we hope for better tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Damietta, 4th/6, 4/1
Gypsy Boy 5th/9 6/1
Cayman Fox, 5th/7 11/2

Monday, 28 June 2010

Three today

We have three today, one of them a double staker.

Good luck to:

Pontefract 3.45 Pretty Bonnie 11/2 Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Windsor 9.10 French Art 11/2 Coral Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Musslebrough 9.25 Weetenherty 7/1 Boylesports 13/2 Will Hill DOUBLE STAKER

Finally a profitable day, and hopefully the first of many in the weeks ahead. Of course to only end up 2.5pts is frustrating considering the first came in, but frankly we'll take anything considering how things have gone recently.

Pretty Bonnie was a gutsy winner and she did well to virtually make all at Pontefract.

Tonight both evening selections were heavily backed all day and then into the night, going off far shorter we had this morning. French Art ran well, and looked a possible winner when trading just over evens but then faded a bit near the end to finish fourth. Infuriatingly Weetenherty was relunctant to load then pulled really hard, giving up any chance and was very well beaten.

Roll on tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Pretty Bonnie, 1st/7, 5/1

French Art, 4th/10, 5/2

Weetenherty, 8th/8, 3/1

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Two today

A big day in South Africa but here the pursuit for a return to winners continues with a couple over the jumps.

Good luck to:

Uttoxeter 2.40 Mumbles Head 14/1 Lads

Uttoxeter 3.45 Jimbatai 6/1 Boylesports 11/2 others

What a sickening defeat for England, extraordinarily bad defending but it could have all been oh so different if it wasn't for the not given goal. FIFA have to change their stance on goal-line technology, surely to God. If that happens at least some good will have come out of today's sorry affair. Can't believe we have to wait another four years for the next instalment.

Anyway back here, Mumbles Head was cruising, and trading at 1.41 in running, when falling three out in the Summer National at Uttoxeter. Given up being surprised by this sort of thing now, this run is just horrible. Jimbatai didn't do a lot in finishing fifth.

Not a good day but we still look to tomorrow with optimism.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Mumbles Head, F/18, 12/1

Jimbatai, 5th/13, 9/2

Saturday, 26 June 2010

One today

A fairly quiet day in terms of our selections, with just the one pick.

Good luck to:

Newmarket 3.55 Tinshu 13/2 Coral Totesport

Tinshu gave Hayley not the easiest ride, hanging while running a bit freely, and dropped away tamely when push came to shove. Beat the SP again which is something but another defeat to chalk up unfortunately.

Confirmation of result with sp:

Tinshu, 7th/7, 5/1

Friday, 25 June 2010

Three today

We have three runners today in the relentless pursuit of a turnaround. Today we wish all the best to:

Folkstone 3.40 Victorian Bounty 7-1 Betfred & Lads, 13-2 elsewhere

Market Rasen 4.55 Ginger's Lad 15-2 Tote, BlueSq & S James, 7 elsewhere

Chester 7.15 Hathaway 11-2 general

Three reasonable performances but no win returns. Ginger's Lad probably looking the most likely winner, tanking along nicely before finding very little at Market Rasen and finishing third. Both Victorian Bounty and Hathaway met a little trouble in running which is a constant theme at the moment, though neither would have won. Will look for better tomorrow.

Results with sps: (With field size now included)

Victorian Bounty 4th/13, 6/1

Market Rasen 3rd/11, 4/1

Hathaway 5th/11, 5/1

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Two today

A couple today.

Good luck to:

Goodwood 2.00 Getcarter 11/2 Will Hill and others

Warwick 4.40 Spice Fair 15/2 Will Hill Skybet

Well a day that kind of sums up this month. Frustrations all round. First of all Richard Hughes gives Getcarter no chance of winning with a ridiculously tame ride from the back and then getting checked in running twice before giving up.

Spice Fair the really frustrating one today though, beaten a head in a thrilling finish after hitting the rail turning for home and stumbling badly, before being blocked for a run ahead of unleashing a brilliant turn of foot. It's funny (!) how these things happen. Six weeks ago he'd have got up, today, no chance. At least each way support would have again produced a small profit. On to tomorrow, things will turn soon!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Getcarter, 6th, 7/1

Spice Fair, 2nd, 9/2

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Defensive staking

So today's couple of defeats pushed the bank to 50% of peak, and, as per the staking plan I use, that means that stakes are also halved from this point.

It's not nice doing this, but it's obviously more important in the long term to protect the bank and have a solid staking system in place. Things climbed from £1300 odd to double that pretty quickly before, and there's no reason why that can't happen again.

Again, as soon as a new peak is reached, a new 1% of bank bet will be found.

Now watch out for a stream of winners, as is almost always the case after a reduction in stakes!


Two today

A couple today, so it's all the best to:

Worcester 3.25 Petit Fleur 7/1 Bet365

Carlisle 3.35 High Ambition 11/2 Coral Will Hill

Two more defeats today, though Petit Fleur ran a cracker at Worcester trading around 1.7 in running before being run out of things by less than two lengths. High Ambition drifted spectacularly after being hammered into in the morning, and then ran pretty poorly.

2010 is still showing nearly 100pts profit overall, but my word June's been a poor month, particularly given the generally consistent weather. We're very much looking forward to things turning around soon, although it feels like we've been saying that for quite a few days now. At least England won! Can't wait for Sunday now, and what an epic in the tennis, hats off to both players.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Petit Fleur, 3rd, 6/1

High Ambition, 7th, 9/1

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Four today - two double stakes

A busier day today with four selections, two of them double stakers.

Good luck to:

Brighton 3.00 Hi Shrinko 8/1 Bet365 and others

Brighton 3.30 Little Sark 11/2 Will Hill and others DOUBLE STAKER

Beverley 3.45 Northern Flyer 11/2 Bet365, Will Hill and others DOUBLE STAKER

Newton Abbot 8.10 Minneapolis 5/1 Bet365 and others

Frustrations continue then, with another poor day. Hi Shrinko was very well backed and showed very little. Likewise Little Sark went off shorter than backed at but just missed out on a place.

Then came Northern Flyer, who was checked in running twice before rattling home beaten a touch over a neck by the winner. And to cap things off, Minneapolis turned for home at Newton Abbot seemingly well beaten before charging home after going round the final bend and only went down by about three lengths, staying on really well, at least rewarding those backing each way.

Another day of what might have beens then, but tomorrow is another day. The recent run has seen the vast majority of selections going off shorter than the early price, and as long as that continues things will inevitably turn around. Likewise losing runs are as likely as night and day when dealing with selections averaged at around 7/1.

Having said that, it is extremely frustrating that this run coincides with the free email period of the service. I can only assure prospective subscribers that things will turn around, they always do. I very much appreciate it's tough going at the moment though.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Hi Shrinko, 6th, 4/1

Little Sark, 4th, 5/1

Northern Flyer, 4th, 9/2

Minneapolis, 3rd, 9/1

Monday, 21 June 2010

One today

Quite a busy day of market activity, but we've just the one selection to go with.

It's good luck to:

Windsor 6.40 Sheila Toss 11/1 Coral, 10/1 in places elsewhere

Been quite a slow period, and a poor display here. A fair bit of value was had but Sheila Toss didn't justify the support and put in a bit of a stinker.

Confirmation of result with sp:

Sheila Toss, 9th, 6/1

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Two today

Just a couple today, it's good luck to:

Hexham 3.00 Follow On 9/1 Sportingbet 8/1 bet365 and others

Pontefract 3.10 Changing The Guard 9/2 Lads 4/1 generally


Apologies, for some reason this post didn't work earlier? Anyway the above were the selections emailed out at around 11.00, and another frustrating day with Follow On falling early on, and Changing the Guard trading around the 1.60 mark before finishing third. Both continued to be nicely backed and we look forward to tomorrow.

In the meantime, work continues on the website, almost ready with launch!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Follow On, F, 11/2

Changing The Guard, 3rd, 5/2

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Two today

A busy day of activity in the market but only two selections make it here, and our first Royal Ascot bet of the week.

Good luck to:

Ascot 2.30 King Torus 4/1 generally

Haydock 8.05 Magaling 4/1 bet365 will hill, lads

No returns today, with King Torus running well at Ascot despite being stranded on the seemingly slower ground away from the rail, while Magaling had nowhere to go when staying on in a very untidy race and lost all chance at that point. A couple of frustrating races but not too much damage done though with a couple of points lost, and we look forward to tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

King Torus, 4th, 7/2

Magaling, 7th, 5/1

Friday, 18 June 2010

Four today - one double

We look to build on yesterday with four today, with one double staker.

Good luck to :

Musselburgh 1.50 Raleigh Quay 7/1 Lads, Stan James

Redcar 5.10 Classic Descent 9/2 Sportingbet, 4/1 Boylesports and others

Newmarket 6.00 The Winged Assasin 6/1 Ladbrokes, Boylesports DOUBLE STAKER

Goodwood 9.00 Lou Bear 12/1 Bet365 and others

Ok that's much more like it, another profitable day with five points banked thanks to Raleigh Quay's win at Musselburgh. Classic Descent was the obligatory second place, while Lou Bear was never really in it in the gloom at Goodwood tonight. The Winged Assasin was a non runner.

Things have improved in the last couple of days then with seven points won back. The month's still looking in a poor position, but it's good to see things beginning to turn around, just hope it continues now! By the way, weren't England poor tonight? I couldn't believe how many players were out of sorts.

Anyway here's confirmation of results with sps:

Raleigh Quay, 1st, 5/1

Classic Descent, 2nd, 3/1

The Winged Assasin NR

Lou Bear, 10th, 11/1

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Four today three double stakes

Quite an explosive day ahead and hopefully a winner or two to be had.

Good luck to:

Ripon 4.00 Yorgunnabelucky 9/1 Lads, Sportingbet DOUBLE STAKER

Ripon 5.10 Bosss Destination 7/2 generally DOUBLE STAKER

Beverley 7.00 Amethyst Dawn 8/1 Bet365

Ffos Las 7.20 Armenian Boy 13/2 Boylesports 6/1 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Finally a winning day, tempered, as is the way at the moment, by the fact that Amethyst Dawn was the only horse not backed with two points. Despite the staking not working out, a couple of points profit was had and perhaps the start of something. Boss's Destination was yet another second after a decent performance, and actually Yorgunnabelucky and Armenian Boy ran pretty well too, with Yorgunnabelucky only beaten three lengths or so and Armenian Boy traded at 1.71 in running while cruising before the last, before fading spectacularly on the closing stretch.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Yorgunnabelucky, 4th, 10/1

Boss's Destination, 2nd, 13/2

Amethyst Dawn, 1st, 3/1

Armenian Boy, 4th, 8/1

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Two today

Just a couple today,

Good luck to:

Hamilton 3.35 Stateside 8/1 Sportingbet 15/2 Skybet, Vic Chandler

Ripon 7.50 Edgewater 10/1 Lads, Skybet and others

Two more horses well backed, particularly Stateside, but two really poor performances, this is really a horrible run and to come out of the blue in the normally form-reliable month of June is not pleasant. There's still plenty of time left in the month to recover the position somewhat though and a few winners is just around the corner I'm sure.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Stateside, 8th, 9/2

Edgewater, 7th, 7/1

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Two today one double staker

A busy day of activity with Royal Ascot starting, but it's off to Thirsk for our couple of selections today.

Good luck to:

Thirsk 3.25 Hurlingham 9/2 Will Hill and others DOUBLE STAKER

Thirsk 6.20 Leonid Glow 13/2 Sporting Bet 6/1 Will Hill and others

Wow, these evening updates are fun to do at the moment! Another couple of defeats, with both meeting some trouble in running, although both just beaten far enough at the end for it probably not to have mattered. At least both selections continued to be nicely backed and that's the main thing over the fullness of time. When the hand of fate spins around and things get going, I have the feeling the wins are going to be explosive.. It can't come soon enough! At least Royal Ascot is here to be enjoyed at the moment, what a sensational day's racing today.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Hurlingham, 4th, 3/1

Leonid Glow, 6th, 3/1

Monday, 14 June 2010

Staking plan update

Long time readers of this blog will know that finding the perfect staking plan has always been one of the biggest struggles. How you combine the possibility of increasing the bank, while trying to protect it at the same time, I suppose is the ultimate pursuit.

Last summer I reduced my stakes to 1% of bank total (ratcheted at its highest point)(from 2%) and this has proved a good move, particularly in tough times like the last two weeks.

My defensive mechanism kicks in when the bank is reduced to half it's maximum, at which point a new 1% figure is found. After today's near misses that is all the closer. My bank was at its peak at just over £2,732. Now with some 39.5pts dropped, it stands at £1,652.86. I will continue to bet at the current level (£27.32) unless the bank reaches £1,366. At that point, my bets will revert to £13.66.

When the bank ultimately begins to climb again, which it surely will, I will continue this staking plan until I get to £5,000. At that point, I will change to a 0.5% of bank plan, ratcheted again at its highest point. In exhaustive tests, with data over many years simulated many years forward thanks to TSM ( - highly recommended), I have found that 200pt banks are damn near indestructable with a strike rate of around 16% with the odds that I play at, so when this point is reached I won't use the defensive mechanism of cutting stakes by half if the bank is reduced in size by half.

I have also recently been toying with the idea of at least laying off enough of my stake to get my stake returned assuming it can be laid off at a point or more shorter than backed at (in running if need be). This is something I will continue to consider and would certainly protect against the wild swings of late. I'm concerned that would ultimately affect the long term profits, so I'm not convinced this is the way forward. I will see though.

In the meantime, the subscription service will be launched in November and we can only hope that things turn around in the meantime for some to think it is well worth paying for! For sure, I would pay somebody £15-£20 a month for the work it takes to find our selections every morning, but I suppose I would say that! The website's almost complete, and we look forward to highlighting it soon.

Anyway here's to a change of fortune soon, hopefully within the next 10.5bets!

And also here's to a great Royal Ascot!



Three today - one double stake

Here are today's selections:

Good luck to:

Sedgefield 3.30 Freedom Flying 7/1 skybet, 13/2 Vic Chandler

Carlisle 3.45 Breathless Kiss 6/1 Lads DOUBLE STAKER

Warwick 7.25 Rebecca Romero 16/1 Lads 14/1 others

I expect things to at least begin to bounce back at some point for June, but today just continued the theme of frustration.

At least all three selections ran well and all three would have rewarded each way backers. Freedom Flying was hustled along but stayed on nicely for second, while Breathless Kiss put in a very decent display but just ran into one better. Drifting across the width of the track can't have helped in the last furlong but I doubt it affected the result, going down just over a length. A good performance though.

Tonight Rebecca Romero may have been the one but while she beat 14 others in a fine front running effort, a couple reeled her in and she was beaten a couple of lengths or so in the end. A good display at big odds though.

I'm going to post later an update on my staking plan, but for now here's confirmation of results with sps:

Freedom Flying, 2nd, 9/1

Breathless Kiss, 2nd, 9/2

Rebecca Romero, 3rd, 11/1

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Two today

Hopefully we can get the month back on track with one, or maybe even both of these.

Good luck to:

Stratford 2.10 Swiss Guard 10/1 bet365 DOUBLE STAKER

Doncaster 4.05 Dance For Julie 9/1 Bluesq 8/1 others DOUBLE STAKER

A really bad week ends with a miserable set of weekend results. Today Swiss Guard's performance was non existent, while Dance For Julie lost about six lengths at the start and was then beaten only around three lengths in the end, although whether she'd have won had she broken better is of course a matter of debate. Anyway four points lost today, added to the four points lost yesterday where again things didn't go to plan.
On to tomorrow and hopefully a winner or two!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Swiss Guard, 8th, 14/1
Dance For Jule, 4th, 14/1

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Four today, one double stake

Four runners today, including one double staker.

It's good luck to:

Bath 3.20 Princess Flame 4/1 bet365 and generally DOUBLE STAKER

York 3.50 Ejteyaaz 9/2 bet365, totesport and others

Sandown 4.05 Avertor 9/2 bet365 and generally

Leicester 7.00 Taaresh 9/2 lads and generally

Still not happening here, a time to keep the nerve and keep faith in the long term prospects!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Princess Flame, 8th, 7/1

Ejteyaaz, 4th, 5/1

Avertor, NR

Taaresh, 10th, 4/1

Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday five

A busy end to what has been a difficult week with a host of second places as well as a couple of winners. Today we have five runners, all to single stakes, so it's the best of good fortune to:

M Ras 2.30 Northern Lad 6-1 Boyle, 5s general

York 3.25 Bollin Felix 13-2 Coral, 6s general

York 4.35 Equuleus Pictor 8-1 B365 and others

York 5.05 Omokoroa 8-1 B365 and others

Good 7.20 Beaver Patrol 9-1 Lads, 8s general

Brilliant to see the World Cup start today, really looking forward to the next month or so. Sadly in the racing world another five points dropped today as the poor run continues. Big fields and pretty big prices, it was never going to be particularly easy, and just one return would have meant a profit on the day, but sadly not to be. Northern Lad ran quite well but was just never quite going with the leaders when push came to shove. Elsewhere a pretty miserable showing, with not even a second place to dwell on! Things will pick up soon, I'm sure.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Northern Lad, 6th, 10/1

Bollin Felix, 4th, 6/1

Equuleus Pictor, 8th, 17/2

Omokoroa, 9th, 6/1

Beaver Patrol, 7th, 9/1

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Four today

Clawing our way back after a poor start to June and we hope it continues with the help of one or more of these:

New 2.30 Yes Chef 11-2 VC Bet, Lads, S Square

New 3.05 Deirdre 7-1 Lads, 6 general

Nott 4.00 Bintalwaadi 4-1 Lads & Coral

Utt 7.40 Stop the Show 7-1 Lads, Coral, W Hill

Not a good day in terms of results (and yet another second) but always pleasing to see shorter prices at the off than backed at. Bintalwaadi ran well for a long time after being relunctant to load, before eventually giving way to Decorative at Nottingham, a fine couple of fillies and will be interesting to see how they go on from today. Yes Chef never really showed, while Deirdre looked to be running a big race before suddenly running out of steam. Stop the Show didn't do much tonight at all. Four points lost on the day and hopefully things will bounce back tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Yes Chef, 13th, 5/1

Deirdre, 8th, 11/2

Bintalwaadi, 2nd, 3/1

Stop the Show, 6th, 13/2

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Three today

We look to get things moving for the month with one or two these.

Good luck to:

Haydock 2.50 Khor Sheed 11/2 Victor Chandler 5/1 others

Yarmouth 3.10 Major Eradicator 4/1 general

Haydock 3.50 Dolphin Rock 9/2 Lads, Betfred and others

The June fightback's on! Dolphin Rock proved a really gutsy winner at Haydock, it did look like he was going to be hauled in by one or more of the closing pack, but he kicked on again to find a bit more to win by half a length or so. Khor Sheed had already continued the recent trend of seconds (that's five in the last six days now, at 11/2, 10/1, 5/1, 9/1 and 7/1), but ran well enough and just ran into one better. Major Eradicator didn't do much at all after drifting pre-race. It all resulted in 2.5pts of profit for the day, still some way to go before June is back to level or better of course, but it's a start.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Khor Sheed, 2nd, 9/2

Major Eradicator, 8th, 13/2

Dolphin Rock, 1st, 9/2

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Three today - one double stake

It's been quite a busy morning of market activity but just three selections make it.

It's good luck to:

Redcar 3.00 Dazeen 10/1 Skybet, Lads, Coral

Redcar 3.35 Observatory Star 7/1 Coral / Sportingbet DOUBLE STAKER

Bangor 8.50 Santo Thomas 4/1 generally available

With an overall win strike rate of around 16% it is of course statistically quite normal to have the occasional long losing run, and certainly June is proving that way so far. Maybe it's a slight correction to the 60pt+ month of May. Either way, it's important to think of the big picture, and the long term prospects to try to keep short term frustrations at bay. Having said that... another big priced second was not a pleasant sight today, with Dazeen trading at 1.31 in running! I also thought Observatory Star, while fairly soundly beaten, stayed on really nicely at the end having been given far too much to do. Looks on a pretty favourable mark.

Santo Thomas ran poorly tonight with his jumping really not good enough just yet.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Dazeen, 2nd, 10/1

Observatory Star, 5th, 8/1

Santo Thomas, 8th, 9/2

Monday, 7 June 2010

Six today - one double stake

A busy day today.

We have six selections, including one double staker.

Good luck to:

Newton Abbot 2.30 Flag Flier 11/2 Bet365 plus others

Folkestone 3.15 Bookiesindex Boy Will Hill 5/1 plus others

Folkestone 3.45 Brave Bugsby 6/1 Betfred 5/1 elsewhere

Newton Abbot 4.00 Sulas Legend 11/2 Vic Chandler + Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Newton Abbot 4.30 Stumped 5/1 Totesport + others

Pontefract 8.45 Bid For Gold 6/1 Lads

Hopeless today, with seven points lost and mostly poor efforts by the selections. Bookiesindex Boy ran well but was given a seemingly impossible chance held up travelling strongly over five furlongs at Folkestone. Stumped was the other who ran well, but couldn't live with the winner to finish second beaten about three lengths. Stumped has now been a selection twice in his last three starts (both losing), and he won the other.. Otherwise not great displays at all and we just look forward to tomororrow where hopefully the month can begin to kick into gear.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Flag Flier, 3rd, 7/2

Bookiesindex Boy, 4th, 5/1

Brave Bugsby, 7th, 8/1

Sulas Legend, PU, 9/2

Stumped, 2nd, 3/1

Bid For Gold, 6th, 4/1

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Two today, one double staker

Hopefully will continue the winning weekend with one or both of these.

Good luck to:

Worcester 4.40 Ilewin Tom 7/1 Bet365, Paddy Power, Stan James DOUBLE STAKER

Brighton 5.00 Starwatch 9/1 Lads 8/1 Skybet VC and Paddy Power

Ouch, another horse beaten in a photo today, the second time in three days. This time Starwatch, in my book, really should have won, blocked for a run at least twice he came with a rattling late burst to take the lead moments past the post. Damn annoying but obviously these things happen. Illewin Tom actually ran really well for a long time before suddenly putting in a really slow jump and then pulling up shortly afterwards. Maybe he picked up an injury? He was a big drifter just before the off and I've no idea if something happened before the start of the race as ATR was very busy today with plenty of meetings. In any case three points lost on a day which could have and possibly should have been different.

Confirmation of results with sp:

Ilewin Tom, PU, 12/1

Starwatch, 2nd, 7/1

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Two today

A pretty quiet morning so just two selections today, although one of them is in the derby! Unusual to see our of our selections in a race like this but there's been notable support for Rewilding, so we're on board.

It's been a tough start to June with yesterday proving quite a frustrating day, still things will turn around soon we're sure.

It's good luck to:

Miusselburgh 3.10 Harris Tweed 6/1 bet365 and others

Epsom 4.00 Rewilding 6/1 bet365 and lads

That's much more like it, with Harris Tweed doing the business in brilliant style. Rewilding ran well as well I thought but what a horse Workforce is. Actually backed Cape Blanco antepost after the Dante so it's a bit of a case of what might have been, although he'd have to have gone some to get close to the winner on that showing!

Good to see value obtained with both selections again, like yesterday, and that's the main thing over time. Anyway five points profit today and the first winner of the month, so more to come in the next few days I hope.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Harris Tweed, 1st, 4/1

Rewilding, 3rd, 9/2

Friday, 4 June 2010

Two plus a double

Today we have a double staker and two singles as we look to give June a delayed kick start. Good luck to:

Epsom 2.10 Set the Trend 7-1 Lads & others

Epsom 3.25 Tartan Gunna 11-2 Lads & others

Catt 5.15 Minturno 11-1 B365, 9-1 others DOUBLE STAKER

Well this could have been a cracker of a day but in the end another blank. Set The Trend ran really well and was beaten on the line in a photo, pretty sickening, while Tartan Gunna was a bit one paced although was nicely backed again.

Then came the selection that we were confident would turn things around, Minturno had the conditions seemingly spot on and had slipped to a handy weight, the money came in droves, but sadly the winner had flown and the selection was in the end beaten to third in a photo. Terrific value had again though and from that point of view today was a good day, just a shame about the month continuing without a winner. Am sure things will turn around again soon!

Results with sps:

Set the Trend, 2nd, 7/2

Tartan Gunna, 6th, 10/3

Minturno, 3rd, 9/2

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Three for Thursday

After a blistering end to May, June has got off to a slow start but we are hopeful for our three runners this evening:

San 6.10 Belle Bayardo 9-2 B365 & P Power, 7-2 general

Utt 8.00 Miss Molly Be Rude 8-1 VC Bet 7s general

Weth 8.45 Hold The Bid 10-1 B365 & others

The stutter continues with another blank day. Belle Bayardo wasn't beaten far but still was beaten far enough. Miss Molly Be Rude's jumping let her down on occassions and didn't really strike a blow while I thought Hold The Bid ran a cracking race for a long time, but just couldn't quicken as well as some of the others and was beaten fair and square too.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Belle Bayardo, 5th, 9/2
Miss Molly Be Rude, 5th, 11/1
Hold The Bid, 4th, 17/2

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Four today

We have four running for us today so good luck goes to:

Cart 3.25 Turbo Shandy 11-2 Betfred, 5s general

Not 5.25 Bintalwaadi 4-1 B365 & general

Cart 5.35 Front Rank 6-1 Betfred, 5s general

Rip 8.10 Northern Dare 6-1 Lads & general

A slow start to June, with another three points lost today. Turbo Shandy ran well and was trading at arounds evens before not being able to find the winning burst. Bintalwaadi was a non runner, and Front Rank ran ok for a while before fading into 4th. Tonight Northern Dare was boxed in and barged about and basically had no real route through, although to see he would have won is pushing it to say the least.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Turbo Shandy, 3rd, 4/1

Bintalwaadi NR

Front Rank, 4th, 9/1

Northern Dare, 5th, 7/1

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Three today

We hope to begin June in style with three runners going for us.

Red 5.00 Sharp Eclipe 11-2 Tote, 5s general

Yar 7.50 Major Eradicator 8-1 Tote 6s general

F Las 8.00 Bazart 8-1 Tote 7s general

A pretty frustrating day all told. Sharp Eclipse ran a cracker only to be beaten 3/4 length at Redcar. Major Eradicator was a non-runner, while Bazart took part in a sham of a race at Ffos Las with only three hurdles jumped because of the low sun glare. Didn't do the selection any good at all and was well beaten. So June falls into a two point loss but hopefully there'll be a quick bounce back around the corner!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Sharp Eclipse, 2nd, 9/2
Major Eradicator NR
Bazart, 6th, 8/1