Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Four today

We have four running for us today so good luck goes to:

Cart 3.25 Turbo Shandy 11-2 Betfred, 5s general

Not 5.25 Bintalwaadi 4-1 B365 & general

Cart 5.35 Front Rank 6-1 Betfred, 5s general

Rip 8.10 Northern Dare 6-1 Lads & general

A slow start to June, with another three points lost today. Turbo Shandy ran well and was trading at arounds evens before not being able to find the winning burst. Bintalwaadi was a non runner, and Front Rank ran ok for a while before fading into 4th. Tonight Northern Dare was boxed in and barged about and basically had no real route through, although to see he would have won is pushing it to say the least.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Turbo Shandy, 3rd, 4/1

Bintalwaadi NR

Front Rank, 4th, 9/1

Northern Dare, 5th, 7/1

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