Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday five

A busy end to what has been a difficult week with a host of second places as well as a couple of winners. Today we have five runners, all to single stakes, so it's the best of good fortune to:

M Ras 2.30 Northern Lad 6-1 Boyle, 5s general

York 3.25 Bollin Felix 13-2 Coral, 6s general

York 4.35 Equuleus Pictor 8-1 B365 and others

York 5.05 Omokoroa 8-1 B365 and others

Good 7.20 Beaver Patrol 9-1 Lads, 8s general

Brilliant to see the World Cup start today, really looking forward to the next month or so. Sadly in the racing world another five points dropped today as the poor run continues. Big fields and pretty big prices, it was never going to be particularly easy, and just one return would have meant a profit on the day, but sadly not to be. Northern Lad ran quite well but was just never quite going with the leaders when push came to shove. Elsewhere a pretty miserable showing, with not even a second place to dwell on! Things will pick up soon, I'm sure.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Northern Lad, 6th, 10/1

Bollin Felix, 4th, 6/1

Equuleus Pictor, 8th, 17/2

Omokoroa, 9th, 6/1

Beaver Patrol, 7th, 9/1

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