Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our STUNNING Cheltenham record

So we're here, the eve of another Festival and we can't wait!!!

Our record at Cheltenham over the last couple of years has been absolutely superb, with two massive priced winners in each of the last two years from just eight selections.

They were - Rajdhani Express last year, at 25/1 in the Novice Handicap chase on the opening day, and then the year before Son of Flicka, also at 25/1, in the Coral Cup.

Safe to say we will be doing everything we can to tickle out another massive priced winner this year.

Almost incredibly, you can get our Cheltenham Festival picks for FREE by signing up to our free 30 day trial.

Head to http://www.themarketexaminer.co.uk/join-nowpage/ to sign up.

All the best for a brilliant four days, let's hope we can all come out on top.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

About to enter our "golden" period & our free trial is still available

Exciting times at TME towers as we begin what has been for the last few years our best few months of the year.

Here are the stats for the 20 months from February - June for 2010-2013 (figures taken directly from racingproofing.com)

Bets: 1176
Stakes: 1294
Profit: +331.29pts
ROI: +25.6%

Of these 20 months, 15 have ended in profit.

We're as certain as we can be that it's more than just coincidence, and the fact that every year this four month spell, for each of the last four years, has returned a profit is certainly cause for optimism.

The reasons? Well these are some of our theories:

  • Ground generally speaking settles down
  • Jumpers who have been campaigned on the wrong ground improving when things get quicker
  • We have a particularly good record at the Cheltenham festival
  • Well handicapped types on the flat who have improved for a winter behind them
  • Exciting two year olds are expected to impress and duly deliver

As for this year, we moved into profit for this particular Feb-June period today, after Broughton won today very easily at Musselburgh for us.

We're still offering our completely free 30 day trial - which if you wish to continue turns into a subscription of just £14.99/month. There could be no better time to get involved, click here for more and we look forward to hopefully welcoming you soon.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Positive steps & FREE 30 day trial

Since November 2013, we have been firing out our selections an hour earlier than previously, around 10am rather than 11am.

The results, since that change took place, are as follows:

Selections: 86
Wins: 14
Strike Rate: 16.28%
Average odds: 7.53/1
Average win odds: 7.04/1
Edge/ROI: +14.63%
Profit/Loss: +12.58pts

In other words, subscribers following our selections at just £15 a point would be sitting with a decent £188.70 profit since November 1st.

Our latest winner was our only selection on Saturday, Lac Fontana, who won the last at Cheltenham easily, advised at 7/1.

Over such a relatively short space of time, actual results can of course be a little misleading. Much more important, is whether we are beating SP in greater amounts than previously - one of the main reasons behind going to an earlier start time. We're delighted to say the answer is yes.

Selections have been advised at an average of 7.53/1 - and the SP has been an average of just 5.61/1. Also, just 18 selections have gone off at a bigger priced than advised. Early days of course, but highly highly encouraging, because as we know if keep locking in those prices, the profits will take care of themselves. BSP is also being comfortably bettered, with that average sitting at 6.42/1, boosted by two or three big drifters.

To mark these very positive steps, we have decided to introduce for a limited time a brilliant offer - a completely free 30 day trial so you can see for yourself how things are going for us. Should you wish to continue with us, the subscription will turn into a monthly subscription of just £14.99.

You've really nothing to lose, of course you don't even have to place the bets yourself for the 30 days, just sit back and watch how we get on. We're confident you'll be pleased with what you see - hopefully good returns but at the very least a regular edge borne out from grabbing those early moves early enough to lock in the value. If we get the value, the winners will ultimately take care of themselves.

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