Thursday, 31 December 2009

Four today - one double - let's end the decade on a high!!!

Nothing doing yesterday unfortunately though again had the value and that's the aim!

It's been a wretched last few months to 2009, but we hope to end on a high with one or two winners out of these.

Good luck to:

Enfant De Lune Warwick 13:20 9/1 coral double stake

Peut Etre Sivola Warwick 13:50 9/2 ladbrokes

Gentle Caribou Warwick 14:20 13/2 totesport

Bradford Boris Warwick 14:50 13/2 totesport

Happy New Year to all, here's to a prosperous 2010!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Two today

No runners yesterday,

Today a couple at Taunton.

Good luck to:

Ross Leader Taunton 14:50 10/1 bet365

Prince Of Denial Taunton 15:25 6/1 bet365

Monday, 28 December 2009

Quick update

Have just gone back and updated the running totals/results through the end of November/December.

Apologies this blog isn't updated as nearly as much or in as much detail as I would like. Having a baby certainly is an unbelievably time consuming business! My shifts at work also start at 5am so am normally looking for bed by 8pm!

Anyway things are ticking along slowly here at present. Am looking for things to take off again soon.

November was looking really good until a run of 37pts dropped by the end of the month, which carried on into December. Just recently a few winners have gone in to see December with a slight profit so far, helped by a 11/2 winner at Leicester today.

Hopefully 2010 will be a prosperous year for us all,


This is how the results have gone by the way, a 0 indicates a loss but not the position (in fact several of these have finished second, it was just I was doing it quickly)

Achiltibuie Plumpton 15:50 10/1 bet365 double stake PU
Samsbro Market Rasen 14:10 5/1 betfred 3/9

My Matilda Market Rasen 15:10 8/1 ladbrokes PU

Blinded Bythelight Market Rasen 15:40 6/1 will hill 2/8
Dune Raider Huntingdon 14:40 10/1 ladbrokes 3/9

Hiddensee Hereford 15:20 8/1 ladbrokes PU

Behindcloseddoors Huntingdon 15:40 7/1 ladbrokes 4/16
Go Silver Bullet Ascot 14:40 9/2 will hill 0

Sierra Victor Kelso 15:00 5/1 bet365 0

Picot de Say Ascot 15:50 14/1 bet365 0
Katchit Ascot 14:35 9/2 ladbrokes 0

Lidjo De Rouge Huntingdon 14:45 7/1 will hill DOUBLE 0

Planet of Sound Ascot 15:10 4/1 coral 0

Morgan Be Haydock 15:25 7/1 bet365 0
Prince Picasso Musselburgh 12:50 5/1 bet365 0
Hello Bud Aintree 13:45 7/2 coral 0
Ballinderry Park Ludlow 14:50 9/2 will hill double 0
Lemon Silk Lingfield 15:10 10/1 bet365 0

Lizs Dream Sedgefield 15:20 11/2 bet365 0
Cesium Chepstow 14:15 8/1 bet365 0

Warrior One Wetherby 14:25 11/2 will hill double 0

Dom d'Orgeval Chepstow 14:50 7/1 coral 0
Radium Newbury 15:15 7/2 will hill 0
More Shennanigans Musselburgh 13:10 7/1 ladbrokes 0

Princeful Newbury 13:30 15/2 will hill 0

Bright Sparky Musselburgh 14:55 8/1 bet365 double 0

Song of Songs Newbury 15:15 13/2 will hill 0
Horner Woods Newcastle 15:25 7/1 totesport 0
Grand Slam Hero Leicester 14:20 7/1 will hill (2nd)

King Ozzy Leicester 14:55 9/2 ladbrokes (2nd)

Double Eagle Carlisle 15:05 4/1 ladbrokes (3rd)
Low Delta Folkestone 14:00 11/2 bet365 0

Tacinja Southwell 12:20 8/1 will hill 0

Quondor Noire Hereford 12:40 8/1 betfred 0
1.35 Dancing Bear 9-2 Paddy Power 0

2.05 Manmoon 14-1 Skybet 0

3.35 Quick Live 6-1 Bet365 0
Chel 2.25 Machu Picchu 7-1 Coral 0

Don 3.10 Theft 7-1 Coral 0
Captain Tidds Lingfield 12:55 9/2 totesport DOUBLE 0

Disco Jack Doncaster 13:00 4/1 will hill 0

Gunship Lingfield 13:25 8/1 bet365 FIRST!!!

Pop Doncaster 14:10 9/2 will hill 0
Overton Lad Hereford 13:40 15/2 will hill 0
Plumpton 2.45 Goila de 4-1 Bet365 0

Plump 3.10 Rathnaskillogue 6-1 Coral double stake 0
Bangor 2.55 Acknowledgment 6-1 Lads FIRST
Lud 12.40 Tesserae Lads 8-1 FIRST

Exe 2.20 Pistrol Desbois Lads 8-1 0

Lud 3.40 Inga Bird W Hill 6-1 0
BallaBriggs Uttoxeter 14:15 7/1 bet365 0
Forty Five Haydock 13:50 9/1 bet365 NR
Sonning Star Kempton 15:45 9/1 0
Heathcote Chepstow 13:00 12/1 ladbrokes 0
Keki Buku Leicester 15:35 11/2 coral FIRST
5.5 pt profit for December so far

Two today

Hopeless run yesteday.

Today's it's good luck to:

Heathcote Chepstow 13:00 12/1 ladbrokes
Keki Buku Leicester 15:35 11/2 coral

Sunday, 27 December 2009

One today

Well weather and of course Christmas has decimated possibilities over the last few days.

Back yesterday with a double staked loser which was pulled up sadly, but wasn't able to update the blog before hand.

Today there are quite a few being backed at Kempton but just one selection.

Good luck to:

Sonning Star Kempton 15:45 9/1

Saturday, 19 December 2009

One today

Thought we had a winner there for a minute yesterday (Traded 1.5 in running)

Today just the one, good luck to:

Forty Five Haydock 13:50 9/1 bet365

Friday, 18 December 2009

Thursday, 17 December 2009

three today

good luck to:
Lud 12.40 Tesserae Lads 8-1

Exe 2.20 Pistrol Desbois Lads 8-1

Lud 3.40 Inga Bird W Hill 6-1

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Monday, 14 December 2009

two today one double

Plumpton 2.45 Goila de 4-1 Bet365

Plump 3.10 Rathnaskillogue 6-1 Coral double stake

Sunday, 13 December 2009

One today

A nice 8/1 winner yesterday, but as ever the feeling that it could have been better!

9/2 double stake running on second beaten a lenght, and Pop going well close to the lead when falling two or three out.

Anyway a decent four point profit on the day.

Today not the biggest mover ever but it's good luck to:

Overton Lad Hereford 13:40 15/2 will hill

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Four today one double

Two points lost yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Captain Tidds Lingfield 12:55 9/2 totesport DOUBLE

Disco Jack Doncaster 13:00 4/1 will hill

Gunship Lingfield 13:25 8/1 bet365

Pop Doncaster 14:10 9/2 will hill

Friday, 11 December 2009

Just to say...

Slight changes here, as during the week my old man's kindly offered to look after placing most of the system bets, because I've been having a nightmare with a different shift pattern and lack of decent internet.
it means I should be quicker at updating the blog and getting things well back on track.

I still have immense faith in what we do here so stick around to follow the fun! (and hopefully the profits)

today though, am away for our work Xmas do so watch this space!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Back with three today

Apols for no recent updates, we had three run last Wednesday, with another couple of seconds including one at 14/1.

Since then no bets have been placed due to a combination of non qualifiers and then a birthday break.

Am severely hampered at the moment because my new mobile doesn't have 3G in my workplace meaning it takes an age to get on, so not sure what to do going forward.

Anyway today three to look forward to. Shropshirelass's price was crashing and I wanted around 12/1 but only got 8s because of the slow connection.

Good luck to:

Kappelhoff Fontwell 14:10 13/2 bet365

Day Of Claies Sedgefield 14:50 10/1 bet365

Shropshirelass Fontwell 15:40 8/1 betfred/skybet

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Two today

Another miss yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Tacinja Southwell 12:20 8/1 will hill

Quondor Noire Hereford 12:40 8/1 betfred

Monday, 30 November 2009

One today

We press on with one today.

Good luck to:

Low Delta Folkestone 14:00 11/2 bet365

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Three today (belated)

Sorry, couldn't post before racing today, but another blank from three selections with a couple of them, as is fairly normal, finishing second.

Grand Slam Hero Leicester 14:20 7/1 will hill (2nd)

King Ozzy Leicester 14:55 9/2 ladbrokes (2nd)

Double Eagle Carlisle 15:05 4/1 ladbrokes (3rd)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Just one today

Another poor day yesterday.

Today's it's good luck to:

Horner Woods Newcastle 15:25 7/1 totesport

Friday, 27 November 2009

Four today - one double

A fourth place yesterday

Today it's good luck to:

More Shennanigans Musselburgh 13:10 7/1 ladbrokes

Princeful Newbury 13:30 15/2 will hill

Bright Sparky Musselburgh 14:55 8/1 bet365 double

Song of Songs Newbury 15:15 13/2 will hill

Thursday, 26 November 2009

One today

Another blank yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Radium Newbury 15:15 7/2 will hill

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Three today, one double

Another poor day yesterday, this month's ending badly so far..

But today we're looking to bounce back to winning ways!

Good luck to:

Cesium Chepstow 14:15 8/1 bet365

Warrior One Wetherby 14:25 11/2 will hill double

Dom d'Orgeval Chepstow 14:50 7/1 coral

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Two today

A very poor performance yesterday with the selection pulled up, still got the value again though.

Today good luck to:

Lemon Silk Lingfield 15:10 10/1 bet365

Lizs Dream Sedgefield 15:20 11/2 bet365

Monday, 23 November 2009

One today, double stake

Not a great weekend.

We move on with just one today.

Good luck today:

Ballinderry Park Ludlow 14:50 9/2 will hill double

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Two today

Another blank yesterday annoyingly!

Still on we go with a couple today.

Good luck to :

Prince Picasso Musselburgh 12:50 5/1 bet365
Hello Bud Aintree 13:45 7/2 coral

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Four today one double

Sadly nothing doing yesterday

Today it's good luck to:

Katchit Ascot 14:35 9/2 ladbrokes

Lidjo De Rouge Huntingdon 14:45 7/1 will hill DOUBLE

Planet of Sound Ascot 15:10 4/1 coral

Morgan Be Haydock 15:25 7/1 bet365

Friday, 20 November 2009

Three today

Nothing doing yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Go Silver Bullet Ascot 14:40 9/2 will hill

Sierra Victor Kelso 15:00 5/1 bet365

Picot de Say Ascot 15:50 14/1 bet365

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Three today

The first couple here in particular getting nicely backed. Good luck to:

Dune Raider Huntingdon 14:40 10/1 ladbrokes

Hiddensee Hereford 15:20 8/1 ladbrokes

Behindcloseddoors Huntingdon 15:40 7/1 ladbrokes

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Three today

Back on it today with three to look forward to.

Good luck to:

Samsbro Market Rasen 14:10 5/1 betfred

My Matilda Market Rasen 15:10 8/1 ladbrokes

Blinded Bythelight Market Rasen 15:40 6/1 will hill

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nothing today

Just to say a few being backed but nothing making an official selection today!

Monday, 16 November 2009

One today, double stake

Unplaced selection yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Achiltibuie Plumpton 15:50 10/1 bet365 double stake

Sunday, 15 November 2009

One today

Another very nice winner yesteday, with best odds guaranteed giving it a further boost at 6/1.

We look to continue the fightback with:

Honest John Market Rasen 13:35 8/1 Ladbrokes

Saturday, 14 November 2009

One today, double stake

Apols for no updates last couple of days, have been feeling rough as hell! No selections made on Thursday and yesterday saw three points drop.

Today it's good luck to:

Loom Uttoxeter 13:40 9/2 double bet365

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Four today - two doubles

Unplaced effort yesterday.

Today it's good luck to:

Sir Ian Warwick 13:20 13/2 totesport double

Anay Turge Warwick 14:50 12/1 bet365

Ray Mond Warwick 15:20 14/1 betfred

Bullring Warwick 15:50 8/1 betfred double

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

One today

A second yesterday

Today it's good luck to:

The Arsonist Exeter 17/2 Will Hill

Monday, 9 November 2009

One today

Sorry for no updates over the weekend, was locked away in Cornwall at a wedding! A couple of marginally profitable days am pleased to say, will update more when I can.

Today it's good luck to:

Of Course Carlisle 14:25 9/1 bet365

Updating weekend bets:

7th November

with Bet365:
07/11/2009 11:28:43 Picaroon @ 8/1, £16.99 Single 16.99 0.00
07/11/2009 11:10:38 Gaspara @ 7/1, £16.99 Single 16.99 0.00
07/11/2009 10:49:57 The Wedding Horse @ 15/2, £16.99 Single 16.99 0.00

with Ladbrokes:
07/11/2009 Single (To win) 1 £16.99 15:20 Race winner Any Currency 11/2 £110.44
0000303 Single (To win) 1 £16.99 14:25 Race winner Santas Son 9/2 £0.00

So 7th November total: +1.5pt profit

8th November on Betfair

Acknowledgement 10.50 17.00 Back 08-Nov-09 11:27 -17.00
Far More Serious * 5.60 17.00 Back 78.27 (£74.36 after deductions)
Carrickmines 6.00 17.00 Back 08-Nov-09 11:30 -17.00

So 8th November total: +2.37pt profit

Friday, 6 November 2009

Two today one double

A third placed effort yesterday..

Today good luck to:

The Hollinwell Hexham 14:20 7/1 skybet DOUBLE

Horsford Fontwell 16:10 9/2 bet365

Finally a good day! A double up to push November well into profit, let's hope things can continue.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

One today

Poor day yesterday

Today it's good luck to:

According To John Haydock 13:55 4/1 labour

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Three today

Nothing doing yestereday - we move on to the following.

Good luck to:

Bobby Bullock Chepstow 14:40 11/2 ladbrokes

The Walnut Tree Warwick 15:40 16/1 will hill

Rouge Et Blanc Chepstow 15:50 7/2 ladbrokes

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Two today

7/2 winner yesterday and the other would probably have won if he hadn't fallen two out.

Anyway today it's good luck to:

Borasco Catterick 15:10 13/2 paddy power

Bertie May Exeter 16:00 12/1 ladbrokes

Monday, 2 November 2009

Two today

A non runner yesterday

Today it's good luck to:

High Oscar Plumpton 15:30 5/1 ladbrokes

Shillingstone Kempton 15:40 7/2 ladbrokes

Sunday, 1 November 2009

One today

Will the new month see a transformation in fortunes? Next year I definitely won't follow market moves in September and October - the same poor results happened last year.

Today it's good luck to:

Calzaghe Huntingdon 16:00 5/1 Will Hill

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Catching up

These are the selections from Thursday, and today (no bets placed on Friday)


New 2.30 Abbey Minster DOUBLE half each to 8-1 Totesport/ 7-1 Ladbrokes

Strat 2.50 Maidstone Mixture £22 S James 9-1 17.39 B365 9-1

Abbey Minster, 3rd, 6/1

Maidstone Mixture, 5th, 6/1


Karasakal, Ascot 12:45 7/1 ladbrokes

Sparrow Hills Ascot 12:45 11/1 ladbrokes

Timepiece Newmarket 15:10 4/1 ladbrokes

Royal Wedding Ascot 15:35 7/1 bet365

Bibury Newmarket 16:15 7f 9/1 bet365

Karasakal, 2nd, 6/1

Sparrow Hills, 4th, 8/1

Timepiece, 1st, 4/1

Royal Wedding, 5th, 8/1

Bibury, 14th, 7/1

And these are the selections from October 14th:

Weth 3.45 Nirvana Swing 13-2 Coral

Uttox 3.55 Ballinruane 11-2 Coral

Uttox 5.35 Chain of Command 7-2 W Hill

Nirvana Swing, 2nd, 6/1

Ballinruane, 2nd, 11-2

Chain of Command, 2nd, 9/4

And October 15th:

Nott 3.40 Bothy 7-1 Lads

Lud 3.50 Posh Emily 6-1 Lads

Not 5.10 Captain Scooby 8-1 Bet365

Bothy, 4th 7-1

Posh Emily, 7th, 4/1

Captain Scooby, 9th, 9/1

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Two today

Good luck to:

Buckie Boy Musselburgh 15:05 8/1 bet365

Sandwith Musselburgh 16:10 14/1 coral/will hill

Buckie Boy, 8th, 9/1

Sandwith, 5th, 18/1

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Two today

Good luck to:

Rosedale Yarmouth 14:10 10/1 bet365

Caras Request Catterick 15:00 11/2 coral

Rosedale, 4th, 12/1

Caras Request, 3rd, 11/2

Monday, 26 October 2009

One today

Good luck to:

Bring Sweets Leicester 13:00 13/2 william hill

Bring Sweets, 9th, 9/1

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Four today

Decent winner yesterday, hopefully build on it with one or two of these.

Good luck to:

Dreams Jewel Wincanton 14:25 5/1 ladbrokes

Quarry Town Wincanton 15:00 14/1 ladbrokes

What Happened Towcester 15:45 6/1 ladbrokes

The Rainbow Hunter Wincanton 16:10 10/1 totesport

Dreams Jewel, 4th, 2/1

Quarry Town, 8th, 8/1

What Happened, F, 5/1

The Rainbow Hunter, 3rd, 14/1

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Five today - one double

We march on with these.

Good luck to:

Be Brief Aintree 14:50 9/1 will hill

Dancing David Doncaster 15:30 14/1 will hill

Hillview Boy Doncaster 16:05 15/2 Coral DOUBLE

Overclear Stratford 17:00 6/1 ladbrokes

Monreale Newbury 17:25 8/1 coral

Be Brief, 7th, 13/2

Dancing David, 4th, 12/1

Hillview Boy, 2nd, 7/1

Overclear, 1st, 9/2

Monreale, NR

Friday, 23 October 2009

One today

Good luck to:

Striker Torres Doncaster 17:10 9/1 ladbrokes

Striker Torres, 10th, 10/1

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Rosbay Carlisle 15:15 9/1 coral

Dasher Reilly Ludlow 16:30 16/1 bet365

Bullies Acre Carlisle 16:50 £11 18/1 stan james 16/1 coral

Rosbay, 3rd, 7/1

Dasher Reilly, NR

Bullies Acre, 5th, 14/1

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Two today

Sorry for no post yesterday, just couldn't get on. Another three points down though

Today it's good luck to

Bauhaus Worcester 16:50 7/2 ladbrokes
Full Victory Bath 17:30 7/1 vcbet

Bauhaus, NR
Full Victory, 6th, 4/1

Tuesday 20th Oct:

Exeter 3.40 11-2 Coral

Yar 3.50 City Vaults Girl 9-1 Coral

Yar 5.20 Commander Wish 9-1 £27 Skybet £9.39 8-1 W Hill

Winterwood , 3rd, 5/1

City Vaults Girl, 3rd, 6/1

Commander Wish, 10th, 8/1

Monday, 19 October 2009

Eight today - one double

Not sure I'm that pleased to be starting the week with so many selections, but all the same, best of luck to:

Mr Money Maker Windsor 14:00 4/1 skybet DOUBLE

Pursuit Of Gold Windsor 15:00 20/1 ladbrokes

Wild Tonto Plumpton 16:20 11/2 stan james

French Art Windsor 16:30 5/1 coral

Pha Mai Blue Windsor 17:00 10/1 ladbrokes

Dolphin Rock Pontefract 17:10 7/1 coral

Beat The Rush Pontefract 17:10 6/1 totesport

My Girl Jode Windsor 17:30 £25 11/1 william hill £11.39 bet365

Mr Money Maker, 5th, 3/1

Pursuit Of Gold, 6th, 20/1

Wild Tonto, 3rd, 6/1

French Art, 2nd, 3/1

Pha Mai Blue, 4th, 10/1

Dolphin Rock, 2nd, 7/2

Beat The Rush, 1st, 9/1

My Girl Jode, 15th, 9/1

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Nothing today

Probably not a bad thing after another hideous recent run, no selections today.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A monster day, ten selections

A first today, with an each way choice thrown in.

Good luck to:

Humourous Kelso 14:20 8/1 bet365

Doctor Fremantle Newmarket 15:00 11/1 ladbrokes

Barshiba Newmarket 15:00 66/1 ladbrokes each way

Patman Du Charmil Cheltenham 15:15 9/1 ladbrokes

Diablo Cheltenham 15:50 5/1 coral

Keki Buku Cheltenham 16:25 9/2 betfred

Distiller Cheltenham 16:25 14/1 ladbrokes

Grands Crus Cheltenham 17:35 15/2 totesport

This Ones For Eddy Catterick 17:40 7/1 totesport

As ever, no time to update properly, but another poor day, with a couple of placed efforts. I'm sure looking forward to things turning around, as they inevitably will at some stage.

Humourous, 7th, 11/2

Doctor Fremantle, 11th, 8/1

Barshiba, 6th, 33/1

Patman Du Charmil, 6th, 8/1

Diablo, 2nd, 7/2

Keki Buku, UR, 9/2

Distiller, 12th, 16/1

Grands Crus, NR

This Ones For Eddy, 3rd, 5/1

Friday, 16 October 2009

Three today

Well here we go back to it! Sadly no winners over the last two days, three second places from six selection, and six point lost. Will update things when I can!

Today good luck to:

Iroquois Warrior Cheltenham 15:30 4/1 betfred

Plaisterer Newmarket 15:45 14/1 bet365

Giganticus Newmarket 16:55 10/1 ladbrokes

Iroquois Warrior, 11th, 4/1

Plaisterer, 6th, 14/1

Giganticus, 8th, 12/1

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No selections posted

Another poor day today unfortunately.

There'll be no selections here posted for the next couple of days as I'm away at a conference with work. I'll still be having bets put on though, and will update with the results on Friday.


Five today one double

Good luck to:

Daring Dream Newcastle 15:20 13/2 coral

Tabaran Huntingdon 16:00 11/2 coral

Pagan Starprincess Newcastle 16:20 7/1 ladbrokes

Orsippus Newcastle 16:2012/1 ladbrokes

Phantom Serenade Newcastle 17:20 10/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Monday, 12 October 2009

Two today

Back on it today with a couple of lively contenders - good luck to:

Whiepa Snappa Windsor 14:00 7/1 will hill

Bermondsey Bob Windsor 16:10 11/1 coral

Whiepa Snappa, 3rd, 4/1

Bermondsey Bob, 9th, 8/1

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Three today one double

Break even day yesterday, with another couple of seconds thrown in including one of my 14-1 selections..

Anyway today it's good luck to -

Black or red, 1400 goodwood, 6-1 bet365
Phantom Whisper, 1510 goodwood, 8-1 lads
Reset City, 1730 goodwood, 6-1 lads, Double stake

Black or red, 2nd, 13/2
Phantom Whisper, 5th, 9/2
Reset City, 7th, 15/2

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Seven today

Some big prices about today

Good luck to:

Never The Waiter York 15:10 11/2 coral

Silly Wupple Hexham 15:15 6/1 coral

Back To Bid Chepstow 15:35 14/1 ladbrokes

Beat The Boys Chepstow 15:35 6/1 will hill

Nampour Chepstow 16:10 9/2 coral

Togiak Ascot 16:40 14/1 ladbrokes

Paquerettza York 16:55 14/1 coral

Never The Waiter, 3rd, 6/1

Silly Wupple, 2nd, 7/2

Back To Bid, 14/1, PU

Beat The Boys, 1st, 4/1

Nampour, 5th, 4/1

Togiak, 5th, 8/1

Paquerettza, 2nd, 8/1

Friday, 9 October 2009

Two today

Nice 8/1 winner yesterday, hopefully things can crack on with one or both of these:

Emotive Carlisle 16:15 10/1 ladbrokes

Golden Button York 17:00 9/2 stan james

Emotive, 7th, 11/2

Golden Button, 6th, 7/2

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Four today

Good luck to:

Watch Out Worcester 15:10 8/1 will hill

Eljays Boy Wincanton 15:35 7/1 totesport

Sound Stage Worcester 16:45 10/1 ladbrokes

Local Present Wincanton 17:10 6/1 bet365

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Sorry for lack of update today, I was in a conference all day and just didn't have any chance to get on the blog. Not a good day though, with eight points dropped. The sooner this flat season finishes the better I reckon!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Four today

Another nice winner yesterday, will update results etc when I can!

Today it's good luck to:

Ice Diva Leicester 14:10 6/1 bet365

Comptons Eleven Leicester 14:40 9/2 ladbrokes

Realisation Leicester 15:10 9/2 coral

Good Buy Dubai Folkestone 16:50 9/1 coral

Monday, 5 October 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Angel Of Fashion Warwick 14:50 4/1 ladbrokes

Wellington Fair Windsor 16:00 7/1 ladbrokes

Muftarres Warwick 16:50 5/1 ladbrokes

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Four today - two doubles

A couple of big priced double stakers today.

Good luck to:

Sierra Peak Kelso 14:55 4/1 stan james

What Happened Kelso 16:35 10/1 bet365

Give Us The Nod Huntingdon 17:00 20/1 bet365/coral DOUBLE

Secret Cavern Uttoxeter 17:55 12/1 totesport DOUBLE

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Four today

Quite an interesting day with some decent prices about.

Good luck to:

Arizona John Redcar 14:40 £20 10/1 betfred £16.89 Ladbrokes 9/1

Ouste Fontwell 16:40 9/2 coral

Pacific Pride Redcar 17:05 18/1 skybet

Lindoro Epsom 17:30 12/1 ladbrokes

Nice win yesterday although Ladbrokes hit me with a r4, so Lindoro returned at 10.8/1 instead of 12s.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Arizona John, 6th, 8/1

Ouste, 5h, 7/2

Pacific Pride, 8th, 20/1

Lindoro, 1st, 8/1

Friday, 2 October 2009

Three today one double

The first couple at Newmarket today were marginal calls, as I still don't like doing a couple in the same race, but at the prices I think they're worth a dabble.

Chapel Flowers has the look of a real good old fashioned punt, hopefully it'll pay dividends.

Good luck to:

We'll Come Newmarket 13:55 14/1 ladbrokes

Ordnance Row Newmarket 13:55 11/1 £20 Will Hill £16.89 Skybet

Chapel Flowers Hexham 16:00 8/1 coral DOUBLE

Confirmation of results with sps:

We'll Come, 7th, 10/1

Ordnance Row, 8th, 16/1

Chapel Flowers, 2nd, 11/2

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Six today - one double

Been in a long meeting today so missed a point or two with some of these sadly.

All the same good luck to:

Powerful Pierre Ayr 14:20 13/2 will hill £4.34 betfred 13/2 £30.46 paddy power DOUBLE

Rum King Newmarket 14:35 7/2 stan james

Battlemaiden Goodwood 15:20 5/1 bet365

French Art Ayr 15:30 5/1 bet365

Andhaar Goodwood 16:30 5/1 vcbet

Final Verse Newmarket 17:30 8/1 coral

Confirmation of results with sps:

Powerful Pierre, 2nd, 7/1

Rum King, 1st, 11/4

Battlemaiden, 6th, 15/2

French Art, 2nd, 6/1

Andhaar, 3rd, 13/2

Final Verse, 8th, 17/2

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Six today one double

Good luck to:

Secret Venue Nottingham 14:50 7/1 skybet
Double stake *

Vhujon Salisbury 15:05 11/2 coral

Aussie Blue Newcastle 16:25 9/2 will hill

Shadowtime Newcastle 16:25 6/1 ladbrokes

Trumpstoo Newcastle 17:00 £37.60 8/1 will hill £2.90 totesport

Whiepa Snappa Nottingham 17:10 10/1 bet365

* edited at 1525. I've just realised, genuinely, that this was a double stake selection this morning, rather than a single stake. A great bonus considering the horse has won! I do hope if you've been following the blog for a while you feel you can trust me when I say this, i can put up a screen grab of my skybet statement if you doubt it. If you're following my selections, which i appreciate is possibly unlikely given the poor recent run, I can only apologise for not putting it up properly this morning, I was in a mad rush at work as normal, and I'm sorry for the mistake. Will do my best to make sure it won't happen again. Fingers crossed for another winner or two today to make it a really good day.
Thanks, CD

Confirmation of results with sps:

Secret Venue, 1st, 13/2

Vhujon, 7th, 9/2

Aussie Blue, 7th, 4/1

Shadowtime, 4th, 9/2

Trumpstoo, 5th, 5/1

Whiepa Snappa, 3rd, 12/1

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Four today - two doubles

Some nice prices about today, so if we can make it four profitable days in a row that would be fab.

Good luck to:

Apex Warwick 15:40 14/1 bet365

Orphelin Collonges Sedgefield 16:30 10/1 bet365

Mummys Pearl Sedgefield 17:00 8/1 ladbrokes DOUBLE

Debdene Bank Warwick 17:40 10/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Confirmation of results with sps:

Apex, 7th, 14/1

Orphelin Collonges, 7th, 17/2

Mummys Pearl, PU, 6/1

Debdene Bank NR

Monday, 28 September 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Kyle of Bute Brighton 16:20 8/1 bet365

Golden Prospect Brighton 16:50 6/1 coral

Simple Rhythm Brighton 17:50 8/1 coral

Well this is much more like it, Simple Rhythm doing the business really well in the 17:50. That's three profitable days in a row, something I've not been able to say for quite a while! Will update results with sps a bit later or maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Six today

Let's hope to end the week on a high with one or two of these.

Good luck to:

Record Breaker Ascot 14:05 4/1 ladbrokes

Mawatheeq Ascot 14:40 4/1 ladbrokes

Tamagin Ascot 15:15 12/1 Will hill

Dream Eater Ascot 15:15 11/1 Will hill

Feeling Fab Musselburgh 15:40 £25 9/1 will hill £15.50 8/1 bet365

Bahamian Music Ascot 15:50 4/1 ladbrokes

Haven't time to update properly but three wins from six today thank goodness, with Record Breaker and Mawatheeq winning easily and then Feeling Fab getting up on the line to win at Musselburgh (making up for the narrow defeat yesterday!). All means a 14 point profit on the day. Would have been even better had Tamagin managed to win thanks to his crafty tactics but sadly could only finish second.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Record Breaker, 1st, 11/4

Mawatheeq, 1st, 7/2

Tamagin, 2nd, 12/1

Dream Eater, 8th, 8/1

Feeling Fab, 1st, 6/1

Bahamian Music, 10th, 5/1

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Five today

Would really like a decent day soon to get things back on track.

Some competitive racing ahead but good luck to:

Timocracy Market Rasen 13:35 5/1 paddy power

Prohibit Haydock 15:00 9/2 bet365

Lady Darshaan Ascot 15:05 11/1 coral

Golden Stream Ascot 16:50 9/1 totesport

Kingswinford Chester 17:00 5/1 coral

Wow, tonight I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Golden Stream did the business well for a nice 9/1 winner to ensure a five point profit on the day.

But Timocracy aside, this could have been so so much better, with today being a great example of just how things have been running lately. Check out the sporting life commenataries here..

Prohibit - beaten a short head - traded at 1.11 in running

tracked leaders, headway over 1f out, ridden to lead entering final furlong, kept on, headed post opened 4/1 touched 11/4 £1000-£300 £1500-£500

Lady Darshaan - beaten 3/4 length

always prominent, ridden over 1f out, edged slightly right entering final furlong, soon hampered and struck on nose by winning jockeys whip, held after

(Now I didn't see this race but that would sum things up if the damn whip did make all the difference!!)

Kingswinford went on to run a solid race as well, losing by 1/2 lenght and a head, staying on really well but not close enough.

Anyway mustn't grumble too much, at least Golden Stream did the biz and we look forward to continuing the fightback tomorrow.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Timocracy, 8th, 11/2

Prohibit, 2nd, 3/1

Lady Darshaan, 2nd, 9/1

Golden Stream, 1st, 5/1

Kingswinford, 3rd, 11/2

Friday, 25 September 2009

Four today one double

Good luck to:

Worc 2.55 Sweet as Pye DOUBLE 5-1 Bet365

Worc 4.05 Uffa Fox 9-2 Bet365

Hay 4.30 Light from Mars 5-1 Bet365

Worc 5.15 Norborne Bandit 6-1 Coral

Confirmation of results with sps:

Worc 2.55 Sweet as Pye, 4th, 6/1

Worc 4.05 Uffa Fox, 4th, 7/2

Hay 4.30 Light from Mars, 2nd, 7/2

Worc 5.15 Norborne Bandit, 7th, 4/1

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seven today, three doubles

Out and about and in a real rush so doing this on my phone, good luck to.

1440, silver blue 10/1
1530, commander wish 11/1
1600, shavansky 16/1
1610, helvatin 3/1 double
1620, annibale caro 5/1 double
1640, roussea, 10/1 double
1700, jeer 4/1

Confirmation of results with sps:

1440, silver blue, 3rd, 8/1

1530, commander wish, 8th, 12/1

1600, shavansky, 5th, 8/1

1610, helvatio, 6th, 7/4

1620, annibale caro, 7th, 4/1

1640, roussea, 3rd, 10/1

1700, jeer, 3rd, 4/1

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Three today one double

Apols for being late in posting today, damn work!

Good luck to:

Red 2.15 Right Rave 4-1 Bet 365 - double stake

Good 3.10 Arthur's Edge £37.60 W Hill 8-1, £2.90 Bet365 7-1

Red 5.10 Kyzer Chief £27 P Power 8-1, £13.50 Bet365 8-1

Confirmation of results with sps:

Red 2.15 Right Rave, 3rd, 9/2

Good 3.10 Arthur's Edge, 2nd, 9/2

Red 5.10 Kyzer Chief, 8th, 8/1

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Four today one double

A decent winner in the last to ensure a small profit yesterday.

Hopefully can follow it up with one or two of these. In particular a double stake winner is long overdue so come on Goodwood Starlight, do the business please.

Good luck to:

Minturno Beverley 14:30 9/1 will hill

Lodi Folkestone 15:20 7/1 totesport

Weather Front Stratford 16:10 4/1 coral

Goodwood Starlight Folkestone 16:50 7/1 coral DOUBLE

Confirmation of results with sps:

Minturno, 10th, 15/2

Lodi, 4th, 4/1

Weather Front, 1st, 3/1

Goodwood Starlight, 6th, 16/1 (!!!)

Monday, 21 September 2009

A busy Monday - six today, one double

A 16/1 third which traded at even money in running yesterday, hammering on the door here and surely there's a few nice winners around the corner.

Today good luck to:

Rosedale Leicester 14:20 £31.92 7/1 paddy power £49.08 7/1 totesport DOUBLE

Shadowtime Hamilton 15:40 11/2 coral

Flipping Leicester 16:20 8/1 bet365

Highland Warrior Hamilton 16:40 9/1 coral

Charlie Delta Leicester 17:20 £37.60 8/1 will hill £2.90 15/2 skybet

Captain Royale Hamilton 17:40 7/1 will hill

Confirmation of results with sps:

Rosedale, 3rd, 8/1

Shadowtime, 7th, 11/2

Flipping, 4th, 11/1

Highland Warrior, 5th, 9/1

Charlie Delta, 7th, 11/1

Captain Royale, 1st, 11/2

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Three today

Big landmark reached today - with Sea Cove being the 1000th stake placed since this campaign began. (With a double stake selection meaning two stakes).

Would be a belter of a price to celebrate!

Good luck to:

Sea Cove Uttoxeter 14:50 £20 16/1 will hill £20.50 16/1 totesport

Kashmina Plumpton 15:30 8/1 ladbrokes

Hindu Kush Hamilton 16:10 10/1 coral

Confirmation of results and sps:

Sea Cove, 3rd, 14/1

Kashmina, 5th, 9/2

Hindu Kush, 9th, 10/1

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Music Show Ayr 14:35 11/2 ladbrokes

Damika Ayr 15:50 8/1 coral

Mountain Cat Newmarket 16:50 5/1 bet365

Rayhani Ayr 17:35 £18.80 16/1 will hill £21.70 14/1 coral

Demolition Ayr 17:35 11/2 ladbrokes

A couple more close efforts but no winner today.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Music Show, 10th, 5/1

Damika, 4th, 7/1

Mountain Cat, 3rd, 6/1

Rayhani, 11th, 11/1

Demolition, 2nd, 9/2

Friday, 18 September 2009

Two today one double

Hi sorry am so late posting today, work commitments have made it impossible to get on before now.

Good luck to:

Puff Ayr 15:30 13/2 totesport

Magnus Thrax Newmarket 15:40 4/1 coral double stake

0/2 with another second.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Puff, 2nd, 6/1

Magnus Thrax, 10th, 9/2

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Four today one double

Good luck to:

Right Step Ayr 15:20 13/2 skybet DOUBLE

Newbury Street Yarmouth 15:40 4/1 ladbrokes

Doric Echo Ayr 16:50 12/1 vcbet

Aussie Blue Pontefract 17:30 £33 6/1 stan james £7 11/2 bet365

Finally have a few minutes to update the recent results. Apologies it's taken a while if you've been looking out for them, just no time to catch up at the moment at home! The recent run has been extremely frustrating with numerous second places. I know it can be fairly tedious people complaining about a load of second placed finishes, but honestly, 13 second places in the last 66 selections, or 19.69%, that's pretty sick I reckon, at an average price of 6.15/1. But still, these things happen, the bank is still solid, even if I was forced into a recent reduction in stakes. The growth over the last few months has still been fantastic, and if I can do half, or even as third as well in the next few months then I'll be very happy. I've no reason to believe that won't happen. All the best to you.
Confirmation of today's results with sps:

Right Step, 5th, 8/1

Newbury Street, 2nd, 11/4

Doric Echo, 3rd, 14/1

Aussie Blue, 3rd, 5/1

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Four today

A nice 14/1 winner yesterday to hopefully steer the ship towards profit again. Will update the blog properly as soon as I can - just so busy at home in the evenings at the moment it's untrue!

Today it's good luck to:

Spiritofthewest Beverley 15:10 9/1 ladbrokes

Fontley Sandown 15:30 13/2 bet365

Shooting Party Sandown 17:10 8/1 ladbrokes

Imperial Echo Yarmouth 17:30 11/2 bet365

Another winner here -

Confirmation of results with sps:

Spiritofthewest, 14th, 11/1

Fontley, 1st, 5/1

Shooting Party, 9th, 13/2

Imperial Echo, 9th, 4/1

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Via Aurelia Haydock 15:00 9/2 totesport

Novellen Lad Haydock 16:00 4/1 bet365

Chandrayaan Lingfield 16:20 9/2 coral

Colorus Yarmouth 16:40 14/1 bet365

Zefooha Haydock 17:00 6/1 ladbrokes

Confirmation of results with sps:

Via Aurelia, 4th, 15/2

Novellen Lad, 2nd, 7/2

Chandrayaan, 4th, 5/1

Colorus, 1st, 8/1

Zefooha, 8th, 6/1

Monday, 14 September 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Beat The Shower Redcar 15:40 20/1 will hill / ladbrokes

Black Daddy Leicester 16:30 7/1 coral

Harriets Girl Leicester 17:30 7/1 ladbrokes

Burza Leicester 17:30 8/1 bet365

Four Kicks Musselburgh 17:50 7/1 bet365

Confirmation of results with sps:

Beat The Shower, 5th, 16/1

Black Daddy, 7th, 11/2

Harriets Girl, 3rd, 7/1

Burza, 11th, 9/2

Four Kicks, 7th, 9/1

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Three today

Over the last few days, more than 20% of selections posted here have finished second, at prices up to 14/1. Pretty damn sickening and always the sign of a really nasty run. I'm reducing stakes from today, to form a new 100pt bank from last night's total. This means that my new stake is £11.61 per selection. Coupled with the bets I am putting on for my friends/family the combined tally is now £39.69.

The last time I reduced stakes it brought about an almost immediate return to winning ways, so no doubt this week coming will be a belter! In all my research, I have never seen a 100pt bank go bust, and still feel confident that if I kept to my normal stakes the return to the £2k plus mark will be fairly rapid, but having a little baby in the house doesn't half make you feel more risk averse!

Anyway good luck to:

Truism Goodwood 14:35 9/2 coral

Salient Goodwood 16:55 9/2 bet365

Jewelled Reef Bath 17:50 12/1 bet365

Confirmation of results with sps:

Truism, 2nd, 6/1

Salient, 3rd, 3/1

Jewelled Reef, 3rd, 17/2

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Nine today - one double

Some big prices in here.

Good luck to:

Noble Citizen Goodwood 14:10 14/1 coral

Transfixed Chester 14:45 9/2 pp

Mourayan Doncaster 15:00 7/1 skybet

Knights Victory Goodwood 15:10 6/1 will hill

Jewelled Ffos Las 15:40 7/1 bet365

Toms Laughter Ffos Las 16:50 8/1 will hill

Dont Stop Me Now Chester 17:05 4/1 DOUBLE

Matraash Doncaster 17:15 12/1 coral

Dr Jameson Chester 17:40 12/1 ladbrokes

Hi, I haven't time to update properly, but no winners today, yet another couple of second places, really tough run this. Am sure we'll get back on track soon! Will update properly when I can.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Noble Citizen, 2nd, 8/1

Transfixed, 2nd, 9/2

Mourayan, 5th, 6/1

Knights Victory NON RUNNER

Jewelled, 5th, 4/1

Toms Laughter, 6th, 9/2

Dont Stop Me Now, 7th, 7/1

Matraash, 6th, 7/1

Dr Jameson, 9th, 8/1

Friday, 11 September 2009

Four today

No winners yesterday, another couple of seconds.

Today good luck to:

Cosmic Sun Doncaster 14:05 7/2 bet365

Blue Neptune Sandown 14:15 10/1 will hill

Darley Sun Doncaster 14:40 £8.50 7/1 stan james the rest betfred

Thin Red Line 16:55 Doncaster 11/2 will hill

Another blank day, with yet another second.

Here's confirmation of results with sps:

Cosmic Sun, 3rd, 7/2

Blue Neptune, 6th, 16/1

Darley Sun, 2nd, 6/1

Thin Red Line, 8th, 6/1

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Six today - one double

Sorry these are late, been in meetings but these were put on earlier.

Good luck to:

Donc 2.00 Chain of Events £38 9-2 Paddy Power, £13 S James

Epsom 3.20 Seventh Cavalry 13-2 £46.20 W Hill £4.80 Bet365

Donc 4.20 Silver Linnett 20-1 Lads

Chep 4.40 No Supper DOUBLE STAKER 7-1 Bet365

Donc 4.50 Shamwari Lodge 9-2 S James

Chep 5.10 Womaniser 12-1 Bet365

By the way am aware I haven't tidied up the last couple of days yet, but will do asap!

Confirmation of results with SPs

Chain of Events, 8th, 9/2

Seventh Cavalry, 2nd, 11/2

Silver Linnett, 10th, 20/1

No Supper, 13th, 7/1

Shamwari Lodge, 2nd, 3/1

Womaniser NON RUNNER

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Audacity Of Hope Doncaster 14:00 totesport 9/2

Troodos Jet Uttoxeter 14:55 8/1 bet365

Zaaqya Epsom 15:20 9/1 will hill/paddy power

Rory Boy Uttoxeter 16:05 6/1 bet365

Rasaman Doncaster 16:50 17/2 paddy power 8/1 bet365

Confirmation of results with sps:

Audacity Of Hope, 1st, 3/1

Troodos Jet, 4th, 6/1

Zaaqya, 7th, 9/2

Rory Boy, 6th, 9/2

Rasaman, 2nd, 15/2

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Four today

Good luck to:

Sinbad The Sailor Goodwood 14:00 9/2 bluesq / betfred

Greek Key Lingfield 14:45 7/1 vcbet

Dingaan Goodwood 16:55 4/1 coral

Essifer Sedgefield 17:20 7/1 coral

Confirmation of results with sps:

Sinbad The Sailor, 3rd, 9/2

Greek Key, 8th, 7/2

Dingaan, 6th, 5/1

Essifer, 12th, 15/2

Monday, 7 September 2009

Four today

Good luck to:

Fantastic Pick Bath 14:40 9/1 coral

Imperial Echo Newcastle 15:00 6/1 bet365

Prospect Court Newcastle 15:00 18/1 bet365

Hawkit Newcastle 16:30 9/1coral

A good day today with Fantastic Pick doing the business, and BOG in play as well with Coral. Hawkit ran on to finish second in the 4.30, so yet another big priced second, but at least there's been a 7pt profit overall.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Fantastic Pick, 1st, 10/1

Imperial Echo, 5th, 9/2

Prospect Court, 5th, 22/1

Hawkit, 2nd, 7/1

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Two today

Just a couple today at decent prices.

Good luck to:

We'll Deal Again York 14:00 10/1 ladbrokes

Celtic Lynn York 16:50 14/1 bet365


Confirmation with sps:

We'll Deal Again, 3rd, 12/1

Celtic Lynn, 14th, 11/1

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Seven today

Good luck to:

Im Super Too Thirsk 14:00 14/1 vcbet

Splinter Cell Thirsk 15:05 7/1 coral

Finjaan Haydock 15:30 11/2 coral

War Of The World Stratford 15:55 11/2 will hill

Yaa Wayl Haydock 16:05 6/1 coral

Mohawk Ridge Thirsk 16:10 6/1 ladbrokes

Blue Spinnaker Thirsk 16:40 £30 10/1 will hilll £21 9/1 bet365

A total break even day today, with the one winner which drifted to 6/1 with best odds guaranteed in play. I thought I'm Super Too ran a cracking race, and was a little unlucky in running.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Im Super Too, 2nd, 16/1

Splinter Cell, 5th, 3/1

Finjaan , 8th, 7/1

War Of The World, 1st, 6/1

Yaa Wayl, 2nd, 6/1

Mohawk Ridge, 5th, 10/3

Blue Spinnaker, 11th, 12/1

Friday, 4 September 2009

Four today

Been stuck in meetings so a bit late getting on these, no doubt that means there'll be a winner or two in there!

Anyway good luck to:

Spirit of Coniston Chepstow 15:10 9/2 bet365

Rio Cobolo Catterick 16:00 13/2 vcbet

Call of Duty Catterick 17:00 17/2 skybet

Mocha Java Chepstow 17:40 8/1 ladbrokes

Yep thought by missing a point or two a winner would be found, and so it was with Rio Cobolo doing the business in good style at Catterick! I don't know if it's coincidence but my record at Chepstow always seems to be woeful, hey ho. A nice 3 1/2 point profit on the day and a good day for value again as well.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Spirit of Coniston, 5th, 3/1

Rio Cobolo, 1st, 9/2

Call of Duty, 10th, 8/1

Mocha Java, 8th, 5/1

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Diamond Twister Salisbury 13:40 £27.20 11/1 will £23.80 11/1 totesport

Tangerine Trees Redcar 15:05 4/1 bet365

Aurora Sky Epsom 15:25 6/1 bet365

A non-descript sort of day with another non runner and a couple of unplaced efforts. Will hope for better tomorrow!

Here's confirmation with sps:

Diamond Twister NON RUNNER

Tangerine Trees, 7th, 5/1

Aurora Sky, 5th, 11/2

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Two today, one double

Just a couple today, Vinnes Friend is currently being backed as if defeat is out of the question! We'll see.

Good luck to:

Walcot Square Brighton 14:30 4/1 bet365

Vinnes Friend Hereford 17:10 7/2 DOUBLE

Well Walcot Square was the subject of a sustained gamble which just failed while Vinnes Friend unfortunately didn't race.

Here's confirmation:

Walcot Square, 2nd, 9/4

Vinnes Friend NON RUNNER

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Three today one double

Refreshed and ready for another day of action.

Good luck to:

Rathrockscourt Newton Abbot 14:40 8/1 will hill £13.4 15/2 paddy power

Monashee Rock Leicester 15:20 4/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Campden Annie Newton Abbot 16:10 11/1 coral

Well that's more like it, a decent 5 point profit on the day, value all round and a couple of other placed efforts! Will update properly either later or tomorrow, but at least September's started well.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Rathrockscourt, 1st, 6/1

Monashee Rock, 3rd, 10/3

Campden Annie, 3rd, 7/1

Monday, 31 August 2009

Eight today - one double

Good luck to:

Kerchak Epsom 14:00 8/1 bet365

Carnaval Court Chepstow 14:05 £35.40 5/1 paddy power £129.76 9/2 vcbet DOUBLE

Livingonaknifedge Cartmel 15:30 7/1 ladbrokes

Goodwood Starlight Epsom 16:20 £25 12/1 will hill £16.50 12/1 betfred £18 11/1 stan james £30.08 10/1 bet365

Wyatt Earp Newcastle 16:35 £25.45 stan james 13/2 £57.13 6/1 coral

Transfered Warwick 16:50 10/1 ladbrokes

The Which Doctor Epsom 16:55 £49 4/1 stan james 33.58 4/1 totesport

Weather Front Huntingdon 17:05 6/1 bet365

Well at least August ended with a winner, with best odds guaranteed playing as well so even better. Weather Front's victory salvaged another up-to-that-point awful day. It meant just the one point lost on the day.

The winner ended a run of 37 bets without a win (with a double stake couting as two bets). This is by far the worst run since this attempt to "win a fortune" began last November. According to my staking plan programme, my longest expected run without a win should be 39, according to my strike rate, so that's hopefully the worst it can get. It means my bank's been very hard hit, 45% or so down from peak. Hideous.

But we're still well up since all this began, and if the stats gods are watching down there should be a good spell around the corner.

Here's confirmation of today's results with sps:

Kerchak, 6th, 17/2

Carnaval Court, 7th, 9/4

Livingonaknifedge, 3rd, 6/1

Goodwood Starlight, 6th, 8/1

Wyatt Earp, 5th, 9/2

Transfered, 8th, 8/1

The Which Doctor, 6th, 3/1

Weather Front, 1st, 7/1

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Three today

Back in action, on a relatively quiet day in the markets.

Good luck to:

Atacama Sunrise Yarmouth 14:55 £60 5/1 will hil £22.58 5/1 betfred

Mabuya Goodwood 16:30 4/1 bet365

Dinner Date Yarmouth 17:50 £30 10/1 will hill £52.58 9/1 Ladbrokes

The poor run continues, although Dinner Date led until the final 100 yds and Atacama Sunrise was also beaten less than a length. The pendulum will swing back again some point soon, I'm sure.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Atacama Sunrise, 3rd, 9/2

Mabuya, 8th, 3/1

Dinner Date, 3rd, 12/1

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nine today - three doubles

Another very busy day.

Good luck to:

Nuit Sombre Beverley 14:30 £28 14/1 betfred £54.58 12/1 bet365

Pinewood Legend Cartmel 15:15 4/1 will hill

Tamagin Newmarket 15:25 5/1 bet365

Ilston Lord Goodwood 16:20 11/2 totesport DOUBLE

Hadaf Newmarket 16:35 9/1 Ladbrokes

Mesbaah Beverley 17:15 £12 16/1 betfred £70.58 14/1 totesport

Theologist Goodwood 17:30 £125.16 9/2 vcbet £40 4/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Truism Windsor 19:10 £60 5/1 Will Hill £22.58 9/2 coral

Dr Wintringham Windsor 19:40 9/2 £108.16 totesport £57 4/1 coral DOUBLE

Wow, another absolutely hideous day, probably back to back the worst couple of days for several months, horrible.

August absolutely certain to end down now, after a valiant fight back up until a couple of days ago.

Hope for better tomorrow.

Here's confirmation of results with sps:

Nuit Sombre, 3rd, 8/1

Pinewood Legend, 3rd, 7/2

Tamagin, 4th, 11/2

Ilston Lord, 9th, 11/2

Hadaf, 12th, 8/1

Mesbaah, 9th, 10/1

Theologist, 3rd, 3/1

Truism, 2nd, 5/1

Dr Wintringham, 4th, 4/1

Friday, 28 August 2009

Nine today - two doubles

Absolutely loads going on, with prices crashing, not helped by being busy at work, bookies rejecting stakes, and my damn mobile internet being slow!

Despite all that, very best of luck to:

Miss Miracle Newmarket 13:20 15/2 coral DOUBLE

Lucky Dan Thirsk 13:30 4/1 ladbrokes

O Crotaigh Ffos Las 14:10 8/1 will hill, 7/1 bet365

Apollo Shark Thirsk 15:45 8/1 ladbrokes

To Be Or Not To Be Thirsk 15:45 16/1 ladbrokes

Kashimin Newmarket 17:10 6/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Its A Mans World Newcastle 17:20 4/1 vcbet

Any Given Moment Bath 18:40 11/2 ladbrokes

Rose Cheval Bath 19:40 12/1 vcbet

Carnage today, with no winners from eight efforts, probably not helped by what sounded like abysmal weather all over the place. Four of them finished placed though, and a couple were quite badly hampered in running (Kashimin in particular), but we look for better tomorrow.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Miss Miracle, 4th, 10/1

Lucky Dan, 2nd, 4/1

OCrotaigh, 12th, 16/1

Apollo Shark, 12th, 8/1

To Be Or Not To Be, 4th, 16/1

Kashimin, 5th, 5/1

Its A Mans World, 3rd, 10/3

Any Given Moment, 3rd, 3/1

Rose Cheval, NON RUNNER

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Four today

Some nicely backed types at Ayr today.

Good luck to:

Lady Lube Rye Ayr 14:10 4/1 bet365

Pokfulham Ayr 16:10 4/1 bet365

Misphire Ayr 16:40 6/1 bet365

Josephine Malines Ayr 17:10 6/1totesport

Nope not happening today unfortunately, with a blank from the four selections.

Confirmation with sps:

Lady Lube Rye, 6th, 4/1

Pokfulham, 7th, 3/1

Misphire, 8th, 8/1

Josephine Malines, 3rd, 7/2

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Arjemis Catterick 14:50 4/1 totesport

Suffolk Punch Warwick 16:00 5/1 bet365

Rosbay Ayr 16:10 £19.50 10/1 betfred 8/1 Ladbrokes

Rosewin Catterick 16:50 8/1 coral

Broad Cairn Warwick 17:00 4/1 skybet

An excellent day today, with three winners from five selections! After a really poor spell earlier in the month (when the blog wasn't being actioned because of the birth!) things are getting back on an even keel. Nice to see the horses continuing to be well backed and then doing the business. Interesting sporting life commentary on Rosbay as well:

tracked leaders, ridden over 3f out, hampered, short of room and lost place over 2f out, rallied final furlong, kept on opened 10/1 touched 8/1

Now just got to keep driving forward!

Here's confirmation with sps:

Arjemis, 1st, 9/4

Suffolk Punch, 5th, 4/1

Rosbay, 7th, 9/1

Rosewin, 1st, 4/1

Broad Cairn, 1st, 11/4

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just one today

Very quiet day's racing, and only one selection.

Good luck to:

Prospectorous Sedgefield 16:15 7/1 ladbrokes

Well Prospectorous was the subject of a huge gamble which only just failed, his jumping seeming to let him down a bit, and was beaten 1 1/2 lengths in the end.

Here's confirmation:

Prospectorous, 2nd, 9/4

Monday, 24 August 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Ham 4.20 Royal Flynn £40@11-2 W Hill, £42.50@5-1Bet365

Wind 4.30 Special Reserve 6-1 Lads

Ham 5.20 Prospect Court 7-1 Coral

Nice 4 point profit here with Special Reserve landing a nice touch. Will update full sps etc some point tomorrow.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Royal Flynn, 8th, 11/2

Special Reserve, 1st, 10/3

Prospect Court, 8th, 8/1

Delay in posting

Hi all, just in case you're going to be looking out for my selections today, I thought I should point out they're very likely going to be late being put up, because I'm now back at work and due to go into a meeting anytime now which could take quite a while, maybe 2 or 3 hours. Sorry about this, thanks, CD

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quiet Sunday - one selection

Another quiet Sunday, with not a lot of activity. William Hill back to their old tricks with a measly £10 on offer.

Good luck to:

Stolt Musselburgh 16:20 £10 8/1 Will Hill £72.58 15/2 Skybet

Stolt finishing sixth means no winners this weekend, annoying, but a profitable week overall.

Here's confirmation:

Stolt, 6th, 9/2

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Six today - one double

Another pretty busy day, and bet365 could bear the brunt if it's a good one.

Good luck to:

Riptide Newton Abbot 14:00 8/1 bet365

Rio Sands Ripon 14:50 10/1 bet365

Sabotage Chester 14:55 7/2 bet365

Keepitsecret Newton Abbot 15:05 9/2 vcbet

Dhaular Dhar Chester 15:30 7/1 bet365

Jawaab Sandown 17:25 4/1 DOUBLE bet365

A blank here sadly although again some decent efforts and plenty of value about.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Riptide, 4th, 7/1

Rio Sands, 3rd, 6/1

Sabotage, 3rd, 15/8

Keepitsecret, 12th, 9/2

Dhaular Dhar, 7th, 6/1

Jawaab, 6th, 9/2

Friday, 21 August 2009

Seven today - one double

Busy day today, was holding out for more on betfair for Kings Point but settled for the BOG on offer at Coral in the end.

Good luck to:

Classic Vintage York 13:45 11/2 bet365

True Red Sandown 14:05 13/2 will hill £36.38 skybet 6/1

Kings Point Chester 14:30 £61 Coral 14/1 £21 betfair 17/1

Radiohead York 15:25 4/1 Coral

Safebreaker Chester 16:50 8/1 bet365

Theladyinquestion Salisbury 17:20 5/1 vcbet DOUBLE

Whiepa Snappa Salisbury 17:55 13/2 vcbet

Well an excellent day with a couple of winners in Safebreaker and Theladyinquestion, and a close up placed efforts too, leaving a 15pt profit on the day. Whiepa Snappa traded at around 1.5 in running but ended up being run out of it. Anyway, the fightback continues!

Will update sps etc later, and will respond to recent comments - a mad house here at present!

Classic Vintage, 6th, 9/2

True Red, 3rd, 10/3

Kings Point, 7th, 11/1

Radiohead, 3rd, 9/2

Safebreaker,1st, 7/2

Theladyinquestion, 1st, 6/1

Whiepa Snappa, 3rd, 5/1

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Four today - two double stakes

Could be a really good day if one or two of these win.

Good luck to:

Dancing Storm Chepstow 17:30 12/1 bet365, Skybet DOUBLE

Isintshelovely Fontwell 17:40 16/1 coral

Campden Annie Fontwell 18:15 6/1 skybet/Will Hill (£30) 11/2 Coral DOUBLE

Happy Reunion Fontwell 19:50 7/1 bet365

Well Dancing Storm and Campden Annie didn't really get close, but Isintshelovely ran a very good race for a long time, trading at just over evens at one stage, but then dropped like a stone in the last furlong or two. Happy Reunion hacked up to ensure a two point profit on the day, and decent value had.

Confirmation with sps:

Dancing Storm, 6th, 6/1

Isintshelovely, 7th, 14/1

Campden Annie, 5th, 7/2

Happy Reunion, 1st, 7/2

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Six today

Six today, but no double stakers. William Hill are an absolute joke - offered me just £10 on Diddums in the 7.20 at Folkestone, a pathetic amount even by their standards. Funny to think they weren't restricting bets a while ago when all I was backing with them was losers. This is the same bookmaker which claims to lay horses to tens of thousands of pounds every time they're interviewed on bbc1 or c4. Pathetic.

Anyway good luck to:

Rosko Hamilton 15:40 5/1 bet365

Singeur York 16:05 4/1 bet365

Requisite Carlisle 16:25 15/2 coral

Shifting Gold Hamilton 16:50 9/2 ladbrokes

My Best Bet Folkestone 18:50 9/2 ladbrokes

Diddums Folkestone 19:20 £10 9/1 will hill £72.58 skybet 8/1

A blank today although quite a few ran pretty well, with the usual tale of photo finish defeats and horses a bit unlucky in running, as seems to be the way for poor runs,

Here's confirmation with sps:

Rosko, 11th, 9/2

Singeur, 4th, 7/2

Requisite, 4th, 13/2

Shifting Gold, 2nd, 3/1

My Best Bet, 4th, 7/1

Diddums, 3rd, 6/1

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Five today

Good luck to:

Red Horse Brighton 15:10 £20 9/1 will hill £20 paddy power 8/1 totesport 8/1

Sceilin Brighton 15:45 9/2 coral

Millfield Brighton 16:50 7/1 totesport

Green Lagonda Brighton 17:20 4/1 betfred £50 the rest bet365 7/2

Invincible Isle Nottingham 19:30 8/1 bet365

A good day today, although a taste of what might have been with a 16/1 shot this morning perilously close to being a selection winning this afternoon. If the bank had been tanking along I probably would have included him but I was perhaps a tad too cautious and it cost me. Hey ho at least things are beginning to return to form with a couple more winners today.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Red Horse, 7th, 12/1

Sceilin, 1st, 7/2

Millfield, 5th, 13/2

Green Lagonda, 1st, 11/4

Invincible Isle, 3rd, 11/4

Monday, 17 August 2009

Three today one double

Good luck to:

Trumpet Lily Windsor 19:05 8/1 bet365

Kuanyao Yarmouth 19:20 4/1 ladbrokes DOUBLE

Any Given Moment Yarmouth 19:50 7/1 will hill £50 £28 stan james 7/1 £4.58 betfred 7/1

A couple of placed efforts but no returns sadly, at least the value was had again and that's the main thing as I always bang on about!

Here's confirmation with sps

Trumpet Lily, 3rd, 7/1

Kuanyao, 3rd, 2/1

Any Given Moment, NR

Sunday, 16 August 2009

No selections today

A quiet morning punting wise, and no selections. Good luck if you're getting involved.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Seven today - one double

Hopefully a nice priced winner will come out of here somewhere. Beginning to have real trouble putting bets on, will have to do something about it soon.

Good luck to:

Dylanesque Newbury 13:30 5/1 betfred 4/1 bet365

Forty Thirty Bangor 14:25 £10.94 paddy power 12/1 skybet 12/1 £71.64

Belanak Bangor 15:00 £25 12/1 will hil, 16.50 betfred 12/1 £23 11/1 boylesports £18.08 11/1 skybet

Bagamoyo Ripon 15:20 9/2 bet365

Chorizo Bangor 16:45 £36 11/2 betfred £40 stan james 5/1 £6.58 bet365 9/2

Funday Newbury 17:25 £40 4/1 will hill; £42.58 7/2 bet365

Oscar Royal Market Rasen 18:40 Totesport £63 Sky bet £62.15 16/1 the rest bet365 14/1 DOUBLE

Well that's a bit more like it! Although at about 14:30 I was wondering if it could be a bonanza day, which it wasn't to be. Forty Thirty paid me 13.63/1 because of best odds guaranteed on the meagre amount paddy power allowed me to have on it, combined with the rest on with skybet (and their lack of BOG). It all amounts to a 6.63pt profit on the day.
I didn't see Oscar Royal's race (I think I was nappy changing at the time), but according to the SL website he had been making progress but then pulled up when in third place, but I don't know if he was genuinely close to having a go and picked up a problem - a shame as it would have been a massive return, still hey ho.

Here's confirmation of results with SPs

Dylanesque, 7th, 7/2

Forty Thirty, 1st, 16/1

Belanak, PU, 8/1

Bagamoyo, 3rd, 4/1

Chorizo, 7th, 9/2

Funday, 4th, 3/1

Oscar Royal, PU, 20/1

Friday, 14 August 2009

Two today, one double

Good luck to:

Chantilly Pearl Newcastle 14:45 11/2 totesport 5/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Pattern Mark Nottingham 16:45 9/2 Stan James / Skybet

Still not happening, another second to boot, punting wise August has been a shocker of a month so far.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Chantilly Pearl, 2nd, 10/3

Pattern Mark, 6th, 9/2

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Back home!! Four today one double

From yesterday afternoon we've had our little girl home! She's fab and it's fantastic to have her here.

To celebrate hopefully a winner or two from one of these:

Mey Blossom Beverley 15:15 13/2 coral

Passkey Sandown 16:00 13/2 will hill £46.20 5/1 skybet 118.96 DOUBLE

Farleigh Sandown 16:35 £18 11/1 betfred 10/1 bet365 £64.58

Milesian King Stratford 18:40 12/1 bet365

Well not a great return unfortunately, without a winner today. Mey Blossom apparently stumbled badly leaving the stalls and in a five furlong race that's never the best start is it!?

Anyway here's confirmation:

Mey Blossom, 8th, 4/1sp

Passkey, 3rd, 6/1

Farleigh, 6th, 7/1

Milesian King, 6th, 12/1

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Hi all,

Things going well here, my wife's now noved back into hospital with our little one, which should be the next step before they can both come home, so hopefully not too long now!

As for here, well my Dad's still being putting the bets on, although it's been a pretty rotten recent run. It's funny, I didn't realise just how bad until the last hour or so when I updated things properly. Shows how my mind's been so much on other things.

Overall level stakes profit now stands at 174.84pts, which is down 23pts from peak. My own bank is now on £2072.88, but still in good shape re. my staking plan.

As is normally the case with poor runs, we've had a load of seconds and quite a thirds, but hopefully the winners will correct things soonish. We've had one winner from the last 22 stakes.

Mostly decent value about as I keep banging on about that's the main thing!

As I've said before, I'll be back properly just as soon as possible.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Quick hello

Just to say things are progressing well here with our little girl, she's still in hospital getting some extra help but will hopefully be home in the next week or two!

In the meantime my wife and I are spending near on all day with her, hence no blog updates. The bets are still being placed, and the bank reached a new high, by a very small amount, on monday, but since then 7 or 8 losers have gone in - but with good value on nearly all of them! Will be back here properly just as soon as possible.

Hope things are good where you are - I'm finding fatherhood fantastic so far!
Best wishes,

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Quick update

Hi, sorry for recent lack of updates but I think you'll understand if I tell you my wife and I now have a beautiful baby girl!

She was born yesterday (thursday) afternoon, four weeks early, is a tad on the little side but is doing really really well. She's absolutely fantastic.

It all means regular postings here may not appear for a little while I'm afraid, although bets are still being placed thanks to my Dad.

Yesteday saw a four point profit from three selections with Trotsky doing the business, but today saw five points lost, with a couple of seconds thrown in.

Anyway will be back on here as soon as things settle back down! I should be able to do evening catch up updates more regularly soon, but there's little chance of pre-race selections being put up for a while.

All the best to you,


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Four today

Just the four today, all single stakes.

Good luck to:

Chaperno Goodwood 14:45 7/1 bet365

Purissima Goodwood 17:45 9/2 coral

Theocritus Sandown 17:50 11/2 bet365

Ela Gorrie Mou Leicester 20:45 4/1 totesport

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Five today - one double stake

Good luck to:

Firebet Goodwood 14:45 4/1 will hill

Iver Bridge Lad Goodwood 16:00 10/1 will hill

Aetos Goodwood 17:45 5/1 will hill double stake

Wotchalike Perth 20:15 8/1 boylesports

Olmeto Collonges Worcester 20:20 6/1 bet365

Well the four points lost yesterday all but won back again, and when Olmeto Collonges moved well after continuing to be well backed I thought it could be an excellent five minutes, but not to be. Still, a good day and on to omorrow.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Firebet, 2nd, 3/1

Iver Bridge Lad,10th, 8/1

Aetos, 4th, 10/3

Wotchalike, 1st, 9/2

Olmeto Collonges, 3rd, 3/1

Monday, 27 July 2009

Six today

A couple of these close to being double stakers but it's single stakes on the following.

Good luck to:

Alvee Yarmouth 17:00 5/1 betfred 9/2 bet365

Applesnap Yarmouth 17:30 14/1 bet365

Ela Gorrie Mou Windsor 18:40 7/1 will hill

Ellen Street Uttoxeter 18:50 5/1 paddy power/ ladbrokes

Gentle Guru Windsor 19:45 14/1 betfred. 12/1 bet365

Sparkling Montjeu Uttoxeter 19:55 4/1 bet365

Nope not today, a frustrating couple of non runners and then Sparkling Montjeu looked to all the world like she'd win easily (traded at 1.04 in running) before being hauled in in the last 100 yards. Four points lost on the day and we look for better tomorrow.

Here's confirmation:

Alvee, 7th, 7/2

Applesnap NON RUNNER

Ela Gorrie Mou NON RUNNER

Ellen Street, PU, 7/1

Gentle Guru, 7th, 16/1

Sparkling Montjeu, 2nd, 3/1

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Weekly Update (belated)

Weekly update from Monday 13th July - Sunday 19th July

24 bets
5 wins
20.83% strike rate
6.07/1 average odds
4.4/1 average win odds
6.8pt level stakes profit

Weekly Update

Quick update from Monday 20th July - Sunday 26th July

35 bets
6 wins
17.14% strike rate
7.05/1 average odds
6/1 average winning odds
11 pt level stakes profit

Two today

Just a couple today

Good luck to:

Spitfire, Pontefract 16:25 8/1 Will Hill

Sabotage Ascot 16:35 7/1 Will Hill

Well nothing doing today sadly, Sabotage looked for a minute like starting a winning run but could only get up to third.

Here's confirmation:

Spitfire, 6th, 8/1

Sabotage, 3rd, 9/2

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Five today, one double stake

Couple of interesting ones, Bravely is being really well backed.

Good luck to:

Canongate Newmarket 14:20 10/1 bet365

Lady Of The Desert Ascot 14:40 4/1 stan james/ladbrokes

Key Art York 16:15 5/1 skybet

Bravely Newcastle 17:20 6/1 Ladbrokes DOUBLE

Santefisio Salisbury 20:40 4/1 paddy power

A really good day, with a couple of winners including a double staker which is always a nice bonus. Lady Of The Desert ran really well and won easily and Bravely was a really gutsy winner. Santefisio ran a decent race as well and kept up a good day for value too. 13 point profit on the day, lovely!

Here's confirmation with sps.

Canongate, 8th, 11/2

Lady Of The Desert, 1st, 5/2

Key Art York, 5th, 4/1

Bravely, 1st, 5/1

Santefisio, 3rd, 9/4

Friday, 24 July 2009

Nine today one double

Good luck to:

Thirsk 1.30 Mutajaaser Double Staker 100 Bet365 26.56 W Hill 11-2

South 2.15 Gus W Hill 13-2

Thirsk 4.15 Bahamian Ballad Coral 12-1

Thirsk 5.20 Miss Daawe 28 Betfred, 35.28 Sky Bet 7-1

Ascot 5.35 Effigy 5-1 W Hill

Nkt 6.40 Dashing Doc 9-2 B365

York 7.00 Hoof It 15-2 W Hill

Nkt 7.40 Aye Aye Digby 7-2 B365

Nkt 8.10 Lochiel 11-2 B365

Well 5.5pts lost on the day, although when Lochiel continued to be hammered into I thought we might have a winner in the last for the third day running to sort things out. Sadly Lochiel wasn't aware of the requirements, rearing in the stalls and unseating his rider. Mutajaseer in the first was backed from I think a morning high of 20/1 to go off 7/2 but ran abysmally, so some money lost there by the looks of it.

Aye Aye Digby was a good winner though and meant the day wasn't a major disaster.

Here's confirmation with sps.

Mutajaaser, 11th, 7/2

Gus, PU, 17/2

Bahamian Ballad, 9th, 9/1

Miss Daawe, 7th, 7/1

Effigy, 3rd, 9/2

Dashing Doc, 4th, 9/2

Hoof It, 4th, 8/1

Aye Aye Digby, 1st, 2/1

Lochiel, UR, 3/1

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Four today one double

Good luck to:

Utt 3.45 Jontys Lass 20-1 W Hill

Epsom 6.35 Our Piccadilly 7-1 Bet365

Donny 7.20 Kingswinford 8-1 W Hill DOUBLE STAKER

Epsom 8.45 Spirit of Sharjah 8-1 Bet365

A triumph in the getting out stakes again! Really enjoyed Spirit of Sharjah's win, doing really well to reel in the two leaders near the line, brilliant.

Opened on track at 9/2 before a bizarre drift as I assume the layers got really stuck in on betfair, well they got their fingers pretty burned with that one. Otherwise listening to commentary Our Piccadilly seemed pretty unlucky in running while Kingswinford was a running on fourth, while Jontys Lass drifted and ran to suit.

Here's confirmation:

Jontys Lass, 7th, 33/1 sp

Our Piccadilly, 3rd, 5/1

Kingswinford, 4th, 15/2

Spirit of Sharjah, 1st, 8/1

Just about to update the last few days results as well. Just to say as well that CD junior is doing well, lots of monitoring but no early arrival yet am delighted to say!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Three today

Good luck to:

Worc 4.10 Turbo Shandy 11-2 W Hill

Worc 4.40 Munching Mike 11-2 Blue Square

San 8.15 Romany Princess 7-1 Bet365

Romany Princess made sure the day was a good profitable one, with Richard Hughes giving her a brilliant ride. It means a good 5pt profit on the day. Again no time at present to update all results /sps properly but will do soon.

Here's confirmation of results and sps:

Turbo Shandy, 2nd, 3/1

Munching Mike, 4th, 13/2

Romany Princess, 1st, 5/1

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Six today one double

Here's how we're looking.

Prices taken a couple of hours ago.

Good luck to:

Yar 3.15 Riptide 8-1 W Hill

Yar 4.15 Eyes like a Hawk 9-2 Totesport (double)

F. Las 4.30 Golden Dixie 15-2 Coral

Yar 4.45 Integria 8-1 Bet365

F. Las 5.30 Mustajed 5-1 W Hill

Bang 8.30 Koh Sumui 7-1 Bet365

Full blogging a little thin on the ground just at the moment, but just to say a blank today, completed by Koh Sumui's bizarre run at bangor where he continued to be well supported before the jockey pulled him up before the second fence (and then couldn't stop him running for about a mile). Obviously there must have been some mishap but not sure what. Yesterday saw 2.5pt profit. Will update with full results and sps when I can.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Riptide, 7th, 12/1

Eyes like a Hawk, 5th, 9/2

Golden Dixie, 10th, 8/1

Integria, 5th, 5/1

Mustajed, 3rd, 6/1

Koh Sumui, PU, (tack problems!!!!), 4/1

Monday, 20 July 2009

Six today

Had a very positive morning am delighted to say, all calm for now so things looking brighter. Got a quick minute to mention today's bets which are on thanks to my old man.

Good luck to:

Ayr 4.30 Look Busy 4-1 W Hill

Yarmouth 4.45 Amazing King 15-2 Skybet

Beverley 7.00 Lordship 12-1 Bet365

Windsor 7.50 Miss Holywell 10-1 Bet365

Beverley 8.00 Kidson 7-1 Totesport

Bev 8.30 Trumpstoo 7-1 VC Bet

Good winner here with Amazing King doing the business very well. Kidson looked the likely winner in the 8.00 before the actual winner came out of the clouds to storm clear.

Here's confirmation of results and sps:

Look Busy, 6th, 3/1

Amazing King, 1st, 6/1

Lordship, 9th, 20/1

Miss Holywell, 12st, 16/1

Kidson, 2nd, 3/1

Trumpstoo, 5th, 7/1

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Quick update

First of all, thanks very much for the kind comments following yesterday's post, very much appreciated.

Just to say things aren't going so well with our little baby at the moment unfortunately. We think everything should be fine, but it may be that he or she comes along a bit sooner than planned!

Anyway naturally it means that my priorities are elsewhere at the moment. My dad's looking for selections on my behalf and will be placing bets but it's likely the blog won't get updated much in the near future. Ironically today there were no selections anyway!
Hopefully all will be fine and i'll be back updating things as ever before here soon but it may be a little while.
In the meantime all the best and good luck in giving the bookies a bashing.
Regards, CD

Saturday, 18 July 2009

No selections today

Sorry, no selections today, and probably for a little while for personal reasons. Will update again soon. Thanks, CD

Friday, 17 July 2009

Eight today - four doubles

Another very busy day

Good luck to:

Love Match Newbury 14:00 £44 9/2 betfred £82.56 4/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Lady Rusty Newbury 15:45 12/1 bet365

Lucky Numbers Haydock 16:05 7/1 ladbrokes

Sister Clement Newbury 16:20 7/2 stake will hill DOUBLE

French Art Haydock 17:15 £36 stan james £36 betfred both 11/2 the rest Will Hill 5/1 DOUBLE

Bobby Charles Newmarket 17:40 14/1 will hill

Mutamaashi Newmarket 19:45 10/1 bet365

Fat Boy Newmarket 20:20 9/2 Coral DOUBLE

Well just over a point lost on the day, and it felt like things just didn't really happen as they could have. Lots of cash for a load of these and good value was had with plenty of these. A few in fairness ran pretty well but just the one winner, with Sister Clement winning very easily (another damn r4 10p deduction - getting really fed up with stupid non runners). Lucky Numbers was beaten in a photo by a 33/1 shot after looking to take a winning run into the final furlong. Hey ho, on we go.

Here's confirmation:

Love Match, 5th, 4/1sp

Lady Rusty, 7th, 13/2

Lucky Numbers, 2nd, 9/2

Sister Clement, 1st, 11/4

French Art, 8th, 3/1

Bobby Charles, 7th, 11/2

Mutamaashi, 3rd, 5/1


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Nine today four doubles

Big day, good luck to:

Agglestone Rock Cartmel 14:30 4/1 bet365 double

My Gacho Leicester 15:15 7/1 coral

Leonid Glow Hamilton 16:35 15/2 vcbet

Manathon Cartmel 17:20 5/1 totesport double

Deauville Post Epsom 18:40 9/2 betfred double

Major Phil Bath 19:55 7/2 paddy power

Stanley Goodspeed Epsom 20:20 8/1 bet365

Plaisterer Doncaster 20:40 5/1 bet365

Heaven Bath 20:55 9/2 vcbet double

A good day, although at about 15:20 I was beginning to wonder if it may be the day from heaven! All three winners showing admirable qualities, Agglestone Rock may be something very special, My Gacho was incredibly game and Plaisterer's jock Jack Mitchell gave him an absolutely brilliant ride to get up to win easily (r4 10p ded). 3/9 for the day, and a 10.5profit on the day which I'm pretty pleaed with.

Anyway here's confirmation of results and sps

Agglestone Rock, 1st, 10/3

My Gacho, 1st, 7/1

Leonid Glow, 3rd, 11/2

Manathon, 7th, 7/1

Deauville Post, 4th, 10/3

Major Phil, 5th, 7/2

Stanley Goodspeed, 4th, 5/1

Plaisterer, 1st, 4/1

Heaven, 7th, 6/1

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Three today

Three today, although two in the same race which I don't normally like doing. Really slow patch at the moment in terms of numbers of bets, which is quite frustrating but have to be patient.

Good luck to:

Den Maschine Catterick 16:00 5/1 betfred

Olmeto Collonges Worcester 21:10 7/1 will hill

Coltscroft Worcester 21:10 14/1 will hill

Nope not today, 0/3 although Den Maschine ran pretty well beaten just a length at Catterick. Coltscroft had a funny betting spell going right out to 20/1 and much bigger on betfair before being backed in to 12s just before the off. Olmeto Colonges was very nicely backed all day but didn't run to suit.

Hope for a tad better tomorrow!

Here's confirmation:

Den Maschine, 2nd, 6/1sp

Olmeto Collonges, 4th, 7/2

Coltscroft, 8th, 12/1

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Three today

Relatively quiet period at the moment, with three single stakers today. Another damn bookie restricting stakes now, with Paddy Power refusing to accept more than £33.25 on Half A Crown, pathetic.

Anyway good luck to:

Half A Crown Beverley 15:15 £33.25 at 13/2 paddy power £30.03 at 6/1 with bet365

Style Icon Yarmouth 19:20 12/1 will hill

Lord Theo Yarmouth 19:50 5/1 bluesq

A quiet day and no returns, with Style Icon annoyingly a non runner. Half A Crown drifted before the off which isn't good and then didn't do much before Lord Theo shaped well for a long time but found little tonight after continuing to be well supported. Another runner in the race that was well backed ended up being narrowly beaten into second.

Here's confirmation:

Half A Crown, 6th, 8/1


Lord Theo, 6th, 7/2

Monday, 13 July 2009

Four today

Could do with a couple of double stakers to kick start things again, but single stakes for these four.

Good luck to:

Dubai To Barnsley Ayr 14:00 6/1 bet365

Spare Change Newton Abbot 15:45 5/1 paddy power

Gem Mill Newton Abbot 16:45 6/1 boylesports

Sion Hill Ayr 17:00 9/2 vcbet

Decent day today, with Spare Change winning the 15:45 well showing great battling qualities. Dubai to Barnsley and Gem Mill were never in it, with Gem Mill running surely well below par pulling up on near enough the first circuit despite continuing to be reasonably supported. Obviously the last at Ayr was abandoned because of the pile up earlier in the day.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Dubai To Barnsley, 4th, 5/1

Spare Change, 1st, 4/1

Gem Mill, PU, 9/2


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Weekly update (belated)

Have remembered I didn't do a weekly update from last week, so here it is.

Monday 29th June - Sunday 5th July

Selections: 25
Wins: 6 (24%)
Placed: 3 (12%)
Level stakes: +37.2pts

Weekly update

Confirmation of a tough week:

Monday 6th July - Sunday 12th July

Selections: 27
Wins: 3 (11.11%)
Placed: 6 (22.22%)
Level stakes: -18.9pts

Four today

Some nice prices about, but not so good for best odds guaranteed with the middle two having conventional odds. Sporting bet let me have just over £6 - really need to find a new sporting bet account from somewhere.

Anyway good luck to:

Deadline Stratford 15:00 9/1 will hill

Lord Ryeford Stratford 15:30 11/1 sporting bet 10/1 totesport

Harcas Perth 15:45 9/2 betfred

King Ar Aghaidh Southwell 17:00 7/1 will hill

Not happening today either, so a blank weekend, although most of these ran pretty well. The challenge of recovering from Monday's losses falling short in the end, despite giving it a damn good go and looking good on Friday night. Still as I've always said with a strike rate of around 16/17% you're always going to get rough patches so it's just the way it works out sometimes. The most important thing is that the selections are starting shorter at SP than backed, and this is continuing to be the case in the great majority of cases.

Here's confirmation of today with sps:

Deadline, 3rd, 4/1

Lord Ryeford, 3rd, 9/1

Harcas, 4th, 9/2

King Ar Aghaidh, 2nd, 7/2

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Nine today - two double stakes

Really busy day

Good luck to:

Mon Brav York 14:05 5/1 vc bet

Tartatartufata Nottingham 15:20 9/2 stan james 4/1 bet365

Quai dOrsay York 15:45 5/1 boylesports

Just Mandy Chester 16:05 11/2 stan james 5/1 boylesports DOUBLE

Seven Of Diamonds York 16:20 12/1 boylesports

Sir Sandicliffe Chester 16:40 8/1 stan james 15/2 bluesq

Dantari Chester 16:40 9/1 coral

Dannios Nottingham 17:05 9/1 will hill

Old Romney Nottingham 17:40 13/2 stan james sporting bet 6/1 vc bet DOUBLE

Haven't time to update properly because the family are down to stay but just to say a wipeout today, with ten points lost on the day (one non-runner - Dantari). Hope for better tomorrow! Will try to update properly later.

Confirmation with sps:

Mon Brav, 4th, 4/1

Tartatartufata, 5th, 9/4

Quai dOrsay, 5th, 10/3

Just Mandy, 3rd, 10/3

Seven Of Diamonds, 4th, 20/1

Sir Sandicliffe, 5th, 6/1


Dannios, 13th, 12/1

Old Romney, 11th, 8/1

Friday, 10 July 2009

Four today

A few to look forward today, with four selections backed, no double stakes again though.

Good luck to:

Lord Zenith Newmarket 14:00 6/1 will hill

Great Charm Ascot 16:10 20/1 vcbet

Stevie Thunder Ascot 16:45 9/2 totesport

Inspirina Chester 21:20 9/2 stan james 4/1 will hill

Well another good day, with Inspirina winning the last really well. As is normally my way, am left with a slight sense of what may have been with Great Charm having been withdrawn after the ludicrous stalls problem at Ascot! But still another 2.5 pts back on Monday's losses, and almost back level for the week. Will update full results/sps tomorrow.

Confirmation with sps:

Lord Zenith, 5th, 9/2

Great Charm WITHDRAWN (14/1)

Stevie Thunder, 4th, 11/2

Inspirina, 1st, 9/2

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Two today

Bit later updating than normal, because of damn meetings at work getting in the way. Just a couple today anyway. I had backed Whitcombe Spirit as well but that's now a non-runner unfortunately.

Good luck to:

Perfect Silence Warwick 16:05 4/1 bet365

Indian Trail Newmarket 16:55 4/1 bet365

Another profitable day, Perfect Silence showing real battling qualities to win the 4.05. Indian Trail got stuck behind a wall of horses but so did many others in the last at Newmarket. Sadly there was a 10p R4 deduction on Perfect Silence but still a decent afternoon.

Here's confirmation:

Perfect Silence, 1st, 9/4sp

Indian Trail, 7th, 9/2

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

No selections today

Sadly no selections today, possibly less money being chucked about because of inconsistent weather? There are two or three horses which would be picked if it wasn't for the fact they're running over the all weather, for example Hawaana tonight at Kempton. But as I've mentioned before, they're not reliable enough, so no runners backed here today.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Four today

Back in action with four today, all single stakes.

Good luck to:

Take It To The Max Pontefract 14:30 8/1 betfred

Hey Up Dad Pontefract 17:30 6/1 bet365

Willies Way Uttoxeter 20:50 13/2 vcbet

Chinara Uttoxeter 21:20 9/1 bet365

Bounced back nicely today with a 7pt profit, thanks to Take It To The Max winning the first nicely. Hey Up Dad traded much shorter in running after halving in price at SP but couldn't follow the earlier win up, and then no racing tonight of course becuase of the unsafe ground at Uttoxeter, although Willies Way was already marked down as a non runner.

Anyway almost half of yesterdays losses gone, and July at back above 30pts profit again, so much happier.

Here's confirmation:

Take It To The Max, 1st, 5/1

Hey Up Dad, 4th, 3/1

Willies Way NON RUNNER


Monday, 6 July 2009

An extraordinary day - ten double stakes

This is quite an amazing day, lots and lots of horses being heavily punted, a race to get the best prices.

I've backed all these with double stakes

Good luck to:

Helping Hand Brighton 14:30 14/1 bet365/ betfred

Baizically Musselburgh 14:45 100/30 will hill

Moon Money Musselburgh 15:15 4/1 totesport

Hotham Musselburgh 15:45 8/1 boylesport

Another Grand Musselburgh 16:15 16/1 bet365/boyle sports

Warners Bay Musselburgh 16:45 9/1 will hill

Sircozy Windsor 19:00 7/1 bet365

Special Reserve Windsor 20:00 8/1 will hill

Ursula Ripon 20:20 6/1 vcbet

Jebel Tara Ripon 20:50 10/1 coral

Ok from this day on today will be remembered as Black Monday. A hideous run of defeats halts the recent successes in no uncertain terms, with 16pts dropped on the day. Two non-runners saved more damage - although I can't help thinging Another Grand was potentially a big payout foiled, with the horse backed from my 16s to around 5/1 on course before working himself up so much in the stalls the horse got withdrawn. Otherwise got better than SP with most of these, which is the target, but still a really bad day and thank goodness I reduced stakes the other day. Still well up on the month but there's nothing like a few heavy defeats to bring you back to earth.

Let's hope for better tomorrow, the challenge is now set - can I get a profitable week from a -16pt defecit on the Monday, let's see.

Here's confirmation:

Helping Hand, 10th, 13/2sp

Baizically, 6th, 9/4

Moon Money, 2nd, 10/3

Hotham, 3rd, 10/1

Another Grand, WITHDRAWN (6/1)

Warners Bay, 7th, 8/1

Sircozy, 8th, 10/1

Special Reserve, 6th, 7/1


Jebel Tara , 5th, 8/1

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Two today

Just a couple today, it's good luck to:

Boy Dancer Ayr 15:10 16/1 bet365

Toto Skyllachy Ayr 16:40 15/2 bet365

As pretty much as non-descript day as you could possibly have, with Boy Dancer well beaten and Toto Skyllachy a non runner.

It's been an excellent week though - I wonder what the next seven days will bring.

Here's confirmation:

Boy Dancer, 12th, 16/1sp

Toto Skyllachy NON RUNNER

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Four today - two double stakes

On we press with four selections today,

Good luck to:

Mister Hughie Beverley 14:15 6/1 stan james/betfred DOUBLE STAKE

Alfathaa Sandown 14:40 15/2 bet365

Celtic Change Haydock 17:45 11/2 coral

Colonel Sherman Nottingham 18:20 8/1 paddy power DOUBLE STAKE

What a day of sport by the way - Eclipse, Lions, Wimbledon final - brilliant, just need a winner or two along the way to make things even better!

A profitable day, with Celtic Change winning in a very very tight photo finish. Mister Hughie ran quite well and didn't have any excuses but I thought Alfathaa was given a bit too much to do in the Coral Challenge. Colonel Sherman was a non-runner which was a bit of a shame as he'd been very nicely backed.

Here's confirmation with sps:

Mister Hughie, 3rd, 9/2

Alfathaa, 5th, 7/1

Celtic Change, 1st, 9/2

Colonel Sherman NON RUNNER

Reducing stakes

This may sound crazy given the fantastic run I've been having recently, but I am going to change my staking plan slightly from tomorrow (or today given it's past midnight).

With the bank sitting at £2588.63, my single stakes should be £52.83, using my 2% of betting bank system.

Regular readers of the blog will probably remember that the safety mechanism kicks in when the bank halves, the stakes halve. I.e I would bet until the bank is reduced to £1294.32 and then reduce stakes to £25.89.

But I am at a point now where I don't really want to lose £1300 odd quid, it's a lot of money, and it's not as if I'm made of money. This could happen in just a few days if a few double stakers lose (although they're flying in at the moment!).

The bottom line is we're saving for the baby coming, preparing for being down to one salary, trying to pay off a few debts here and there, basically living a pretty frugal lifestyle. So do I want to go and lose £1300 in a few days? Not really.

Now obviously if the winners keep flying in then all this is immaterial and my bank here will continue to shoot up and break £10k (and the rest!) - but maybe it won't.

So I will now be staking 1% of my bank on selections (2% of bank on double stake selections). But another difference is I will NOT be reducing my stakes if the bank reduces by half at any point, I will keep plouging forward.

So today my core stake will be £26.42 win singles - still a decent amount and still enough to hammer the bookies with a few nice wins - and every time the bank climbs to a new high a new 1% of bank stake will be found.

The 2% stake has been good to me, it's accelerated growth and done it's job. Now it's time to get in the trenches, keep what I've won - and battle on with confidence and no fear.

Good luck to us all in our pursuit for riches.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Seven today - three double stakes

Really a potentially huge day ahead, with some big priced selections and some very heavily backed selections.

Good luck to:

Sporting Gesture Doncaster 14:00 15/2 will hill

Kiwi Bay Doncaster 16:10 14/1 will hill

Charging Indian Warwick 16:20 10/1 bet365/ sky bet double stake

Greylami Sandown 16:35 9/1 vc bet double stake

Looks The Business Warwick 17:25 9/2 bet365 double stake

Kuanyao Salisbury 20:40 5/1 will hill

Saharan Royal Salisbury 21:10 11/2 will hill

Well a good profitable day with a couple of excellent winners. Can't help think what may have been though with Greylami trading at 1.03 in running before being touched off - would have been a huge return with the double stake. Still, mustn't complain and the added bonus of Kuanyao drifting to 6/1 on course after being very nicely backed this morning. Have noticed how quite a few of my evening racing selections recently have drifted a bit at night, maybe because all the money which has gone on them has already been gambled? Anyway they still seem to be running pretty well in the main so best odds guaranteed seemingly the way forward for these selections, if it's only half a point or so lost in the morning?

Anyway here's confirmation of today's results with sps:

Sporting Gesture, 5th, 15/2

Kiwi Bay, 5th, 11/2

Charging Indian, 8th, 11/1

Greylami, 2nd, 6/1

Looks The Business, 1st, 11/4

Kuanyao, 1st, 6/1

Saharan Royal, 10th, 15/2

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Four today - three doubles

Explosive little day today, with three double stakers.

Good luck to:

Hawridge King Haydock 16:40 7/1 ladbrokes/ sky bet double stake

Dobravany Yarmouth 17:30 4/1 boylesports double stake

Saxby Redcar 19:45 5/1 boylesports

Ocean Transit Newbury 20:40 6/1 vcbet double stake

A funny day, with a great 7/1 double stake win in the first setting things up very nicely.. Sadly there were that many non runners that we were hit with a big 55p R4 deduction, bit of a shame because the horse looked to win very comfortably and must have had a great chance to win even if the field was complete. My/our £156.96 returned £651.39, so that's 3.154/1 (still comfortably ahead of the SP am pleased to say).

Otherwise a blank, with Ocean Transit a non-runner and Saxby a bit unlucky in running.

Here's confirmation:

Hawridge King, 1st, 2/1sp

Dobravany, 5th, 4/1

Saxby, 3rd, 7/2

Ocean Transit NON RUNNER

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Six today - two double stakes

Could be an explosive day - a double staked 16/1 shot in the first no less, although I've had to split stakes between three different bookies.

Good luck to:

Freedom Flying Worcester 15:10 double stake - 16/1 will hill stan james coral

Paperchaser Perth 15:50 11/1 double stake - bet365

Kempley Green Worcester 16:10 5/1 stan james / coral

Kells Castle Perth 16:20 9/1 sporting bet 8/1 paddy power

Tarsus Worcester 16:40 7/1 ladbrokes

Starstruck Peter Chepstow 20:10 11/2 will hill

A fantastic start to the month! Paperchaser landing a big gamble and a lovely double stake selection to boot, and then Starstruck makes all to win the last, with best odds guaranteed in play to return at 8/1.

The only sour note was Worcester having to be abandoned, with one or two very nice looking gambles possibly derailed.

Here's confirmation:


Paperchaser, 1st, 4/1sp


Kells Castle, 4th, 11/2


Starstruck Peter, 1st, 8/1

It means another new stake is found, £41.88

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Joyful June

June was the best month so far, and I'll be doing well to beat it in the near future. Most of the explosive gains came in the first couple of weeks, ironically just as I began to put bets on for my group of eleven friends/family. I always pointed out that the terrific gains that were seen were unrealistic to keep up, although the latter part of the month hasn't been too bad either, in as much as things have been ticking over ok with regular enough winners, but without a little flood of wins which will come along every now and then.

My own bank has leapt from £273.60 to £1,174.51, a percentage growth of 329.28%. This could have been better had it not ended with a run of eleven stakes without a win (ten defeats). Quite extraordinary to think that if something similar happens in July my bank would be on £5,041.94, and then if it happens again it would be on £21,644.05! Anway there's me getting stupid, it won't happen, but it's nice to dream ;)

Here are the stats for June

Total stakes - 142
Total wins - 27
Strike rate - 19.01%
Average odds - 7.75/1
Average winning odds - 7.42/1
Return on investment - 60.01%
Profit/Loss - +85.22pts

As for the future, in terms of realistic targets, my average monthly profit in terms of level stakes is currently + 19.29pts.

So anything around that figure would be just fine. At current stakes this means I hope my bank will be at around £1,755.52.

Let's see where this rollercoaster will take us next!

Just as a footnote, regular readers of this blog may remember the staking plan I am doing for my group of "investors" I am putting on for - i.e a 1.5% level stake figure is found at the start of every month.

I started putting on for them on the last day of May, starting at £1100, with stakes of £16.50. Their bank is now on £2440.05. meaning their new stakes will now be: £36.60 win singles.

Seven today

Busy day ahead, a couple of these close to being a double staker, but just single stakes, some being very nicely backed.

Jonny Ebeneezer Brighton 14:30 11/2 stan james/ skybet

Whispering Spirit Hamilton 15:15 7/1 boylesports

Sampower Quin Brighton 16:00 7/1 bet365

Peintre dArgent Hamilton 16:15 6/1 ladbrokes

Parks Prodigy Thirsk 18:30 7/2 will hill

Eljays Boy Stratford 19:45 9/1 will hill

Artsu Thirsk 21:00 8/1 will hill

A disappointing end to June, with a blank for the day, and two frustrating non-runners. When Artsu moved nicely into position in the last after being backed from 8/1 to 100/30 I thought the day would end nicely, but he found little and got run out of it.

Will be back later for a monthly review.

Here's confirmation of today's results:

Jonny Ebeneezer NON RUNNER

Whispering Spirit NON RUNNER

Sampower Quin, 8th, 5/1sp

Peintre dArgent, 5th, 7/2

Parks Prodigy, 7th, 5/1

Eljays Boy, 5th, 14/1

Artsu, 4th, 100/30