Friday, 3 July 2009

Seven today - three double stakes

Really a potentially huge day ahead, with some big priced selections and some very heavily backed selections.

Good luck to:

Sporting Gesture Doncaster 14:00 15/2 will hill

Kiwi Bay Doncaster 16:10 14/1 will hill

Charging Indian Warwick 16:20 10/1 bet365/ sky bet double stake

Greylami Sandown 16:35 9/1 vc bet double stake

Looks The Business Warwick 17:25 9/2 bet365 double stake

Kuanyao Salisbury 20:40 5/1 will hill

Saharan Royal Salisbury 21:10 11/2 will hill

Well a good profitable day with a couple of excellent winners. Can't help think what may have been though with Greylami trading at 1.03 in running before being touched off - would have been a huge return with the double stake. Still, mustn't complain and the added bonus of Kuanyao drifting to 6/1 on course after being very nicely backed this morning. Have noticed how quite a few of my evening racing selections recently have drifted a bit at night, maybe because all the money which has gone on them has already been gambled? Anyway they still seem to be running pretty well in the main so best odds guaranteed seemingly the way forward for these selections, if it's only half a point or so lost in the morning?

Anyway here's confirmation of today's results with sps:

Sporting Gesture, 5th, 15/2

Kiwi Bay, 5th, 11/2

Charging Indian, 8th, 11/1

Greylami, 2nd, 6/1

Looks The Business, 1st, 11/4

Kuanyao, 1st, 6/1

Saharan Royal, 10th, 15/2


  1. beloved friend
    what is double stakes
    is it now 3 % of the bank or
    doubling after a loser
    please take moment to guide me friend
    keep smiling
    and keep safe mate

  2. Hello Easwara, thanks for stopping by.

    A double stake is simply putting twice whatever a single stake would be.

    So if you're using a 100pt bank, and betting 1pt a bet, it means putting 2pts on that selection.

    Personally, I use a slightly more complicated staking plan but that's the basic idea.

    Best wishes


  3. lol, it seems you are becoming a worldwide hit cd.... ;o)

  4. Flying at the min CD well done mate. U will be a rich man by the time the baby arrives if you keep this up!

  5. Been following you July selections, many thanks and keep up the great tips.

  6. Thanks to you all for your comments, they're really appreciated. Things are definitely going very well at the moment, just wondering when the next baron spell will hit as surely it will at some point, just hope it's a while away!