Wednesday, 8 July 2009

No selections today

Sadly no selections today, possibly less money being chucked about because of inconsistent weather? There are two or three horses which would be picked if it wasn't for the fact they're running over the all weather, for example Hawaana tonight at Kempton. But as I've mentioned before, they're not reliable enough, so no runners backed here today.


  1. Hi. you may have explained before i started reading this thread, but could you in a roguh way explain your strtegy for the pics you make. Thanks. well done yesterday. I am after 2 days only -£15 approximately.

  2. Hi Fantismo basically I check a number of different websites, the exchanges, and have a set profile which I use to decide whether a horse is worth backing thanks to market support.

    Hope that £15 is returned to you sooner rather than later! Cheers, CD