Friday, 24 July 2009

Nine today one double

Good luck to:

Thirsk 1.30 Mutajaaser Double Staker 100 Bet365 26.56 W Hill 11-2

South 2.15 Gus W Hill 13-2

Thirsk 4.15 Bahamian Ballad Coral 12-1

Thirsk 5.20 Miss Daawe 28 Betfred, 35.28 Sky Bet 7-1

Ascot 5.35 Effigy 5-1 W Hill

Nkt 6.40 Dashing Doc 9-2 B365

York 7.00 Hoof It 15-2 W Hill

Nkt 7.40 Aye Aye Digby 7-2 B365

Nkt 8.10 Lochiel 11-2 B365

Well 5.5pts lost on the day, although when Lochiel continued to be hammered into I thought we might have a winner in the last for the third day running to sort things out. Sadly Lochiel wasn't aware of the requirements, rearing in the stalls and unseating his rider. Mutajaseer in the first was backed from I think a morning high of 20/1 to go off 7/2 but ran abysmally, so some money lost there by the looks of it.

Aye Aye Digby was a good winner though and meant the day wasn't a major disaster.

Here's confirmation with sps.

Mutajaaser, 11th, 7/2

Gus, PU, 17/2

Bahamian Ballad, 9th, 9/1

Miss Daawe, 7th, 7/1

Effigy, 3rd, 9/2

Dashing Doc, 4th, 9/2

Hoof It, 4th, 8/1

Aye Aye Digby, 1st, 2/1

Lochiel, UR, 3/1

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