Thursday, 23 July 2009

Four today one double

Good luck to:

Utt 3.45 Jontys Lass 20-1 W Hill

Epsom 6.35 Our Piccadilly 7-1 Bet365

Donny 7.20 Kingswinford 8-1 W Hill DOUBLE STAKER

Epsom 8.45 Spirit of Sharjah 8-1 Bet365

A triumph in the getting out stakes again! Really enjoyed Spirit of Sharjah's win, doing really well to reel in the two leaders near the line, brilliant.

Opened on track at 9/2 before a bizarre drift as I assume the layers got really stuck in on betfair, well they got their fingers pretty burned with that one. Otherwise listening to commentary Our Piccadilly seemed pretty unlucky in running while Kingswinford was a running on fourth, while Jontys Lass drifted and ran to suit.

Here's confirmation:

Jontys Lass, 7th, 33/1 sp

Our Piccadilly, 3rd, 5/1

Kingswinford, 4th, 15/2

Spirit of Sharjah, 1st, 8/1

Just about to update the last few days results as well. Just to say as well that CD junior is doing well, lots of monitoring but no early arrival yet am delighted to say!


  1. Well done again cd you have a uncanny knack of pulling it out in the last selection hope all is well with mrs cd and baby

  2. Thanks BM, and yes, always sweeter somehow to end with a win rather than start with one and tail off!

  3. Hope all goes ok, just the start of the worrying! Had my first back in April 08 and had to put my betting on hold for one year as got no sleep!!! In fact is was your blog that got me back into it. Thank You.

    Well done again today and all best to yours.

  4. Nice one chief !


  5. HI,

    Do you put selsctions up prior to racing.if so where can I find them.


  6. Thanks for stopping by guys, Racks blimey it feels like one big worry since day one so I dread to think what may be around the corner! Good to have you around, and hope we can all make a few quid for our families. Murr - cheers mate - and Jim - yep every day before racing (although today was very close to the off at 1.30). This week the postings have been much later than normal because my Dad's been helping out, but I do try to get my selections on here as early as I can.