Sunday, 19 July 2009

Quick update

First of all, thanks very much for the kind comments following yesterday's post, very much appreciated.

Just to say things aren't going so well with our little baby at the moment unfortunately. We think everything should be fine, but it may be that he or she comes along a bit sooner than planned!

Anyway naturally it means that my priorities are elsewhere at the moment. My dad's looking for selections on my behalf and will be placing bets but it's likely the blog won't get updated much in the near future. Ironically today there were no selections anyway!
Hopefully all will be fine and i'll be back updating things as ever before here soon but it may be a little while.
In the meantime all the best and good luck in giving the bookies a bashing.
Regards, CD


  1. Don't worry about us mate.

    You just get the future bubs and the wife all sorted out.

    Come back when you're ready.

  2. Your family is more important to you C.D. so dont worry about anything else as you can pick this up anytime you feel ready.
    Best wishes for all concerned ;)