Monday, 6 July 2009

An extraordinary day - ten double stakes

This is quite an amazing day, lots and lots of horses being heavily punted, a race to get the best prices.

I've backed all these with double stakes

Good luck to:

Helping Hand Brighton 14:30 14/1 bet365/ betfred

Baizically Musselburgh 14:45 100/30 will hill

Moon Money Musselburgh 15:15 4/1 totesport

Hotham Musselburgh 15:45 8/1 boylesport

Another Grand Musselburgh 16:15 16/1 bet365/boyle sports

Warners Bay Musselburgh 16:45 9/1 will hill

Sircozy Windsor 19:00 7/1 bet365

Special Reserve Windsor 20:00 8/1 will hill

Ursula Ripon 20:20 6/1 vcbet

Jebel Tara Ripon 20:50 10/1 coral

Ok from this day on today will be remembered as Black Monday. A hideous run of defeats halts the recent successes in no uncertain terms, with 16pts dropped on the day. Two non-runners saved more damage - although I can't help thinging Another Grand was potentially a big payout foiled, with the horse backed from my 16s to around 5/1 on course before working himself up so much in the stalls the horse got withdrawn. Otherwise got better than SP with most of these, which is the target, but still a really bad day and thank goodness I reduced stakes the other day. Still well up on the month but there's nothing like a few heavy defeats to bring you back to earth.

Let's hope for better tomorrow, the challenge is now set - can I get a profitable week from a -16pt defecit on the Monday, let's see.

Here's confirmation:

Helping Hand, 10th, 13/2sp

Baizically, 6th, 9/4

Moon Money, 2nd, 10/3

Hotham, 3rd, 10/1

Another Grand, WITHDRAWN (6/1)

Warners Bay, 7th, 8/1

Sircozy, 8th, 10/1

Special Reserve, 6th, 7/1


Jebel Tara , 5th, 8/1


  1. Bloody hell mate...

    I just withdrew some money out of Betfair and now it looks like I will have to re-deposit just to get involved in tonights racing.

  2. Good luck with the bets. Seems Hugh Taylor (ATR) has a big effect on the markets, have you noticed? His 3 bets made it to your list.

  3. Hi. I am counting this as day one of following your tips. betting at min stakes. following your strategy I am not going for the place market to cover win stake ( apart from the 4.15 at musselburgh another grand where i couldnt resist the place odds on betfair).

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the luck messages, and Fantismo - what a day to get involved!

    Probably my cautious nature but I don't really like days like this, if it was spread over a few days it'd be nothing massively out of the ordinary but for it all to be on one day - well it's a hold on to your hats sort of day.

    Anon - I've no idea if Hugh Taylor's had any influence but I may keep a look out for that in the futre,

    best wishes


  5. Looks like you've done your conkers.

  6. A few more of those and it will be curtains.... At least you have cut your stakes. You should definitely pay closer attention to the patterns of betting from the Williams yard - it's not so hard to figure it out - you could have saved a couple of points today.....

  7. Horrible day fellas, Fantismo sorry mate - we'll get it all back and more soon enough!

  8. Every serious gambler has days like today. Your bankroll management is good, and that is one of the key differences between those that succeed and those that fail. Just draw a line under today, and bet tomorrow like today didn't happen. Good Luck.

  9. It was not a good day for punted horses. It happens but over a 3 day period you always make money if you have a solid staking plan and work it like a machine. Good luck today.