Monday, 13 July 2009

Four today

Could do with a couple of double stakers to kick start things again, but single stakes for these four.

Good luck to:

Dubai To Barnsley Ayr 14:00 6/1 bet365

Spare Change Newton Abbot 15:45 5/1 paddy power

Gem Mill Newton Abbot 16:45 6/1 boylesports

Sion Hill Ayr 17:00 9/2 vcbet

Decent day today, with Spare Change winning the 15:45 well showing great battling qualities. Dubai to Barnsley and Gem Mill were never in it, with Gem Mill running surely well below par pulling up on near enough the first circuit despite continuing to be reasonably supported. Obviously the last at Ayr was abandoned because of the pile up earlier in the day.

Confirmation of results and sps:

Dubai To Barnsley, 4th, 5/1

Spare Change, 1st, 4/1

Gem Mill, PU, 9/2



  1. None of these prices are ever available when you post them. The last time Gem Mill was 6's with Boyles was 10:54am, Spare Change 10:58 etc, so are the prices just as a guide to what you could have got or what?

  2. One Question. How much work have you done to look at which races lend themselves to market analysis? I do quite a bit of 'ad hoc' betting on market movers and find that, certainly with Natuonal Hunt races, low grade (especially novice/selling/conditional jockey handicaps) are great races for this style of analysis, but the better handicaps IE class 3 and above don't work so well.

    Good Luck with your picks for today.

  3. Hi both, thanks for stopping by.

    First of all anon 1

    I post my selections and what price I've got as soon as possible on this blog but, as I've said loads of times before, this blog is for my own record of what selections I've gone for and what prices I've got and who with. This can be immediately after I got the bets, or sometimes a while later because of work/family commitments . I have never said this blog is designed as a tipping site but if people want to back the horses I've gone for obviously they can do.

    Having said that when you say "none of the prices are ever available when you post them", that simply isn't true. On most occassions the prices are solid for a while, if not with the bookies I've gone for but very often the same prices are available with other firms too. But as I'm backing horses which by their very nature are shortening in price it's obvious that they will continue to fall. In fact this is the whole essense of my plan!

    Anon 2 yes I've done quite a bit or research into race types and think there's something in what you say.

    Thanks for the good luck message, fingers crossed for a profitable day

  4. Hi there, im just wondering after your baby is born are you going to keep this up?

    RE Anon 1,if you try betfair spare change has been 6/1 for most of the morning, has just been backed into 4/1

  5. Hi Ryan, yep will be in for the long haul - certainly won't be happy with a couple of grand, looking to make a good deal more than that if I can!

    Cheers, CD

  6. Have you considered running a tipster service CD?

  7. Hi Stalital, I wouldn't really know where to start to be honest, and also work would get in the way quite a lot.

  8. Thanks for the response changing days. Have been following your site with interest. I realise you have a job etc but was wondering if there was any possibility you could post any earlier to enable your followers to get the value prices? Cheers anonymous 1

  9. Hi anon 1 honestly every day I put the selections on here as early as humanly possible, which is more often than not straight after I've done them myself! Thanks for your interest