Monday, 21 September 2009

A busy Monday - six today, one double

A 16/1 third which traded at even money in running yesterday, hammering on the door here and surely there's a few nice winners around the corner.

Today good luck to:

Rosedale Leicester 14:20 £31.92 7/1 paddy power £49.08 7/1 totesport DOUBLE

Shadowtime Hamilton 15:40 11/2 coral

Flipping Leicester 16:20 8/1 bet365

Highland Warrior Hamilton 16:40 9/1 coral

Charlie Delta Leicester 17:20 £37.60 8/1 will hill £2.90 15/2 skybet

Captain Royale Hamilton 17:40 7/1 will hill

Confirmation of results with sps:

Rosedale, 3rd, 8/1

Shadowtime, 7th, 11/2

Flipping, 4th, 11/1

Highland Warrior, 5th, 9/1

Charlie Delta, 7th, 11/1

Captain Royale, 1st, 11/2


  1. Hello,

    Enjoyed reading your betting blog especially since you started from a small bank. Can you give me any tips on keeping discipline and not going on 'tilt'. I am starting a betting blog on 1 October and though I have been punting for years I have to say that putting it on line for public view and succeeding is guite a feat. Continued success.Feel free to stop by my blog if you please.

    Thank you


  2. Hi Zach,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things are so busy at home these days with the baby that there just isn't time at the moment to keep as up to date with things here as I'd like.

    Anyway yes avoiding going on tilt - well I guess it all depends on your long term faith in yourself. It can be bloody annoying when the seconds rack up, particularly at massive prices, and really nasty seeing a betting bank get huge hits. But as long as there's sensible staking, a big bank in terms of points, and a profitable "system", then it's much easier to roll with the poor runs.

    Having said that, these last few weeks are really beginning to get to me - I just can't wait for the next 25pt plus day - I know it'll come - but it's just frustrating hanging on for it!

    Good luck with your blog - I'll be watching!