Sunday, 13 September 2009

Three today

Over the last few days, more than 20% of selections posted here have finished second, at prices up to 14/1. Pretty damn sickening and always the sign of a really nasty run. I'm reducing stakes from today, to form a new 100pt bank from last night's total. This means that my new stake is £11.61 per selection. Coupled with the bets I am putting on for my friends/family the combined tally is now £39.69.

The last time I reduced stakes it brought about an almost immediate return to winning ways, so no doubt this week coming will be a belter! In all my research, I have never seen a 100pt bank go bust, and still feel confident that if I kept to my normal stakes the return to the £2k plus mark will be fairly rapid, but having a little baby in the house doesn't half make you feel more risk averse!

Anyway good luck to:

Truism Goodwood 14:35 9/2 coral

Salient Goodwood 16:55 9/2 bet365

Jewelled Reef Bath 17:50 12/1 bet365

Confirmation of results with sps:

Truism, 2nd, 6/1

Salient, 3rd, 3/1

Jewelled Reef, 3rd, 17/2

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