Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Two today, one double

Just a couple today, Vinnes Friend is currently being backed as if defeat is out of the question! We'll see.

Good luck to:

Walcot Square Brighton 14:30 4/1 bet365

Vinnes Friend Hereford 17:10 7/2 DOUBLE

Well Walcot Square was the subject of a sustained gamble which just failed while Vinnes Friend unfortunately didn't race.

Here's confirmation:

Walcot Square, 2nd, 9/4

Vinnes Friend NON RUNNER


  1. nice start to spetember. However I do come back to the double. If your doubles are no more succesful than your single stakes then there is no point having doubles. It will eat into your profit. for instance you had 3 bets yesterday of which one was a double and 2 single. the single won. if you have a good reason data wise for the double than fair enough. I wish also to ask again, If you tip something up and then when I get to look at it perhaps sometime later and it has drifted, would you recommend not backing it as the market is losing confidence? as i am getting the impression that your pics are based on marke confidence ?



  2. Hi Will, sorry for the delay in replying,

    Yes obviously if the double stake bets aren't as successful as the single stake bets then that completely defeats the object of them. But since I brought them in at the end of April, it's proved a profitable thing to do over time.

    I talk a little about why I double stakes when I brought them in, on April 25th of this year if you want to check out that entry.

    As for odds drifting, yes I hate it when that happens, as it defeats the object of capturing the best price early and "locking in the value". But as for advising you on what to do a few hours later, and checking the odds, well that's just up to you. Drifters do sometimes win (in fact I've had a couple of big priced runners do just that in the last couple of weeks), and for me the early money is the one that can be very significant. The only thing I'd say, to those people who do want to follow my selections, (and again I'm not claiming to be a tipping service here) is that it's best to get on the odds as early as possible, wherever possible using best odds guaranteed just in case the selection drifts.

    But if one bookie is 11/2 and isn't best odds guaranteed, and another bookie is 5/1 and IS best odds guaranteed, I personally will always go for the 11/2 option.

    All the best,