Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Four today - two doubles

Some nice prices about today, so if we can make it four profitable days in a row that would be fab.

Good luck to:

Apex Warwick 15:40 14/1 bet365

Orphelin Collonges Sedgefield 16:30 10/1 bet365

Mummys Pearl Sedgefield 17:00 8/1 ladbrokes DOUBLE

Debdene Bank Warwick 17:40 10/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Confirmation of results with sps:

Apex, 7th, 14/1

Orphelin Collonges, 7th, 17/2

Mummys Pearl, PU, 6/1

Debdene Bank NR


  1. Hi . good luck today. I see your first 2 picks are singles and last 2 doubles. as i touched on yesterday i shall do them all as singles. if one of the first 2 wins i shall keep your last 2 as singles. however if they both lose i shall switch to doubles. I also ownder what you think about the place mkt or ew bets. at 10-1 it might be worth saving in the place market ?

  2. Hi mate, thanks for the good luck message, sadly nothing doing today then.

    My main worry re. the increased stake if there are losers theory is that that sort of loss chasing could end up being very expensive, but I guess it's up to you. Also most of my selections shorten in price (that's certainly the idea), and if you're waiting to see results elsewhere in the day then its likely the price will have gone by the time you're staking the later selections.

    Place e/w markets aren't as profitable as win only, although much less variable swings.

    Thanks for stopping by again, all the best