Thursday, 17 September 2009

Four today one double

Good luck to:

Right Step Ayr 15:20 13/2 skybet DOUBLE

Newbury Street Yarmouth 15:40 4/1 ladbrokes

Doric Echo Ayr 16:50 12/1 vcbet

Aussie Blue Pontefract 17:30 £33 6/1 stan james £7 11/2 bet365

Finally have a few minutes to update the recent results. Apologies it's taken a while if you've been looking out for them, just no time to catch up at the moment at home! The recent run has been extremely frustrating with numerous second places. I know it can be fairly tedious people complaining about a load of second placed finishes, but honestly, 13 second places in the last 66 selections, or 19.69%, that's pretty sick I reckon, at an average price of 6.15/1. But still, these things happen, the bank is still solid, even if I was forced into a recent reduction in stakes. The growth over the last few months has still been fantastic, and if I can do half, or even as third as well in the next few months then I'll be very happy. I've no reason to believe that won't happen. All the best to you.
Confirmation of today's results with sps:

Right Step, 5th, 8/1

Newbury Street, 2nd, 11/4

Doric Echo, 3rd, 14/1

Aussie Blue, 3rd, 5/1


  1. Welcome to the world of professional gambling, unfortunately these runs are all part of the game. You just need to remeber the times when everything you back dots up at double figure prices to keep you going through the times when everything gets beat in a photo finish! The thing that seperates winning gamblers from losing gamblers is often what they do when things are going wrong, you seem to have a lot of discipline, and an obviously winning strategy so it should be a question of when not if you start winning again.

  2. Thanks Anon,

    Yes am sure things will turn around before too long. I've also missed two or three winners in the last couple of weeks that were borderline decisions.. so at least we're banging on the door.

    Cheers for stoping by.