Thursday, 20 August 2009

Four today - two double stakes

Could be a really good day if one or two of these win.

Good luck to:

Dancing Storm Chepstow 17:30 12/1 bet365, Skybet DOUBLE

Isintshelovely Fontwell 17:40 16/1 coral

Campden Annie Fontwell 18:15 6/1 skybet/Will Hill (£30) 11/2 Coral DOUBLE

Happy Reunion Fontwell 19:50 7/1 bet365

Well Dancing Storm and Campden Annie didn't really get close, but Isintshelovely ran a very good race for a long time, trading at just over evens at one stage, but then dropped like a stone in the last furlong or two. Happy Reunion hacked up to ensure a two point profit on the day, and decent value had.

Confirmation with sps:

Dancing Storm, 6th, 6/1

Isintshelovely, 7th, 14/1

Campden Annie, 5th, 7/2

Happy Reunion, 1st, 7/2


  1. I see how you had a 2 point profit for happy reunion at 7/1. I got happy reunion for 3/1 so was a loss on the day for me. Do you advise ( if you advise at all) only to take the odds you put up, or if by the time I am betting on them they have come in when does it not represent value ?

  2. beloved Fantismo
    it is my humble opinion that if you use some type of ""Money Management"" i am sure you will be in green all the time.there are many methods, staking methods which will yield profit at the end of the Month. One should take this venture as a long time earning. if you see the blog list of selections you can devise a method. All said and done one should have the Risk tolerance level and be comfortable with it
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  3. Hi Fantismo, thanks for the post. As I've said before this blog really isn't about putting up tips as such, it's just a blog revealing the bets I've done every day.

    So with that in mind, I'm slightly hesitant to start suggesting when or not to follow my tips in accordance with how the odds have dropped. All I can say is that if you or others do want to follow my bets then it'd be very much for the best to get on them as soon after I've logged them here as possible. Also, if you had a 3/1 winner that means you didn't do a bookie with best odds guaranteed (starting price 7/2) and if I was getting on a bit later I'd definitely be looking to that option if possible.

    By the way Easwaran - you're right - the odds are quite astonishing sometimes - it's just the bookies with the biggest price are sometimes the most feeble for actually taking bets on the price (Sporting Bet for example- a complete shower).

    Cheers both