Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nine today - three doubles

Another very busy day.

Good luck to:

Nuit Sombre Beverley 14:30 £28 14/1 betfred £54.58 12/1 bet365

Pinewood Legend Cartmel 15:15 4/1 will hill

Tamagin Newmarket 15:25 5/1 bet365

Ilston Lord Goodwood 16:20 11/2 totesport DOUBLE

Hadaf Newmarket 16:35 9/1 Ladbrokes

Mesbaah Beverley 17:15 £12 16/1 betfred £70.58 14/1 totesport

Theologist Goodwood 17:30 £125.16 9/2 vcbet £40 4/1 bet365 DOUBLE

Truism Windsor 19:10 £60 5/1 Will Hill £22.58 9/2 coral

Dr Wintringham Windsor 19:40 9/2 £108.16 totesport £57 4/1 coral DOUBLE

Wow, another absolutely hideous day, probably back to back the worst couple of days for several months, horrible.

August absolutely certain to end down now, after a valiant fight back up until a couple of days ago.

Hope for better tomorrow.

Here's confirmation of results with sps:

Nuit Sombre, 3rd, 8/1

Pinewood Legend, 3rd, 7/2

Tamagin, 4th, 11/2

Ilston Lord, 9th, 11/2

Hadaf, 12th, 8/1

Mesbaah, 9th, 10/1

Theologist, 3rd, 3/1

Truism, 2nd, 5/1

Dr Wintringham, 4th, 4/1


  1. Hi I just wanted to ask you is how do you actually get on placing bets of up to £100 when a lot of bookies will restrict your account after only winning a few big wagers??
    Are you using all your family members?? The only reason I ask, is because I was thinking of doing something similar to what your doing but have been put off by peoples stories of being restricted by bookies. How do you get around this problem?

  2. Hi anon,

    Yep this certainly is a problem, with some bookies much worse than others.

    Will Hill, Paddy Power, Sporting Bet, Betfred, Boylesports and stan james all restrict my stakes now and it's a complete pain in the neck. It hasn't quite got to a stage where it's a major problem as there are still many other decent bookies who will take a decent bet, but it's bloody annoying having bets "refered to trader" all the time. Have not gone down the family/friends route - but know that others have done that with some success.

    It's certainly got a lot worse for me since I started putting on stakes for a load of my friends/family as well (their starting bank £1100 in June - which has climbed to around £4k, before falling back this month to around £2.6k). This has meant my stakes have been a lot higher than just my individual punts.

    Am not really sure what to do to stop it happening in the future, except be a bit less sucessful!