Thursday, 27 August 2009

Four today

Some nicely backed types at Ayr today.

Good luck to:

Lady Lube Rye Ayr 14:10 4/1 bet365

Pokfulham Ayr 16:10 4/1 bet365

Misphire Ayr 16:40 6/1 bet365

Josephine Malines Ayr 17:10 6/1totesport

Nope not happening today unfortunately, with a blank from the four selections.

Confirmation with sps:

Lady Lube Rye, 6th, 4/1

Pokfulham, 7th, 3/1

Misphire, 8th, 8/1

Josephine Malines, 3rd, 7/2


  1. a couple of questions if I may. Is you betting based entirely on following the betting patterns ? Do you look at form at all ? Also have you analysed how succesful your tips have been when you have put a double stake on. If the % strike rate is no better than the single strike rate , then it will be eroding some of your success. It would therefore be better to always keep to single stakes and spread evenly. or am i wrong ? Great to follow. I shall start again as i have forgotten to keep a record of points up and down for how I do. best wishes.

  2. Hi Fantismo,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Yep my betting is based completely and utterly on market moves. There are several factors behind my selections, honed after years of research including race profiles etc but certainly individual form of horses has nothing to do with it.

    Since I started doubling stakes on my strongest selections, it's proved profitable to do, although is obviously more painful when a run of them lose as has been the case just lately.

    All the best,