Saturday, 15 August 2009

Seven today - one double

Hopefully a nice priced winner will come out of here somewhere. Beginning to have real trouble putting bets on, will have to do something about it soon.

Good luck to:

Dylanesque Newbury 13:30 5/1 betfred 4/1 bet365

Forty Thirty Bangor 14:25 £10.94 paddy power 12/1 skybet 12/1 £71.64

Belanak Bangor 15:00 £25 12/1 will hil, 16.50 betfred 12/1 £23 11/1 boylesports £18.08 11/1 skybet

Bagamoyo Ripon 15:20 9/2 bet365

Chorizo Bangor 16:45 £36 11/2 betfred £40 stan james 5/1 £6.58 bet365 9/2

Funday Newbury 17:25 £40 4/1 will hill; £42.58 7/2 bet365

Oscar Royal Market Rasen 18:40 Totesport £63 Sky bet £62.15 16/1 the rest bet365 14/1 DOUBLE

Well that's a bit more like it! Although at about 14:30 I was wondering if it could be a bonanza day, which it wasn't to be. Forty Thirty paid me 13.63/1 because of best odds guaranteed on the meagre amount paddy power allowed me to have on it, combined with the rest on with skybet (and their lack of BOG). It all amounts to a 6.63pt profit on the day.
I didn't see Oscar Royal's race (I think I was nappy changing at the time), but according to the SL website he had been making progress but then pulled up when in third place, but I don't know if he was genuinely close to having a go and picked up a problem - a shame as it would have been a massive return, still hey ho.

Here's confirmation of results with SPs

Dylanesque, 7th, 7/2

Forty Thirty, 1st, 16/1

Belanak, PU, 8/1

Bagamoyo, 3rd, 4/1

Chorizo, 7th, 9/2

Funday, 4th, 3/1

Oscar Royal, PU, 20/1


  1. The Oscar Royal Pull Up was quite interesting. I didn't have a bet on the race, but that was the horse I was particularly watching. It seemed to be tanking along and was certainly competitive when getting pulled up. The horse wasn't overtly throwing out distress signals, and I didn't notice the jockey looking down indicating a problem. I was genuinely surprised when I realised he was pulling the horse up. I think the horse qualifies for a handicap mark now, and anything around the 100 mark would make him extremely interesting.

    Well done on the big price winner

  2. Thanks Anon, very interesting post, and one I'm not too happy about reading! Sounds very much like one to keep an eye on.