Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Joyful June

June was the best month so far, and I'll be doing well to beat it in the near future. Most of the explosive gains came in the first couple of weeks, ironically just as I began to put bets on for my group of eleven friends/family. I always pointed out that the terrific gains that were seen were unrealistic to keep up, although the latter part of the month hasn't been too bad either, in as much as things have been ticking over ok with regular enough winners, but without a little flood of wins which will come along every now and then.

My own bank has leapt from £273.60 to £1,174.51, a percentage growth of 329.28%. This could have been better had it not ended with a run of eleven stakes without a win (ten defeats). Quite extraordinary to think that if something similar happens in July my bank would be on £5,041.94, and then if it happens again it would be on £21,644.05! Anway there's me getting stupid, it won't happen, but it's nice to dream ;)

Here are the stats for June

Total stakes - 142
Total wins - 27
Strike rate - 19.01%
Average odds - 7.75/1
Average winning odds - 7.42/1
Return on investment - 60.01%
Profit/Loss - +85.22pts

As for the future, in terms of realistic targets, my average monthly profit in terms of level stakes is currently + 19.29pts.

So anything around that figure would be just fine. At current stakes this means I hope my bank will be at around £1,755.52.

Let's see where this rollercoaster will take us next!

Just as a footnote, regular readers of this blog may remember the staking plan I am doing for my group of "investors" I am putting on for - i.e a 1.5% level stake figure is found at the start of every month.

I started putting on for them on the last day of May, starting at £1100, with stakes of £16.50. Their bank is now on £2440.05. meaning their new stakes will now be: £36.60 win singles.


  1. Great to see a nice return for June and lets hope July brings more of the same.
    Keep up the great tips.