Sunday, 21 June 2009

One today - but it's a double staker!

Haven't had chance to update from yesterday yet - was in no fit state last night that's for sure after the day at Ascot! One winner though, and two points made on the day.

As for today just one selection, but it's worthy of a double stake.

Good luck to:

Aberdeen Park Hereford 15:00 15/2 vcbet (which now offers best odds guaranteed I'm pleased to say)

Well Aberdeen Park drifted massively on course for some reason, but then ran a very reasonable race to come third. With best odds guaranteed in play if he'd managed to get up to win it would have been a brilliant return with the double stake, but still a decent performance.

Aberdeen Park, 3rd, 14/1


  1. Hi buddy.
    Im following you from right now on.
    Please select winners as this is my entrace to horse race bettting.


    Paulo, from Lisbon

  2. Well ok Paulo I'll try my best!

    As I've said before I'm not really here as a tipping service as there will be days when I can only post quite a while after I put my bets on and then some of the best prices are gone, but all the same hope we can win together :)

    Best wishes