Monday, 22 June 2009

Two today

Just the two today, and it's going to be a long day before they actually run. Hopefully they'll shorten up nicely because haven't been able to get best odds guaranteed with either of them.

Good luck to:

Highland Storm Windsor 21:10 7/1 skybet

Foreign Investment Chepstow 21:20 10/1 ladbrokes

Not happening today, although Foreign Investment just ran pretty well to finish a close up third. Mixed feelings about the defeat because at least I didn't miss out on 4pts with the horse drifting and Ladbrokes not offering best odds guaranteed (how long, by the way, until every bookie offers this service - the perfect way to steal the march back on betfair?). Still would obviously see the horse win by six lengths though :).

Anyway here's confirmation:

Higland Storm, 6th, 7/1sp

Foreign Investment, 3rd, 14/1


  1. Have been following this blog for a good while now, think this is all great i must admit...
    Hope you dont mind me asking, but have you not thought about releasing these selections as a subscription based service???
    After following these for the time i have, i would be happy to pay a subscription in exchange for the earlier prices on offer, and sureley the subscription costs would do your bank no harm at all?????
    Dont mean to be forward, (just want the earlier prices) lol :o) ;o)

  2. Cheers Dazza, thanks for the comments and pleased you seem to have been making a few quid!

    As for a subscription service a) I wouldn't really know where to start it with it and b) I haven't really got the time to do it properly because work would get in the way. If only the missus would allow me to me a "house husband" when the little one comes along so I get a year off work!

    Cheers for the message though, it's appreciated :)

  3. Bad idea with the subscription service CD. Too much work for you. Keep it as is.

  4. lol mercs2, i see good reasons for keeping it as it is too... ;o)