Monday, 29 June 2009

Weekly update

Update for week Monday June 22nd - Sunday June 28th.

An excellent week, helped by a couple of decent double stake wins at 8/1 and 6/1.

Quite incredible how the staking plan's kicked in, 14.5pt profit a couple of months ago would have meant about £50 profit or so.

20 bets
3 wins (15%)
3 placed (15%)
Level stakes profit: +14.5pts
My own bank profit: + £364.87

The gang I put bets on for will see a new stake going on from July 1st, they'll go from £16.50 to about £35 or so (tbc after tomorrow's results) , so fireworks in store there too.


  1. Very nice businesslike method you have exhibited. Starting with small stakes you have progressed and with strict discipline.

    This is the plan I have when my betting becomes a view for the public on July 1.Discipline....and small steady profits.


  2. Hi, do you back EW or just WIN?


  3. Thanks TTS - yep a solid staking plan is absolutely crucial, it has to be able to withstand a really nasty run. At my current strike rate (16.89%), the staking programme I use ( says that my longest expected losing run is 34.6, so that keeps me grounded when I see a load of wins come in.

    Hi Bruce - thanks for stopping by, I back just at win only, as I've found it more profitable than each-way, although obviously it extends the length of runs without a return.