Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Seven today - one double

Interesting looking day ahead, and quite an important one for me personally because if the first six runners lose, I'll be reducing my stakes by half. Hopefully one of them can pop up and secure a nice return. As it is I've placed half stake on the seventh runner assuming the worst, but will top up if necessary.

If things do drop down to £675 then I'm still pretty relaxed about it as this is what happens with a fairly aggressive staking plan, and it's just the buffer kicking in which is it's very purpose!

Anyway good luck to:

Dreamonandon Hamilton 14:55 6/1 stan james/sporting bet (£10.53 with sporting bet)

Talk of Saafend Hamilton 15:30 12/1 coral/stan james (£16.50 on with SJ)

The Salwick Flyer Hamilton 16:45 10/1 will hill

Jealous Again Ascot 16:55 10/1 bet365

Mister Pink Worcester 17:10 12/1 sporting bet

Liberally Ripon 20:20 6/1 bet365 double stake

Grey Command Ripon 20:50 13/2 will hill

The yanks do it again at Royal Ascot then, in grand style, and just in the nick of time for my bank, although could have done with a winner from the four stakes that followed.

Plenty of decent value about though today with early prices beating SP in every race.

Here's confirmation:

Dreamonandon, 8th, 100/30sp

Talk of Saafend, 6th, 9/1

The Salwick Flyer, 9th, 8/1

Jealous Again, 1st, 13/2

Mister Pink, 11th, 6/1

Liberally, 4th, 4/1

Grey Command, 4th, 11/2

The bank is now on £918.34, nine stakes of £27 away from seeing my bets halved, still a bit too close for comfort.


  1. Good tipping, but you are either dreaming about getting decent stakes on with B365, or a mug punter....

  2. Thanks Anon.

    Am really interested in your experience with b365, as have found no problems with them yet, although my biggest returns with them have only been £33.67 on at 25/1 and £51.42 on at 16/1. Today it was £43.51 which returned £478.61.

    In your experience when do they start restricting stakes? And also when you say decent stakes, how much do you mean?


  3. I had been quite unsuccessful with B365 for a while, and one afternoon had £400 each way on a 7/2 chance (which won - SP was 2/1.) Now almost every bet is reffered to a trader, although my experience is that they will still lay me most horses to take out £1000 in the win market. I am severely restricted with each way doubles, trebles etc..... They normally offer me around a tenth of what I ask for. I have a few people who can put on for me, but it probably won't last.

  4. Cheers,

    Glad to hear they still lay you £1000 out of the win market. Looking back to last week I actually tried to have £87.02 on a 12/1 shot with them but they only allowed me £83.33 - which would have returned just short of £1000, so either I'm being restricted or that's just their usual max win.

    Anyway if they keep to the £1000 rule that will keep me happy, for now at least ;)