Thursday, 10 June 2010

Four today

Clawing our way back after a poor start to June and we hope it continues with the help of one or more of these:

New 2.30 Yes Chef 11-2 VC Bet, Lads, S Square

New 3.05 Deirdre 7-1 Lads, 6 general

Nott 4.00 Bintalwaadi 4-1 Lads & Coral

Utt 7.40 Stop the Show 7-1 Lads, Coral, W Hill

Not a good day in terms of results (and yet another second) but always pleasing to see shorter prices at the off than backed at. Bintalwaadi ran well for a long time after being relunctant to load, before eventually giving way to Decorative at Nottingham, a fine couple of fillies and will be interesting to see how they go on from today. Yes Chef never really showed, while Deirdre looked to be running a big race before suddenly running out of steam. Stop the Show didn't do much tonight at all. Four points lost on the day and hopefully things will bounce back tomorrow.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Yes Chef, 13th, 5/1

Deirdre, 8th, 11/2

Bintalwaadi, 2nd, 3/1

Stop the Show, 6th, 13/2

1 comment:

  1. It's never good to witness a white-wash but unless you know something I don't, I cannot see STOP THE SHOW recouping losses in the 7:40 at Uttoxeter. It's run in 14 chases and has never won. What's the reasoning?