Friday, 16 July 2010

2010 stats so far

Just thought I would put up some stats for 2010 so far.

Selections: 459
Wins: 70
Strike rate: 15.25%
Average odds 6.82/1
Average win oddss: 6.96/1
Longest win sequence: 3
Longest lose sequence: 23

Selections with 2pts placed on them (double stakers) are on an extremely poor run, with the last 24 losing. This has come out of the blue, as until the last few weeks it has proved to be a profitable staking scenario.

If we look back at this calendar year:

The overall level stakes profit with double stake selections included is: 98.59pts (ROI: 17.45%)(Bank high: 149.59pts)

The overall level stakes profit without double stake selections included is: 97.89pts (ROI: 21.33%) (Bank high: 125.89pts)

As you can see, even with 24pts lost "double stakes included" bank is still marginally ahead, although of course if they keep losing it obviously won't stay that way.

Here are a couple of graphs, the first with double stake selections included:

And this is without double stake selections.

A note about results since the free email service began on Saturday 15th May. In that time the selections with double stakes included have returned a profit of a 3.5pts (of course hugely affected by the terrible run in June).

If selections had been followed without doing double stake selections, profits increase to 14pts.

The end of May was excellent, June was very poor and July has had its ups and downs. Basically it's typical that the email service coincided with what's been by far the poorest spell of the year so far. I think they call it sod's law. Hopefully the next few weeks will help prove that the first five months were the rule, not the exception.

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