Saturday, 15 May 2010

Four today

These selections were emailed free of charge to all those who've been in touch at more than two hours ago.

Prices correct at 11.00

Good luck to:

Thirsk 2.05 West Stand 16/1 Bet365+others

Newmarket 3.25 Mykingdomforahorse 6/1 Bet365+generally

Newmarket 5.10 Standpoint 5/1 Bet365+generally (11/2 sportingbet)

Thirsk 5.30 Rasaman 9/2 Bet365+generally (5/1 sportingbet)

If you'd like to get the selections earlier please drop me a quick line!


Hopeless today, one of the worst for a while. Poor runs and drifting prices too. Typical on the first day of sending out selections via email - guess that's called sod's law! Anyway will hope for better tomorrow.

Results with sps:

West Stand, 9th, 22/1

Mykingdomforahorse, 6th, 13/2

Standpoint, 4th, 5/1

Rasaman, 8th, 11/2


  1. Ok backing ew to your small stakes but you will never get on if your stakes increase. Just a warning!!

  2. Thanks anon, there are various ways around that, but yes that's worth considering too if I was to go each way.

  3. Why not back the win and hedge the place to return to cover the whole stake.....means using the exchanges obviously which is probably not your way of betting. Just a thought.
    kind regards,

  4. Sods law is a bugger mate! When I released my book the 1st few races all went the exact opposite way to how I expected! You just have to keep with it, if you have a solid method the results will come in the long run....

  5. Hi Lee, yes that's something I've thought about before, and will consider looking at in the future. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Ben, thanks for dropping by again and apols for the late reply to your comment (same goes for Lee!). Yes it's typical when that happens, but I completely agree, all about confidence, which I have in abundance! Fortunately the first week of emailing selections ended up with a very nice profit, so it's been a good start for the trial, long may it continue.

    All the best,