Monday, 24 May 2010

Three today - two double stakes

A fairly explosive start to the week with two double stake selections and a normal selection too.

It's good luck to:

3.00 Leicester Bold Ring 9/2 Paddy Power/Skybet 4/1 generally elsewhere DOUBLE STAKER

4.15 Carlisle High Resolution 11/2 Will Hill/Bluesq 5/1 generally elswhere

5.00 Leicester Emmeline Pankhurst 7/2 General DOUBLE STAKER

Again, this was emailed a couple of hours ago to those on the list. Please do send a note to if you would like to join in. Thanks

Really poor start to the week with explosions turning to a bit of a whimper, with only Bold Ring getting placed. Emmeline Pankhurst drifted before the course market opened up and was allowed to drift a little more before being backed in again, and then ran poorly, although not helped by being very green early on. Anyway onwards to tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with sps:

Bold Ring, 3rd, 13/2

High Resolution, 8th, 5/1

Emmeline Pankhurst, 7th, 13/2

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