Monday, 4 May 2009

An important day - six today

If these lot lose then I'll be back on the reduced stakes because the bank will have halved in the last 25 bets.

It'd be frustrating if that happens but am around for the long haul and the fortune is not going to be made overnight so we'll keep on pushing forward. Having said that really hoping a winner or two emerges later!

If you're thinking *what an idiot* why not just do level stakes and save yourself all this staking plan hassle, well believe me I've done so much research into staking plans it's unbelievable, and the fact is that while level stakes is a steady, reliable, way forward it won't make me rich - and that's what it's all about (for me anyway), so I'm prepared to take the peaks and troughs that come along with more aggressive plans.

I used to do a 10% of bank percentage system and believe me that was a lot more volatile! (But my God did it boost the bank quickly (albeit dropped hellish quickly too!).

Anyway good luck to:

Resentful Angel Warwick 15:10 6/1 betfred

Tartan Gigha Beverley 15:20 5/1 will hill

Rabbit Fighter Newcastle 15:45 10/1 ladbrokes

Captain Macarry Beverley 15:50 7/1 bet365

Dante Deo Beverley 16:50 8/1 will hill

Saborido Warwick 17:10 9/2 sporting bet

Well a superb day today thank goodness, virtually clearing all the losses over the last few days. If the seconds had got their noses in front then it would have been even better but mustn't grumble. Interestingly, if Saborido hadn't been running today then Admiral Duque in the 5.10 (the winner) would have been a double stake selection (and vice versa). Needless to say am kicking myself for not doing the forecast but that's the gamblers lament isn't it - you can never be truly happy!

Some very nicely backed runners today and nice to see them pay off.

Anyway here's confirmation:

Resentful Angel, 2nd, 9/2 sp (by the way my William Hill commentary friend returned for this one - a change of victor in the final furlong and barely the slightest raise in the volume of voice - if you're that bored by doing racing commentary then why the hell are you doing it mate?!)

Tartan Gigha, 1st, 7/2

Rabbit Fighter, 12th, 15/2

Captain Macarry Beverley, 1st, 4/1

Dante Deo Beverley, 1st, 8/1

Saborido Warwick 2nd, 5/2


  1. Great work. Saw your post this morning, thought about coupling them all in doubles and trebles, saw all the prices had been shortening so I decided to leave them today.... d'oh!!

  2. Thanks Scott yes that would have been nice!